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I SITE 2020

I SITE 2020
n InSITE 2020
hosted by the CONFERENCE CHAIR Call for
National University Participation
of Management Seng Buntheoun
Informing Science
InSITE: InFORM & IT Education:
I SITE is often quoted as the best conference
issues in effectively and efficiently A Conference in Four Parts
delegates ever attended. Its focus is to develop the informing clients through IT
trust relationships needed to enable collaborative
research with colleagues from other nations and
other disciplines. It is a unique experience in InSITE: TeLE
Technology Enhanced Learning Environments
which the leadership in the organization truly wel- Lifelong Learning, Teaching & Learning using IT
comes new and old researchers alike. Unlike con-
ferences that are designed for cliques of insiders,
at InSITE you are the insider. InSITE: TeachIT
research topics related to teaching IT
Special Tracks on held in
Technology Enhanced Learning/Teaching, PHNOM PENH
Digitally Augmented Research and Methods InSITE: Connect
Learn the local culture firsthand Cambodia
Types of Submissions Organized by
the Informing Science Institute
• Full Research Papers July 06 – July 11, 2020
and hosted by the
• Practical Papers
• Research in Progress
• Discussion Papers Send questions to the organizers at:
• Abstract Only
• Posters
• Panels Reviewing Starts Reviewing Starts
• Workshops December 15, 2019 December 15, 2019
InSITE: Connect consists of study in various lo- Submission Format
cations on the transmission of information across Instructions Instructions
time and space. Connect focuses on the interrela- The language of the conference is English. All pa- 1. See for complete, de-
tionship between context (historical forces and pers will be double-blind reviewed by six or more tailed formatting details.
culture) and information and knowledge transfer. reviewers. At least one reviewer will be external to
the conference. All papers must be original and 2. Strip from the submission the author’s
not submitted to another publication or confer- name(s), affiliations, and any other infor-
InSITE: Workshops A day devoted to learning
ence. By submitting the manuscript for considera- mation that identify the authors. This allows
new research and teaching skills tion, authors stipulate that they hold the copyright
your manuscript to be blind reviewed.
to the manuscript. Authors also agree to assume
InSITE: InFORM solicits papers in any area that all liability in case of copyright dispute. 3. Manuscript submissions are accepted only
explores issues in effectively and efficiently inform- in RTF and Word format via the website
Highly rated papers will be fast-tracked for
ing clients through IT. publication in an Informing Science Institute
journal. All accepted papers and abstracts will be 4. Each author may submit up to two papers
InSITE: TeachIT focuses on research topics re- published in the conference proceedings.
as the only attending author.
lated to teaching IT, including curricular issues, Following are the specific requirements for each
capstone courses, pedagogy, and emerging topics 5. For an accepted paper to appear on the
type of submission:
in IT. program and in print, at least one author must
Research Papers should be submitted as com- pay the registration fee by March 15, 2020.
plete papers (8-25 pages preferred). Include a de-
InSITE: TeLE focuses on research topics related scription of the context of use, the clients in-
to using IT to teach. For example, these topics in- Please Volunteer to Review Submissions
volved, the problem, and the proposed solution, if
clude e-Learning, m-Learning, making classroom appropriate. Original thinking is valued. Please volunteer your expertise as a paper re-
teaching more effective, and distance learning. viewer for the Informing Science + IT Edu-
Interactive Paper, Discussion Paper, and cation Conference. Sign up at the following
Practical Papers. Shorter papers (prefer at least 8
Reviewing Starts URL:
pages) are also welcome. These let you share the
ideas you have developed to date and receive con-
December 15, 2019 structive feedback.
Thank you in advance for whatever assistance
Submit at Panel Discussions. Include a detailed descrip- you can provide. Productive reviewers re-
tion of the topic and identify four or more panel- ceive a reduction in their conference reg- ists who have agreed to attend the conference. istration fee and a certificate of apprecia-