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TIS/CIR/P/34/19-20 CIRCULAR July 2019

Dear Parent

We experience an outbreak of Dengue/Chikungunya/other infectious diseases during monsoons every year. All of us are
vulnerable and we would like to keep the children as safe as we can, especially during the time they spend in school.

It is our constant endeavor to keep the school premises as free of mosquitoes as possible by regularly spraying the school
building . We also have been creating an awareness regarding the causes, symptoms and prevention of these diseases
through assembly talks, board displays, power point presentations and class discussions. We would appreciate your
co-operation in making this campaign a success so that we ensure safety of our children from these infectious diseases
which may pose a serious threat to the good health of our children.

Advisory for parent:

 Send your ward to school in full sleeves uniform- shirt with trousers (girls can also wear trousers).
 Protect your ward from mosquito bite by applying insect repellent on the exposed part of the body.
 Wash hands properly with soap and water before consuming food.
 Check the expiry date of all packed eatables/drinks before eating.
 Consume plenty of water and fluids before stepping out in the heat.
 Avoid consumption of water, milkshakes, fruit juices, chaat and food material from roadside vendors.
 Use mesh doors/windows, mosquito coils, vapour mats, bed nets etc. to keep mosquito away.
 Ensure that there is no water logging on the roof top, in the ground areas around the buildings and there is no
broken furniture in open space.
 Don’t leave water in desert cooler when not in use.
 Don’t store water uncovered or in not properly covered containers/ tanks.
 Don’t let water collect in any containers which are kept open like earthenware, pots, bottles etc. Standing water is a
perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.
 Change water in flower vases once in a day.
 Don’t send your ward to school if he/she is sick.

As always, the safety of the children is a priority and we do hope that these measures will help to keep the children safe &

(Mallika Preman)