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Kelly Cooke,
Global Sales Manager

Kelly Cooke – for those who might not have been to a Formula E event before, how would you describe
the experience?

Fully electric single-seater car races in the centre of major cities around the world. World-class hospitality
and fan experience that includes concerts, an E-Village showcasing the most exciting electric innovations
as well as fun activities for the whole family.

You have an impressive sales background and have worked in both arenas and stadiums in both Canada
and the UK – how do the two markets compare?

The most obvious difference I can see is the use of space in the arenas… the North American style is to
squeeze a partner/sponsor into every possible space, whereas in the UK the sponsor visibility is bit more
subtle and integrated. But objective-wise, not a big difference. They all want to maximize revenue and
offer the fan/guest the best experience possible. I would say the food offering is usually what truly sets the
various arenas apart.

You’ve now moved into a more sponsorship sales focused role, how is 2020 shaping up for you on the
partners front?

It’s fantastic. We have a great story to tell with our messages of sustainability and innovation, which seems
to be something that most can connect with, brands and fans alike. This year we had both Porsche and
Mercedes join the Championship, which makes it the first time in motorsports history where all 4 major
German car manufacturers have raced in the same race at the same time. Our audience is growing like
crazy and there is no sign of that slowing down any time soon. It’s an exciting time to be part of Formula
E, from both an OEM and brand perspective.

You’ve had many years in the sales industry, what advice would you give to the next generation of sales

Ok first of all, not THAT many… God. Haha. My advice to females and males alike, is to look for people in
your organization that you respect and try to emulate the qualities you admire. Have integrity and be clear
and honest. Try to fill your circle with the ones who inspire you and want to help you achieve, not even
necessarily within your own department. In my experience, communication has been incredibly important.
Talk to people about what you are trying to do and where you are trying to go and doors will open.

Finally, what’s some of the best hospitality experience you’ve ever had and what stadium is on your bucket

Not to toot the horn of Formula E too much, but the BOSS|E motion Club in Paris was the most incredible
hospitality experience I have ever had. The venue was the Rodin Museum which has the most spectacular
garden. Truly a magical and unforgettable event. As for bucket list… I still have never been to a football
game! Definitely number one on my bucket list. Do you know anyone who could help me out? 😊