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Course description

Title & language European Project Semester

This minor will be taught in English and involves 30 EC in one semester

(two blocks).

Organising department/ IT & Design / HBO-ICT

Contact person Anneke Wieman, 06 86808911,

General objectives The problems we are facing today are complex and constantly changing.
Strong disciplinary knowledge does not suffice to solve these problems; we
need professionals who are prepared to look at problems from different
perspectives and who have learnt to collaborate with professionals from
other disciplines. The European Project Semester (EPS) is crafted to
prepare students with all the necessary skills to face the challenges of
today’s world economy.

Students work in international and interdisciplinary Scrum teams of 4–8

students on their projects. Students learn to learn and to take responsibility
for their learning and their project work and they develop their intercultural
competences, their communication skills and their interpersonal skills.

EPS is a programme offered by 19 European universities in 12 countries

throughout Europe to students who have completed at least two years of
study. EPS is created with engineering/IT students in mind, but other stu-
dents who can participate in an engineering/IT project are also welcome.

Summary of contents Students work in an interdisciplinary and international student team on an

assignment in one of ITD’s labs: Game lab, VitaIITylab and Centre of
Expertise Cyber Security. Students will apply their disciplinary knowledge
and skills and learn from students from other disciplines.

Technical know-how will be provided by experts from companies involved

and the nature of it is based on the type of project. In each group
attention will be paid to
- Intercultural communication
- Research skills
- English
- Project (Scrum, collaboration, personal professional skill and
content depending on the type of project)

All the above will be assessed in group products or individual


Indication of target group The target group consists of third and fourth year students from all
disciplines who are interested in an international and intercultural
challenge and who are keen on personal development.

Entry requirements Completed the first two years of your major.

In addition to subscription in Osiris, you need to apply for this minor by

sending a motivational letter to the contact person. Based on this
motivational letter, it is decided whether or not you can join the minor.
Competency levels Intercultural communication (4,5 EC)
The student can describe aspects of his or her own culture
The student can describe cultural aspects of other participants
The student demonstrates an open attitude towards people with a
different cultural background

English (4,5 EC)

The student can express oneself properly in English in oral presentations
The student can write a structured report in Engels

Research skills (3 EC)

The student demonstrates a critical and investigative attitude
- able to formulate relevant research questions
- able to apply relevant search strategies
- select and apply relevant theories
The student clearly describes research results in a research report

Project (18 EC)

The student is able to bridge cultural differences in order to carry out a
project successfully
The student respects and values the input of people from other disciplines
The student applies one’s own disciplinary knowledge to the project
The student is able to communicate relevant disciplinary knowledge to
group members taking into account their preliminary knowledge.
The student demonstrates his/her progress in three selected 21st century
The student identifies relevant project management methods and applies
it to the project

Description of tests and The assessment of the 18 EC project is based on continuous assessment
minimum pass rate including an interim report and a final report. Finally the group will deliver
a group product such as a research report, advisory report, a prototype or
a final product, depending on the company’s question. This group product
(interim report, final report and final product) is 50% of the final mark for
the project. Each student’s individual contribution to the project and the
peer feedback as given during the project, will be part of the student’s
individual portfolio and will be assessed individually and counts for the
other 50%.

Intercultural communication (4,5 EC) is assessed individually based on

weekly assignments.

English (4,5 EC) is assessed individually during oral presentations and

based on written documentation.

Research skills (3 EC) is a group assessment based on two group

products; research proposal and conducting the research.

The average score of the total course must be 5,5 or higher. The average
of each subject must be at least 4,5.

Teaching methods + This minor consists of a variety of teaching methods: company visits,
studyload (guest) lectures, group work, project assistance and workshops.

Project: 18 EC (including company visits, guest lectures, project

management and project assistance)
Workshops intercultural communication: 4,5 EC
Workshops technical English: 4,5 EC
Research skills: 3 EC

Contact hours There will be a minimum of 15 contact hours per week. During the other
hours students will work on the project.

Study aids Study aids will be provided through Blackboard

Partners European Project Semester is a collaboration by 19 European higher

education institutes. The assignment is given by companies or other
organisations that collaborate with one of ITD’s labs: Game lab,
VitaIITylab and Centre of Expertise Cyber Security.

Minimum- and maximum Minimum: 4 students

participation Maximum: 24 students
Fulltime / part-time and It is a fulltime lint minor. This minor starts twice a year and it takes two
Term periods: period 1 & 2 and period 3 & 4.