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Textbook of Community Medicine, 2 nd Edition

Authors: Dr Sunder Lal, Dr Adarsh and Dr Pankaj Publisher: CBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi ISBN No – 978-81-239-1701-6 Pages – 758 Price - Rs 595

The extensive revision and addition of information to the second edition of Textbook of Community Medicine has placed it in a different league altogether. The present edition enhances the theoretical and eld utility of the textbook through a number of additional incorporated areas especially problem based learning, pedagogy, clinico-social case reviews. The illustration, owcharts and color coding make it extremely easy for the student to have a clear continuity when reading from the textbook. The chapters on communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases and health management are ef ciently revised keeping in view the requirements of mainly the undergraduates and, to an extent, the postgraduates.

The textbook is excellent in that it deals initially with the basic sciences related to the discipline of Community Medicine, which is required if the student is to understand the epidemiology and management of diseases that follow. The clarity with which majority of the chapters are written speaks volumes of the fact that the student’s understanding was central to the writing


of these chapters.

The index has to be in greater detail and must be veried (page numbers are not correct).

The world is seeing a paradigm shift in strategies related to health such as poverty reduction, empowerment on human rights, Community Based Rehabilitation etc. The textbook will be lot more complete if topics such as these can be incorporated into it.

We recommend this book to all undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty/practitioners of community medicine.

Dominic Misquith, MB Soudarssanane 1

Prof. and Head, Department of Community Medicine, St John’s Medical College, Bangalore, 1 JIPMER, Pondicherry, India. E-mail:

Indian Journal of Community Medicine / Vol 34 / Issue 4 / October 2009