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What is it?

Physical Science is the study of the Physical

physical world around you, the systematic
study of the inorganic world as distinct
from the study of the organic world which Science
is the province of biological science.
Physical science is ordinarily thought of
as consisting as four broad areas:
Astronomy, physics, chemistry and the
• A pull is the force of brining an object
earth science. closer, we use the force of pull when we move
our bowl of ice cream closer to us, open a
Push door or climb up a rope.

• A push is the force that moves an

object away from something. We use
the force of push when we kick a Force:
soccer ball, push in a chair and Force is a push or a pull of an object that
press the buttons on a phone causes the object to speed up, slow down, or to
• A push and a pull are opposite stay in one place. In other words, a force is
forces meaning they move objects in what causes an object to move. Friction and
different directions. gravity are two types of forces that influence
how an object moves.
Gravity: A force can also make objects change shapes.

Gravity is the pulling of an object Friction:

towards earth's centre. When a Friction is the force that acts to slow an object
ball is thrown up in the air, it down, an example would be riding a bike
slows down and falls back to the through sand, your legs would burn from all
ground. That is because gravity the hard work. This is because the sand is a
pulls the ball back towards the type of friction, in other words, it's a force
earth. Everything on the earth is working against your legs as they push
against the peddles.
Children’s literature:
Year 2 Curriculum link: Activities:
A push or a pull affects how an
object moves or changes shape.
Ready set go!
The children will be put into groups, each group gets 1 toy
car and an assortment of materials. This activity is an
open ended task that should foster creative
thinking and exploration of the different types
Objectives of push and pulls.All successful creations must
• Discuss their ideas about how to make objects move.
• Children create more then one way to push or pull the
car using different materials

What is Push/Pull?
Using a Ven digram (with hoops) the students will have to
identify different images of push and pulls they see in their
environment. And sort them into push/pull/both and discuss why
they think that they belong in that category.
Students will be able to distinguish objects based
on their ability to be pushed and pulled

Surface Racing:
In pairs, you will be racing from
one side of a marked area to
another.Except one person in each
pair will be the 'puller', while
the other is the ‘racer’. The
racer will: be standing/sitting on
Objectives one of three surfaces (regular
floor, fluffy socks or a chair)
• Share at least one original
and will not be moving their feet
observations about push and
pull through small group or helping the puller in any
discussion way.The puller will: stand/crouch
• Collaborate with a partner in front of their partner, and
to safely demonstrate the when "ready, set, go!" is called,
effect of surface materials
on pull pull their partner as fast as they
can to the finish line.