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Newbery Medalist Avi brings us mud-caked, tent-filled San Francisco in 1848 with a willful heroine who goes on an unintended—and perilous—adventure to save ber brother. GOD RUSH GIRL ‘Victoria Blaisdell longs for independence and adventure, and she yearns to accompany her father as he sails west in search of real gold! But it is 1848, and Tory isn't even allowed to go to school, much less travel all the way from Rhode Island to California, Determined to take control of her own destiny, she stows away oon the ship. ‘Though San Francisco is frenzied and full of wild and dangerous men, ‘Tory finds freedom and friendship there. Until cone day, when Father is in the gold fields, her younger brother, Jacob, is kidnapped. And so Tory is spurred on a treacherous search for him in Rotten Row, a part of San Francisco Bay crowded with hundreds of abandoned ships. Beloved storyteller Avi is at the top of his form as he ushers us back to an extraordinary time of hope and risk, brought to life by a heroine readers will cheer for. Spot-on details and high suspense make this a vivid, absorbing historical adventure, (ON SALE MARCH 10, 2020 He: 978-1-5262-0679-1 = $17.99 ($72.99 CAN) Ages 10-14 + 229 + + Aigo available as an e-book and in audio AV is one of the most celebrated authors writing for children today, having received two Boston lobe Horn Book Awards, a Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, a Christopher Award, a Newbery Medal, and two Newbery Honors. He lives in Colorado, é CANDLEWICK PRESS *MARKETING PLAN® Trade, school, and library advertising Targeted publicity campaign Blogger outre YA galley offering Discussion guide Online giveaways Social media campaign Featured title in Candlewick CIRC e-newsletter lect author appearances #GoldRushGirl Read More from AVI Reminiscent of Slaughterhouse-Five al cord of the Flies, Avi's The Button War is an important and honest book that crowns no heroes. Instead, it shines confusing dictators un eest selves in the process, If children are THE 2 light on how Ose for to understand t! ve what we want to bel vn ignoring our world’s prablems, they need to fai lear eyes and open minds. The Button War will hel eaders and them—and tl WAR motives— do that, But its @ cautionary tale that will surely provoke introspe: readers of all ages and nel us see how to evolve beyond our primitive thirst tion in Lauren Wolk, authar of Wo the Bright Sea lolow, a Newbery The Button Wor | )8°/8804 covIN HVA 280 978-0-1626-9053-3 » PB: 978 9-6 Aso avaliable as an e-book a se A HOES 3k “hu's deft incorporation of humor, heartache, andthe occasional touch Ps ofthe supernatural vill draw readers in as they ponder how family tes MOS bind in both postive and negative way.” Pushers Wet stared eve . FING The Most Important Thing: Stories About Son, Fathers and Grandfathers 978-0-3436-8111~7 + PB: 978-1 -£862-0883-2 «Also ava lable as ans sn in auto Al Peng Mat ang ofthe selections, characterized by sharp at fen dark ironic twist, is ike a carofully packaged parcel. The .coss of unwrapping its layers almost as exciting as finding the pearl of wisdom inside.” —Put Weekly [starred review! What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything? And Other Stories PB: 978-0-7636-2319-7 «Also available as an e-book e CANDLEWICK PRESS ‘ro. candlewichcom