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Centro Infantil Caritas Sonrientes-San Isidro, Puntarenas.

Teacher: Diana Morales Salazar. Level: Pre kínder.

Fecha: 5 de abril, 2019
Eje Temático: My community and
Unidad lll. DAILY WORK PLAN.



 Initial -Welcome the students singing the -Sing the song for the welcoming to the
activities. song good morning teacher. kinder good morning teacher.

-Pray before star the classes, ask to -Pray with the teacher and classmates, be
the students who wants to pray, able to pray in front of the class.
choose a different student every

-The teacher will call the role every -Participate in the role singing with the
day, using the song “who is coming teacher the song.
to the kinder today”

- Teacher will sing the song about - The student will sing with the teacher the
days of the week, the weather, their songs, in order to learn them and practice
mood, numbers and the alphabet. them every day.

8:00 a.m. a 1. Bible. 1.1 Relate histories of the bible to 1.1.1 Learn the histories told by the
8:30 a.m. the students of the kinder, also sing teachers, also sing the songs that will be
with them songs related to the played, with energy and enthusiasm. At the
history or related with the bible, as end repeat the verse of the day.
well as repeat a verse of the bible.

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Centro Infantil Caritas Sonrientes-San Isidro, Puntarenas.

Level: Pre kínder.

8:30 a.m. a 2. Breakfast. 2. Pray with the kids before taking 2.1.1 Repeat the praying with the teacher.
9:00 a.m. the breakfast.

2.2 Proceed to feed the kids and 2.2.1 Eat the food and repeat the words
teaching them the food they are that the teacher is saying.

9:00 a.m. a 3. Learn the name 3.1. Teach to the students the name 3.1.1 Learn the name of the professions,
9:30 a.m. of the professions. of the professions using the visuals pa attention to the visuals pasted on the
pasted in the wall. Then say to one wall and repeat the name. listen to the
student the name of one profession teacher and recognize the name of the
and will have to recognize it. profession.

9:30am a 4. Break Time. 4.1. Carry the kids to the 4.1.1 Go outside and play with the
10:00am playground and play with them classmates, jump, run, and have fun in the
outside the classroom playground.

10:00am a 5. Physical 5.1 Go outside with the students to 5.1.2 Go to outside with the teacher and
11:00am. Training. complete different exercises. classmates to do the exercises, follow the
teacher´s instructions to do a good job.

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Centro Infantil Caritas Sonrientes-San Isidro, Puntarenas.

Level: Pre kínder. a 6. Perform social 6. Teach to the students the 6.1. Learn the greeting and leave takings,
11:30am. skills. greeting and leave takings, hello, repeat with the teacher, hello, hi, bye bye
hi, bye bye, and see you. Then and see you. Then choose a partner and
make the students to choose a practice the topic.
couple and practice the greetings.

11:30 a.m. a 7. Lunch Time. 7.1 Pray with the kids before taking 7.1.2 Pray with the teacher before taking the
12:00 a.m. the lunch. lunch.

7.2. Proceed to feed the kid, saying 7.2.1 Eat the all the food, without throwing
them the food they are eating in to the floor and having a good behavior.
that way they can know the
nutrients of the food.

8. Time to sleep. 8.2 Prepare the students to sleep. 8.2.1 Get ready to sleep. Brush the teeth.
Brush the teeth to the kids.

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