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International Petroleum Products & Additives Company, Inc.

Technical Data
Ashless Dispersant Succinimide
IPAC 2310K
Application &
Performance: IPAC 2310K is generally used with additive packages in lubricant
applications. It provides excellent low temperature sludge and
varnish control in gasoline engines, and effective dispersancy in
diesel engine, natural gas and marine cylinder lubricants.

Properties: Physical Properties*
Density , g/mL, 15.6°C (60oF) 0.925
Density, lb/US gal @ 15.6°C (60°F) 7.72
Viscosity @ 100oC, cSt 530
Flash (P-MCC), °C (oF) 85 (185)
TBN, mg KOH/g 65

Chemical Properties*
Nitrogen, wt% 3.1

*The above characteristics are not specifications and are provided to indicate the typical
values measured on the product.

Storage & Handling: Long-term storage, max, °C (°F) 25 (77)

Blending, °C (°F) 66 (150)

IPAC MAKES NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES ON MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR OTHERWISE with respect to this product. In addition, while the information
contained herein is believed to be reliable, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the data or the re sults to be obtained from the use thereof. All
recommendations or suggestions for use are made without guarantee inasmuch as conditions of use are beyond our control. The properties given are typical values and are not
intended for use in preparing specifications. Users should make their own test to determine the suitability of this product for their own purposes.

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