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About Us
Precision-Hayes International
The industry standard for concrete construction products
and solutions.
Formed through a series of industry consolidations, Precision-Hayes
International brings 70+ years of experience and expertise from leading
brands and businesses.

We offer an unsurpassed range of post-tensioning anchorage and barrier
products, as well as a complete line of post-tensioning tools, plant
production equipment and pre-tensioning components.
Precision-Hayes International’s branded products are among the most
recognized names in the industry and include SURE-LOCK®, Posi-Lock,
PocketShear®, and GRABB-IT®.

Our products are tested to the most exacting standards to guarantee
the quality, performance and overall value our customers expect. We
are ISO 9001 certified and, where required, our products comply with
industry quality standards including Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) and
International Code Council (ICC).

The majority of our products are designed and produced in-house at our
two Texas facilities where we have a dedicated engineering team, metal
fabrication and plastic injection capabilities, heat-treat furnaces and a
quality control lab.

Global Reach
Precision-Hayes International has the unique ability to leverage the
global footprint and experience of our parent company, Actuant, to
better serve customers around the world. Currently, our products are
sold in around 50 countries and are used primarily in the Construction,
Mining and Oil & Gas industries.

Common Applications
Our products, tools and equipment are used in a number of applications
including slab-on ground, elevated slab, precast bridges and structures,
and underground mines.



Post-Tensioning Components Products Brief 4-5
SURE-LOCK Chucks and Wedges 6-7
SURE-LOCK® Anchors 8
Post-Tensioning Pocket Formers and Accessories 9
Components Nail-less Systems 10-11
Posi-Lock PLUS Encapsulated Anchor System 12-13
Posi-Lock PLUS Encapsulated Anchor System 14-15
Barrier Cable Products Brief 16
Barrier Cable GRABB-IT® Rail 17
Products ®
GRABB-IT Barrier Cable Products 18-19
Pre-Tensioning Components Brief 20-21
Pre-Tensioning Components SURE-LOCK Pre-Tensioning Components 22-23
Tools and Accessories Brief 24
Jack and Pump Systems 25
Stressing Jacks 26-27
ZU4 Stressing Pumps 28
Tools and PE55 Stressing Pumps 29
Accessories PocketShear® 30-31
PLASMA Cutting System 32
Utility Shear 33
Installation Tools and Accessories 34-35
Plant Production Equipment Brief 36
Extrusion Line 37
Plant Production
Cutting Line 38
Specialty Equipment 39

• All H numbers are item numbers and should be used for ordering
• All other numbers are legacy numbers for reference only
• All information in this catalog can be changed due to improvements without prior notice
• Certifications and other product information is available online:

Post-Tensioning Components
Precision-Hayes International offers the widest
selection of post-tensioning components, with
over 400 types of wedges alone. Many of our
components feature patented designs and our
trademarks, which include SURE-LOCK® and
Posi-Lock PLUS, are industry recognized. Our
portfolio consists of SURE-LOCK® chucks,
wedges and anchors; pocket formers and
plastic accessories; nail-less systems and the
Posi-Lock PLUS encapsulated anchor systems.

Precision-Hayes International embraces

continuous improvement, investing time and
resources to advance our capabilities. Recently
we completed a 20,000 ft2 addition to our Dallas
facility which included new CNC machinery and
We offer the widest selection of wedge designs
expanded internal heat treat capabilities, solidifying
in the industry with different coatings, sizes and
the site as a world class wedge center.
thread designs available, including:
The heat treat process is the critical piece of
wedge manufacturing. Our expanded in-house • Two-part and three-part configurations
capabilities allow us to ensure the highest standard • Varying sizes, including the standard 0.5" and
of quality and continue to optimize our wedges for 0.6" sizes
best performance. Precision-Hayes International
• Application specific designs for lifting, bridges
is proud to be a supplier of top quality products to
and mining
the industries we serve.
• Customer specific wedge designs
• Custom solutions also available

Post-Tensioning Components
The SURE-LOCK® anchors, Posi-Lock PLUS and
Posi-Lock PLUS10 encapsulated anchor systems from
The strand is coated in grease
Precision-Hayes International are recognized by the
and covered with sheathing to
industry as leading brands. protect from corrosion while
maintaining the ability to move
The SURE-LOCK® and SURE-LOCK® II cast anchors independently of that sheathing.

are used in unbonded post-tensioning applications.

They can also be used in other bare anchor mono-
strand applications such as barrier cable installations. Integrated seal between tube
SURE-LOCK® is the industry standard and has been and sheathing ensures corrosion
protection without the need for
serving the industry since 1994 with a proven track additional parts or labor.
record of success.

Posi-Lock PLUS and Posi-Lock PLUS10 encapsulated

anchor systems are market leaders for structural Our patented 1 piece
applications requiring corrosion protection. These encapsulated design ensures
superior corrosion protection,
systems feature an encapsulated SURE-LOCK® anchor reduces labor and provides a
and are designed to provide superior performance rigid, perpendicular connection
for code compliance.
while maximizing installation ease for our customers.

The Posi-Lock PLUS10 delivers enhanced sealing

capability to protect against water intrusion. This
SURE-LOCK® wedges provide
advanced sealing technology has been tested and the reliability you expect from
certified to 10 psi (several times higher than the PTI Precision-Hayes International.
and ACI requirements for concrete buildings) ensuring
optimal system performance. The Posi-Lock PLUS10 A grease cap is installed after
also features a unique, active seal-lock for redundant tendon finishing is complete.
It is filled with grease to offer
sealing and provides a mechanical joint between the
additional protection to the
anchor tube and tendon sheath. anchorage zone.

SURE-LOCK® Chucks and Wedges
Trusted and Recognized
Custom Solutions Available

Anchor Heads
Machined anchor heads
are available in customer
specified sizes and
hole patterns.

SURE-LOCK® Anchors
SURE-LOCK Wedges Industry trusted SURE-
• We offer a full range of wedges LOCK® and SURE-LOCK® II
Anchors are available.
• All wedges are heat-treated and come with
proper certifications
Page: 8
Other common types of wedges we produce:
pulling wedges, cable-stay wedges, bridge wedges
Jack and Pump Systems
Jack and Pump Systems
• Chuck bodies can be ordered separately or in sets include your choice of
with wedges Stressing Jack, either a ZU4
• Chuck sets and splice chucks come standard with or PE55 Stressing Pump,
hose, gauge and fitting.
2-part wedges without rings unless otherwise specified
• Proper certifications are shipped with the chucks Pages: 24-27

• Splice chucks: safely connect two sections of strand

• RCB chucks: used for "In-Pocket" stressing

▼ SURE-LOCK® Wedges and Chuck Bodies

Strand 2-Part Wedge

Item Model
(in) Number Number
0.25 H008282* F250SL2
0.375 H008254* F375SL2
0.4375 H008259* F437SL2
0.50 H008270* F500SL21.2-1.2
0.50 H008284* F500SL2-1.3
0.60 H008292* F600SL2

SURE-LOCK® Chucks and Wedges

Strand Sizes:
0.25 to 0.60 inch
Wedge Types:
2-part and 3-part

Splice chuck components Coating Type:
▼ Splice Chucks
Strand Size Item Description Weight
(in) (lbs)
0.375 H008189 F6375 Splice chuck 3.5
0.4375 H008191 F6437 Splice chuck 3.5
0.50 H008213 F6500 Splice chuck 3.5
0.60 H008232 F6600 Splice chuck 3.5

▼ Chuck and Wedge Sets

Strand Size Item Description Weight
(in) (lbs)
0.25 H008619 F5250 Chuck set, includes F250SL2 & F8B 1.0
0.375 H008186 F5375 Chuck set, includes F375SL2 & F8B 2.0
0.4375 H008190 F5437 Chuck set, includes F437SL2 & F8B 2.0
0.50 H008622 F5500 Chuck set, includes F500SL2-1.3 & F8B 2.0
0.50 H008202 F5500R2 Chuck set, includes F500SL2R & F8B 2.0
0.50 H008203 F5500R3 Chuck set, includes F500SL3R & F8B 2.0
0.60 H008223 F5600 Chuck set, includes F600SL2 & F13B 2.1
0.60 H008224 F5600R3 Chuck set, includes F600SL3R & F13B 2.1

2-Part Wedge w/Ring 3-Part Wedge w/Ring Chuck Body RCB Chuck Body Strand

Item Model Item Model Item Model Item Model

Number Number Number Number Number Number Number Number (in)
H008279 F250SL2R – – H008194 F8B H008204 FRCB 0.25
H008255 F375SL2R H008257 F375SL3R H008194 F8B H008204 FRCB 0.375
H008260 F437SL2R H008261 F437SL3R H008194 F8B H008204 FRCB 0.4375
H008275 F500SL2R H008277 F500SL3R H008194 F8B H008204 FRCB 0.50
– – – – H008194 F8B H008204 FRCB 0.50
H008295 F600SL2R H008315 F600SL3R H008230 F13B – – 0.60

SURE-LOCK® Anchors
Trusted and Recognized Strand Sizes:
0.50 and 0.60 inch
Coating Type:

Anchor Heads
Machined anchor heads
are available in customer
specified sizes and
hole patterns.


• The industry standard for unbonded monostrand castings
• Patented, proven designs for slab-on-ground applications Compatible Wedges
When determining what
• Made in USA
wedge to use in an
• Compliance with prevailing business codes per ICC-ES accompanying SURE-LOCK®
report ESR-2381 Anchor, wedge length and
• Compliance with Los Angeles city requirements per report diameter play a critical role.
RR 24938 Compatible Wedges for Sure-Lock® Anchors
Anchorage Max Max Max
Strand Wedge Wedge
Size Length Diameter
(in) (in) (in)
SURE-LOCK® F5CA 0.50 1.30 1.00
SURE-LOCK® F6CA 0.60 1.60 1.12
SURE-LOCK® II F5TCA 0.50 1.20 1.00


Anchorage Description Strand Item Dimensions (in)
Size Number
(in) A B C D
F5CA Classic, Standard 0.50 H005781 5.00 2.25 1.50 4.00
F6CA Classic, Standard 0.60 H006720 5.83 2.99 1.58 4.49
SURE-LOCK® II F5TCA Lighter, Slimmer 0.50 H006718 5.00 2.25 1.30 4.00

Pocket Formers and Accessories
Options for Any System Strand Sizes:
0.50 and 0.60 inch
Anchorage Systems:
Bare, Encapsulated,

Intersectional Chairs
H000345 are available
for 0.50'' strand and are

Pocket Formers
• Full range of Pocket Formers for Encapsulated,
Bare and Nail-less Systems
• Available for 0.50" and 0.60" strand
• Available in various lengths and angles including
90º, 30º and 45º

Item Strand Item Number Description Compatible Systems

Size Threaded Anchor Threaded Cap
(in) Encap Bare Nail-less System Nail-less System
0.50 H000403 1.5" - STANDARD X
0.50 H000405 2.0" - STANDARD X X

0.50 H000409 2.25" - STANDARD X X


0.50 H000412 30° - STANDARD X X

0.50 H000415 45° - STANDARD X X

0.50 H000418 0.5" - INTERMEDIATE X X

0.50 H000407 2.0" - NOSELESS X X

0.50 H000411 3.0" - NOSELESS X X
0.50 H010379 30° - NOSELESS X X

0.50 H010378 45° - NOSELESS X X

0.50 H000408 2.0" - SYMETRICAL X X X

0.50 H004946 2.0" - GROUT-LOCK (NO RING)* X X X

0.50 H005835 30° GROUT-LOCK (NO RING)* X X X

0.50 H005833 45° GROUT-LOCK (NO RING)* X X X

0.60 H000410 2.5" - STANDARD X X


0.60 H000419 30° - STANDARD X X

0.60 H000421 0.6" - INTERMEDIATE X X

* Grout-Lock Pocket Formers with a ring are also available. Contact us for more information.

Nail-less Systems
Easier and Cleaner Installation
Pocket Formers
The Pocket Formers are
used at the Stressing End.
• Available in 0.50" and 0.60"
• Available in various lengths
and angles

Page: 9

Posi-Lock PLUS
Anchor System
The Posi-Lock PLUS
system provides an
effective solution to
protect all components
in the system.
• Offers unique installation technique Pages: 12-13
• Innovative nut design allows installation with metal or
other thin form boards
• Available for both bare and encapsulated anchorages
• 2 effective solutions:

▼ Threaded Anchor Nail-less System ▼ Threaded Cap Nail-less System

• Features a burn ring to protect the anchorage • Encapsulated joint provides added durability
while using a plasma torch • Features Triple-start threads for quicker and easier
• Available for either a threaded bare or installation of nuts
encapsulated anchor • Available only for an encapsulated anchor with a
- H000336 0.50" Threaded Bare Anchor threaded nose
- H000449 0.50" Threaded Encap Anchor - H000443 0.50" Threaded Cap Encap Anchor

Between caps and encaps, spindle is threaded.

Encap - spindle has special cap that threaded into a mini thread in the front; don't need special anchor.

Nail-less Systems
As their name implies, Nail-less Systems offer users the ability Nail-less
to install and use both bare and encapsulated anchorages
without the need for nails. These systems are a great solution
for anyone who wants precision tensioning and/or a clean, bare
finish to their slabs.
These systems are more durable and harder to knock out of alignment
from busy workers bumping into or stepping on them. After form removal
there is also no nail exposure. This means users don't need to spend
valuable time cutting or hammering nail heads, and that no unsightly rust
or corrosion will develop on the slab. Strand Sizes:
0.50 inch
Pocket Former Size:
2 and 3 inch
Pocket Former Angles:
30° and 45°
10 11 12
▼ Threaded Anchor Nail-less System ▼ Threaded Cap Nail-less System

⑧ ⑨ ④ ⑦ ⑧ ③

⑤ ④
② ③ ⑤ ⑥ ③

⑥ ④

① ② ④ ③

⑦ ④

Reference Item Description Reference Item Description

Number Number Number Number

1 H000336 0.50" Threaded Bare Anchor 1 H000443 0.50" Threaded Cap Encap Anchor
2 H000449 0.50" Threaded Enap Anchor 2 H011126 Triple-start Spindle
3 H000458 Spindle 3 H000426 Triple-start Nut
4 H000459 Retaining Nut 4 H004946 2.0" Grout-Lock Noseless Pocket Former
5 H004946 2.0" Grout-Lock Noseless Pocket Former 5 H005835 30° Grout-Lock Noseless Pocket Former
6 H000408 2.0" Symmetrical Pocket Former 6 H010490 30° Washer
7 H000411 3.0" Noseless Pocket Former 7 H005833 45° Grout-Lock Noseless Pocket Former
8 H010379 30° Noseless Pocket Former 8 H010489 45° Washer
9 H010490 30° Washer
10 H010378 45° Noseless Pocket Former ▼ Compatible Grease Caps
11 H010489 45° Washer Item Description
12 H010525 45° Retaining Nut

H007601 Threaded Bare Anchor Grease Cap

H000398 Threaded Encap Anchor Grease Cap
H000400 Threaded Cap Encap Anchor Grease Cap

Posi-Lock PLUS Encapsulated Anchor System
High Quality, Durability
and Reliability
The SURE-LOCK® Wedges
are used at Fixed End,
Intermediate and Stressing
End. Available in 0.50" and
0.60", 2-part.
Pages: 6-7

Pocket Formers
The Pocket Formers are
used at the Stressing End.
• Available in 0.50" and 0.60"
• Available in various lengths
and angles
• Void Displacement Sleeves are for Intermediate End Page: 9
and Splice Tube Assembly only. It eliminates the need
for additional taping or PT Coating applications in
the field
• Unique molding process increases strength in the
nail hole area, reducing potential leakage
• One piece anchor design eliminates assembly in
the fabrication process

Fixed End Intermediate

Item Description Item Item Item Description Item
Number Number Number
(0.50" (0.60" (0.50"
Strand) Strand) Strand)

Push Cap Intermediate Assembly

(Yellow with H000396 H000376* (Includes all parts)
Intermediate Anchor H000437

Anchor H000436 H005184

Spindle Assembly H000431
* 0.60" Fixed End Push Cap is white, not yellow
Note: The wedges are sold separately.
Sleeve x 2 H000451

O-Ring x 2 H000928

Nut x 2 H000429

Note: For 0.60" Intermediate, please contact us.

Posi-Lock PLUS Encapsulated Anchor System

Encapsulated post-tensioning systems offer a Posi-

simple and extremely effective method to protect Lock
all components within the PT system.
Extensive testing, design and production processes
are used to make certain the components perform as
designed, time after time.
That being said, proper installation of the encapsulated
components plays a key role in the proper performance of
the system. Strand Sizes:
This includes proper finishing of the tendon and installation
of the Grease Cap and Pocket Grouting.
0.50 and 0.60 inch
Wedge Type:
Coating Type:

Splice Tube Assembly Stressing End

Item Description Item Item Description Item Item
Number Number Number
(0.50" (0.50" (0.60"
Strand) Strand) Strand)

Splice Tube Assembly*

(Includes all parts) Anchor H000445 H005186

Splice Tube H005481

Push Cap
(White with H000398 H000378
Splice VDS Sleeve Grease)
(Standard = 30'')

O-Ring × 2 H000928

Nut × 2 H000429

*Splice Tube Assembly is recommended to replace tape and grease.

Note: For 0.60" Splice Tube Assembly, please contact us.

Posi-Lock PLUS10 Encapsulated Anchor System
Enhanced Sealing Capability
to Resist Corrosion and
Ensure System Performance
• Void Displacement Sleeves are for Intermediate
End and Splice Tube Assembly only. It eliminates
the need for additional taping or PT Coating
applications in the field
• Unique molding process increases strength in the
nail hole area, reducing potential leakage
• One piece anchor design eliminates assembly in
the fabrication process

Additional Features to Posi-Lock PLUS:

• Seal-Lock feature provides mechanical joint
between anchor tube and tendon sheath and also
an "energized" seal, and requires no installation
tools (patent pending)
• All sealed joints on the Posi-Lock PLUS10 are
designed, tested and certified to 10 psi (several
times higher than the PTI and ACI requirements
for concrete buildings)

Fixed End Intermediate

Item Item
Item Description Item Description
Number Number

0.50" Push Cap 0.50" Intermediate Assembly

H000396 H000438
(Yellow with Grease) (Includes all parts below)

0.50" Anchor H005684 0.50" Intermediate Anchor H000437

0.50" Seal
H005448 0.50" Spindle Assembly H000431

0.50" Nut
H005447 0.50" Sleeve x 2 H000451
Note: The wedges are sold separately.
0.50" O-Ring x 2 H000928

0.50" Nut x 2 H000429

▼Posi-Lock PLUS10 Encapsulated Anchor System
Hydrostatic Testing Posi-
All Posi-Lock PLUS10 products are Lock
designed and tested to surpass
hydrostatic performance. Precision-
Hayes International has invested
heavily in it's capabilities to
perform this testing, to insure the
Encapsulated System will perform
in your application.
Strand Sizes:
0.50 inch
Wedge Type:
Coating Type:

Splice Tube Assembly Stressing End

Item Item
Item Description Item Description
Number Number

0.50" Splice Tube Assembly*

H005792 0.50" Anchor H005696
(Includes all parts below)

0.50" Push Cap

0.50" Splice Tube H005481 H000398
(White with Grease)

0.50" Splice VDS Sleeve 0.50" Seal

H005478 H005448
(Standard = 30'') (Blue)

0.50" Nut
0.50" O-Ring × 2 H000928 H005447

0.50" Nut × 2 H000429

*Splice Tube Assembly is recommended to replace tape and grease.

Barrier Cable Products

Precision-Hayes International barrier cable products

are used in vehicle and pedestrian barriers, such as
parking structures.

The GRABB-IT product line, protected by multiple patents,

reduces installation time significantly at sites. The standard
products with preset spacing comply with industry coding,
and custom solutions are also available.

Easy and Precise, Every Time Coating Type:
Zinc Plated

Custom Solutions Available

GRABB-IT® Install Tool

H011638 is a magnetic
power drill attachment
designed for rapid
installation of our
GRABB-IT® Barrier Cable
Products into a GRABB-IT® Rail.

• Significantly reduced installation time

• Patented product allows for easy and precise
installation of barrier cable systems Face of Concrete
• Prefabricated GRABB-IT® termination points
ensure proper cable placement
• On standard rail products, standard spacing
complies with code requirements 0.50" Dia. Cable
• Can be customized to various configurations; number
of termination points, spacing and coatings
• One size works for all cable strand sizes, provided
the proper barrier cable products are used


▼ SELECTION CHART 0.50" Dia. Cable

Item Description Termination

Number Points
5° maximum offset
H008616 GRABB-IT® RAIL ASSEMBLY - 4 4 0.0625


Products listed feature standard spacings.

GRABB-IT® Barrier Cable Products
Simple, Reliable and Cost Effective

Torque vs. Tension charts

are available
Contact us for more information.

0.50" Dia. Cable

Face of Concrete

• Typically used in vehicle and pedestrian barriers

such as in parking structures Male
GRABB-IT® Double Ferrule
• Cable anchorage can be assembled prior to 0.50" Dia. Cable Loop Insert

installation (with wedges fully seated)

• Double ferrule loop insert design allows
easy installation Face of Concrete

• Swivel GRABB-IT® accommodates 5° offset from

ramp inclines and incorrect ferrule installation Male
Swivel GRABB-IT® Double Ferrule
• Neat appearance – no chipping or removal Installed in
of concrete required Column Incorrectly

• Easy maintenance and repair of damaged cable

0.50" Dia. Cable
• Cost effective solution for installing or 5° maximum offset

re-tensioning barrier cable Face of Concrete

▼ Barrier Cable products provide an effective and

▼ Barrier cable system shown features galvanized threaded caps economical solution for vehicle and pedestrian protection
installed at a parking structure. in this parking structure.

GRABB-IT® Barrier Cable Products
Strand Item Description Weight
Size Number Barrier
(in) (lbs) Cable
0.50 H008195 F8BP: Chuck Body 0.55

0.50 H008205 FRCBP: RCB Chuck Body 0.55

Strand Sizes:

0.50 H008196 F22000: Chuck Body Threaded 0.60

0.25, 0.375 and 0.50 inch
Wedge Types:

F22125: GRABB-IT® Barrier

2-part and 3-part
0.50 H011283 0.36
Cable Cap Coating Type:
Zinc Plated
0.50 H008273 F500SL2P: 2-Part Wedge 0.13

Barrier Cable Testing and

F500SL2RP: 2-Part Wedge Submittal documents
0.50 H008276 0.13
with Ring are available
Contact us for more information.
F500SL3P: 3-Part Wedge
0.50 H008274 0.13
with Ring
SCJ-204 Jack
F21600: Double Loop The H008009, SCJ-204
0.50 H007336 2.72
Ferrule Insert Jack, with a 4" stroke is
a great compact solution
for stressing short cables in tight
0.50 H008459 F18500: 0.50" Male GRABB-IT® 2.40 spaces - a common challenge in
Barrier Cable applications.
Page: 27
0.50 H008463 F20500: 0.50" Female GRABB-IT 2.20

F17500: 0.50" GRABB-IT® Dead ▼ Zinc-plating provides increased corrosion

0.50 H008470 1.30
End Bar Chuck resistance and protection from exposure to the
elements inherent in many parking structures.
F17550: 0.50" GRABB-IT®
0.50 H010594 Dead End Chuck w/ Male 1.70
Thread Cap

0.50 H008460 F18550: 0.50" Male Swivel


F20550: 0.50" Female Swivel

0.50 H008462 2.20

0.50 H008589 F21000: 0.50" GRABB-IT® Splice 8.00

Note: For other strand sizes, consult factory.

Pre-Tensioning Components
The SURE-LOCK® pre-tensioning components by
Precision-Hayes International are a proven solution
for customers who work on pre-cast and pre-tensioning
applications. Unlike post-tensioning components that are
typically only used once, these pre-tensioning components
are designed for repetitive use. They are fully serviceable
allowing them to stay in use for many casting cycles.
Engineered plating reduces
Pre-tensioning components are available separately or corrosion and extends
chuck life.
as sets, providing easy ordering, economical service and
repair over the life of the product.

Bayonet cap features knurled

finish for improved grip and
easy operation.

Pre-Tensioning Components

SURE-LOCK® pre-tensioning chucks and wedge

assemblies are used by precast yards to produce
poles, slabs, walls, segments, T sections, beams and
girders used in all types of construction. In the image
shown, concrete slabs are about to be cast.

Precast/Pre-tensioned beams are erected for a

new highway overpass site. Pre-tensioning allows
for rapid construction of long spans required by
transportation infrastructure.

Pre-tensioned girders have been erected on

cast-in-place bents. Cast-in-place bents are
frequently post-tensioned. SURE-LOCK®
products support both the precast and
cast-in-place construction methods.

SURE-LOCK® Pre-Tensioning Components
High Quality, Durability and Reliability

A complete line of
accessory components
for wedge and anchor
maintenance, such as
cleaning brushes and
wedge setters, are available.
Pages: 34-35

Chucks and Wedges
Trusted and recognized,
SURE-LOCK® chucks
and wedges are available
SURE-LOCK Reusable Strand Chucks for post-tensioning applications.
Normally used at the Stressing End of a bed.
Pages: 6-7
• Includes cap, spring, wedge and body
• Easy disassembly for cleaning and inspection
Reusable Products
• Bayonet cap features knurled finish for improved Maintenance
grip and easy operation
Routine maintenance and
• Replacement parts available inspection are required for
optimal lifetime.
SURE-LOCK Reusable Splice Chucks Check our maintenance
Two lengths of strand can be connected while manual for more details.
maintaining the strength of a continuous length.
• Safely connects two strand sections
SURE-LOCK Reusable Anchor Chucks
Often used on the Fixed End of a bed, these chucks
are very economical with few components.
• Open chuck design
• Simple and easy to use

◀ SURE-LOCK® pre-tension and post-tension anchorage

components have been used to erect this elevated freeway.

SURE-LOCK® Pre-Tensioning Components

Strand Sizes:
5 mm to 0.60 inch
Wedge Types:
2-part and 3-part
Coating Types:

▼ Body: Yellow Zinc

Reusable splice chuck components
Cap: Clear Zinc
▼ Reusable Strand Chucks
Strand Item Description Wedge Retaining Body Cap Spring Weight
Size Number Assembly* Ring
5 mm H008539 F1197 Strand Chuck Assembly F197J
0.25" H008540 F1250 Strand Chuck Assembly F250J F1R F1B F1C F1S 1.0
0.3125" H008542 F1312 Strand Chuck Assembly F312J
0.375" H008544 F1375 Strand Chuck Assembly F375J
F2R F2B F2C F2S 2.0
0.4375" H008545 F1437 Strand Chuck Assembly F437J
0.50" H008546 F1500EL Strand Chuck Assembly F500JEL F2R F2B F2C F2S-EL 2.0
0.5625" H008547 F1562 Strand Chuck Assembly F562J
F3R F3B F3C F3S 2.6
0.60" H008548 F1600 Strand Chuck Assembly F600J
* All wedge assemblies include o-ring retainer to reduce lost pieces and ease assembly.

▼ Reusable Splice Chucks

Strand Item Description Wedge Coupling Body Back Spring Weight
Size Number Assembly* Plate
0.375" H008573 F4375 Splice Chuck Assembly F375J
F2CP F10B F2BP F7S 4.0
0.4375" H008574 F4437 Splice Chuck Assembly F437J
0.50" H008575 F4500EL Splice Chuck Assembly F500JEL F2CP F10B F2BP F7S 4.0
0.5625" H008580 F4562 Splice Chuck Assembly F562J
F3CP F11B F3BP F3S 6.0
0.60" H008578 F4600 Splice Chuck Assembly F600J
* All wedge assemblies include o-ring retainer to reduce lost pieces and ease assembly.

▼ Reusable Anchor Chucks

Strand Item Description Wedge Retaining Body
Size Number Assembly* Ring Strand
5 mm H008551 F2197 Anchor Chuck Assembly F197J
0.25" H008552 F2250 Anchor Chuck Assembly F250J F1R F4B
0.3125" H008554 F2312 Anchor Chuck Assembly F312J Splice
0.375" H008556 F2375 Anchor Chuck Assembly F375J
0.4375" H008558 F2437 Anchor Chuck Assembly F437J F2R F5B
0.50" H008559 F2500EL Anchor Chuck Assembly F500JEL
0.5625" H008562 F2562 Anchor Chuck Assembly F562J Chucks
0.60" H008560 F2600 Anchor Chuck Assembly F600J
* All wedge assemblies include o-ring retainer to reduce lost pieces and ease assembly.
Tools and Accessories
Only Precision-Hayes International provides a
complete line of tools and equipment to help you get
your installation done quickly and safely.

The Jack and Pump Systems provide a matched

set guaranteeing correct performance. This includes
a high quality stressing jack, an industry standard pump,
hoses, gauge and fittings. The complete system is easy
to order and ensures jack and pump compatibility.

Customers can choose to shear the tendons with or

without flame, in or out of the pocket. Precision-Hayes
International offers both a hydraulic and a battery
powered PocketShear®, still the only in-pocket flameless
cutting solutions. The Utility Shear and PLASMA Cutting
Systems are also available.

Full line of installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting tools and accessories are available to keep you up and running

▼ Jack and Pump Systems
A Complete System to
Pump Types:
Get Your Work Done Fast ZU4 and PE55
Jack Types:
115 and 220 v.a.c.

Typical mono-strand system set-up

Please follow the steps below to select your jack and

pump system:
Our pumps work at either 115 v.a.c. or 220 v.a.c.
Please select based on your need.
Ex. Select "115" under "1. Pump Voltage" column
Please refer to page 18 and 19 to learn the wide Jack and Pump Systems
selection of stressing jacks we offer. 1. Pump 2. Jack 3. Pump
Ex. Select "SCJ" under "2. Jack" column Voltage ZU4 PE55
• Step 3: PUMP SELECTION Item Item
(volts-ph-Hz) Number Number
We provide both ZU4 and PE55 Stressing Pumps.
PTJ5S H007731 H007924
Please select based on preference.
PTJ6S H007736 H007927
Ex. Select "ZU4" under "3. Pump" column
PTJ5P H007733 H007925
• Step 4: ORDER YOUR SYSTEM PTJ6P H007738 H007928
Based on your previous selections, please find 5DA1 H007749 H007930
the item number of the Jack and Pump System 115-1-50/60 5DA1-AL H007758 H007935
in the grey boxes of the Selection Chart. Use that 5DA1-ALS H010000 H007933
item number to place your order. Note: Every Jack 6DA1 H007978 H007988
and Pump System comes with a hose, gauge
6DAH-306 H008052 *
and fitting.
6DAH-308 H008055 *
Ex. The system number is "H008008"
6DAH-3012 H008057 *
SCJ H008008 H008007
PTJ5S H007755 *
PTJ6S H007779 *
Part Item Description PTJ5P H007729 *
Number 220-1-50/60 PTJ6P H007751 *
Hose H9310 H007111 0.375" x 10' x 0.375" 5DA1 H007727 H007931
Hose H9210S H007112 0.25" x 10' x 0.375" 5DA1-AL H007759 *
Gauge H006928 4" 0-10,000 psi fluid-filled gauge 6DA1 H007980 H007989
* Available upon request

Stressing Jacks
Field Proven Tools for
Mono-Strand Stressing
For your system,
please refer to the
chart below and use
only the recommended
hydraulic oil in your jack
and pump systems.

Pump Item Description

ZU4 H007114 1 Gallon
PE55 H007050 2.5 Gallons

Optional and Replacement

Accessories Available
• Noses and wedge seaters
are available in 3''- 8''.
Other sizes available
upon request
• Gripper Set Diameter from
• Durable, field proven designs, with “soft-grip” 0.38''-0.62'' and 4 mm-7 mm
ergonomic handles reduce operator fatigue
• Single-acting PTJ models, available with
spring seating or power seating, are ideal for
slab-on-grab applications B
• Double-acting DA models have an 8.5" stroke DA Series
and are machined from a steel billet; feature PTJ Series
SCJ Series
standard power-seating and “gun-drilled” internal
hydraulic passages
• 5DA1 jacks come standard with 4" noses. PTJ
and DAH jacks come standard with 3" noses. A
Other nose sizes are available upon request
• A full line of grippers are available to stress
common strand diameters DAH Series B
• Complete offering of repair parts and soft kits
allow quick and easy service

Dimensions (in)
Model No. A B C
PTJ5 21.0 9.0 6.50
PTJ6 22.0 10.20 7.0
5DA1 18.50 7.50 6.50
6DA1 18.50 8.50 6.50
SCJ-204 12.0 8.30 4.80
SCJ-2010 19.0 8.30 4.80
6DAH306 16.20 7.10 —
6DAH308 18.10 7.10 —
6DAH3012 22.30 — 8.50
All advance and retract hydraulic ports
are 0.375" NPTF.

Stressing Jacks
Mono-Strand Stressing Tool Operational Sequence
The sequence of operation of the double-acting 5DA1 tool is illustrated. PTJ,
Single-acting, spring seat models are similar. DA,
Installation Pulling Tendon Seating Wedge Retraction

20 to 30 tons
8.5 to 10 inches
Strand Sizes:
0.375 to 0.60 inch
Maximum Operating Pressure:
① Nose 6,500 to 10,000 psi
3 ② Wedge Seater
③ Gripper
Jack Feet
Two required per jack. Used
in place of a nose to react on
2 either side of wedge pocket.

Item Number Used with Jack

H007922 5DA1
H007974 6DA1


Tool Seater Strand Item Model Tool Stroke Oil Tool Max Weight
Capacity Type Diameter Number Number Operation Capacity Effective Pressure
Range Area
(tons) (in) (in) (in3) (in2) (psi) (lbs)
PTJ Single-Acting Twin-Line Stressing Jacks
20 Spring 0.50 - 0.52 H007730 PTJ5S S/A 10.0 45.30 4.48 10,000 55
20 Power 0.50 - 0.52 H007732 PTJ5P S/A 10.0 45.30 4.48 10,000 55
30 Spring 0.60 - 0.62 H007735 PTJ6S S/A 10.0 62.80 6.28 10,000 76
30 Power 0.60 - 0.62 H007737 PTJ6P S/A 10.0 62.80 6.28 10,000 76
DA Double-Acting Twin-Line Stressing Jacks
20 Power 0.50 - 0.52 H007747 5DA1 D/A 8.50 53 6.28 6,500 42
20 Power 0.50 - 0.52 H007781 5DA1-AL D/A 8.50 53 6.28 6,500 35
20 Power 0.50 - 0.52 H007785 5DA1-ALS D/A 8.50 53 6.28 6,500 42
26 Power 0.60 - 0.62 H007941 6DA1 D/A 8.50 67.60 7.95 6,500 52
6DAH Double-Acting Hollow Stressing Jacks
30 Spring 0.60 H008051 6DAH-306 D/A 6 32.80 5.47 10,000 44
30 Spring 0.60 H008054 6DAH-308 D/A 8 43.70 5.47 10,000 48
30 Spring 0.60 H008056 6DAH-3012 D/A 12 65.60 5.47 10,000 61
SCJ Short Cable Twin Ram Stressing Jack
20 Spring 0.25 - 0.50 H008009 SCJ-204 S/A 4 18.46 4.48 10,000 25
20 Spring 0.25 - 0.50 H008006 SCJ-2010 S/A 10 45.30 4.48 10,000 40

ZU4 Stressing Pumps
The High-Performance Option ZU4

Flow at Rated Pressure:

60 in^3/min
Motor Size:
1.7 hp
Maximum Operating Pressure:
10,000 psi

• Classic Series pumps feature traditional

electro-mechanical components
• High-efficiency pump element delivers high- NPTF
performance while drawing less electrical power
• Multiple valve options to meet your

application requirement

▼ Increased output flow and extended brush life increase 5.60

productivity for post-tensioning applications.
11.00 .50 3.75
16.29 8.1
19.00 9.46

Note: all dimensions are in inches

① User Adjustable Relief Valve

② Oil Fill Port SAE #10
③ Oil Level Sight Gauge
④ Oil Drain 0.50" NPTF
⑤ M8 x 12 LG
⑥ VM43M Valve (shown)
Factory Installed
Features and Options
⑦ Skid Bar (shown; optional)

Used Valve Item Description Output Flow Rate (in3/min)Usable Relief Valve Motor Electrical Motor Sound Weight
with Type Number Oil Adjustment Specification Size Level
Tool 100 700 5,000 10,000 Capacity Range
psi psi psi psi (gal) (psi) (volts-ph-Hz) (hp) (dBA) (lbs)
Spring VM43M H006769 ZU4 Classic SS-115 115-1-50/60
Seat VM43M H006770 ZU4 Classic SS-220 220-1-50/60
700 535 76 60 2 1,000-10,000 1.667 85-90 71
Power VM43-LPS H006771 ZU4 Classic PS-115 115-1-50/60
Seat VM43-LPS H006773 ZU4 Classic PS-220 220-1-50/60

PE55 Stressing Pumps
The Industry Standard PE55

Flow at Rated Pressure:

60 in^3/min
Motor Size:
1.125 hp
Maximum Operating Pressure:
10,000 psi
4 Mounting Holes 0.50"– 20

• Axial piston pump element is field proven and
easy to service
• Universal electric motor is durable and easy 7.0
to service
• True unloading valve achieves greater 10.0 8.0
11.50 9.50
pump efficiency, allowing higher flows 14.0
at maximum pressure
Note: All dimensions are in inches

▼ The PE55 is lightweight and portable.

Used Valve Item Description Output Flow Rate (in3/min)
Usable Relief Valve Motor Electrical Motor Sound Weight
with Type Number Oil Adjustment Specification Size Level
Tool 100 700 5,000 10,000 Capacity Range
psi psi psi psi (gal) (psi) (volts-ph-Hz) (hp) (dBA) (lbs)
Spring 9500 H006789 PE55 SS-115 115-1-50/60
Seat 66
9500 H006790 PE55 SS-220 220-1-50/60
700 380 70 55 2 1,000-10,000 1.125 86-92
Power 9628 H006786 PE55 PS-115 115-1-50/60
Seat 69
9628 H006787 PE55 PS-220 220-1-50/60

Cut PT Tendons in the Pocket
with Hydraulic or Battery Power
PocketShear® Pump
To power the hydraulic
the PocketShear
Pump H007684 is
the perfect choice.

Additional Protection
After shearing the tendon,
the PocketCap® is the
perfect way to seal the
pocket and reduce the
chance for corrosion in
the anchorage zone.

Replacement Blades
• Available in battery and hydraulic versions and sizes
to cut 0.50 inch or 0.60 inch strand sizes Order the correct blades to
match your Shear from the
• Reversible, hardened blades extend life table shown below.
(only the fixed blades are reversible)
• Shear tendons inside the pocket, providing controlled
tendon length without applying heat to the anchorage For PocketShear® Blade
• Battery models include two industrial 28 VDC battery Power Blade Strand Item Model
Type Type Size Number Number
packs and fast charger
• Battery models shipped in durable product case for (in)
protection and easy transport Fixed 0.50 H008124 PSBF-05H
Fixed 0.60 H008144 PSBF-06H
• Eliminates the need for Hot Work Permits on the job Hydraulic
Rotating 0.50 H008072 PSBR-05H
when cutting tendon tails
Rotating 0.60 H008142 PSBR-06H
• Provides quick and effortless tendon cutting with no Fixed 0.50 H008079 PSBF-05B
risk of abrasive saw kick-back Fixed 0.60 H008162 PSBF-06B
Rotating 0.50 H008078 PSBR-05B
▼ The hydraulic PocketShear® makes quick and easy work of shearing Rotating 0.60 H008163 PSBR-06B
tails on this elevated slab.


✓ Only the PocketShear®
can guarantee adequate
concrete cover, no heating of the tendon or
wedge set, and a clean cut end.

Cut-off saws cannot cut the tendon inside the

pocket, leaving the tendon end exposed to
moisture, creating the chance for corrosion.
Strand Sizes:

Oxyacetylene torches heat the tendon and the 0.50 and 0.60 inch
wedge when cut deep inside the pocket.
Hydraulic and Battery
Even if the tendon is cut at the correct depth, the Maximum Operating Pressure:
tendon is still heated and the end is left jagged,
preventing re-gripping for possible future lift-off.
3,000 psi

Without controls, there is little chance for Open Throat Design

correct coverage of the tendon, leading to The Hydraulic PocketShear®
future corrosion. features an Open-Throat
design that allows easy
insertion of the strand into
the tool. This makes the
Shear easier to position and operate
on elevated applications.



Hydraulic Version Battery Version


Strand Power Item Model Throat Operating Length Depth Height Nose Clamp Weight
Size Type Number Number Style* Pressure Depth Depth

(in) (psi) (in) (in) (in) (in) (in) (lbs)
0.50 Hydraulic H008101 PSH05-O Open 3000 22.60 9.80 8.80 2.51 3.50 27
0.60 Hydraulic H008137 PSH06-O Open 3000 28.60 10.70 10.20 3.02 3.50 35
0.50 Battery H008088 PSB05-TH Through n/a 4.25 17.99 12.12 4.03 2.17 29.1
0.60 Battery H008089 PSB06-TH Through n/a 5.75 18.10 13.50 4.13 2.13 37.7
*May be special ordered with other throat styles.

PLASMA Cutting System
Fast Tendon Cutting
Strand Capacity:
In or Out of the Pocket 0.50 to 0.60 inch
200 to 480 v.a.c.
Current Draw:
52 to 22 amps

FlushCut™ Tip and

The wedge-
guard protects
the encapsulated
components, including
the wedge, during the cutting process.

• For applications or preferences that will not

accept a PocketShear® or acetylene/oxygen torch FlushCut™ PLASMA
• Standard system requires external air and torch tip fits into
compact, symetrical,
electrical supply oval shaped
• Available with 25' or 50' cable packages pocket formers.
• Cut tendons quickly and effortlessly
• FlushCut™ tip cuts tendon near 90° and easily
provides coverage for the grease cap and required
▼ SELECTION CHART – Consumables
concrete coverage
• System includes wedge-guard tool for 0.50" strand Item Description
H010312 Cap, FlushCut™ 65
H010313 Swirl Ring; FlushCut™ 65
H010314 Electrode; PLC65
H010315 Electrode Bulk Pack
H010316 Nozzle Assembly
H010317 Retaining Ring

Strand Power Type Item Tool Type Electrical Specifications Torch Tip Weight
Size Number
Voltage Current

(in) (v.a.c.) (amps) (lbs)

0.50 Electric H010318* PLASMA System 25' 200-480 52-22 FlushCut™ 64
0.50 Electric H010319* PLASMA System 50' 200-480 52-22 FlushCut™ 70
0.50 Electric H010306 Power Unit 200-480 52-22 n/a 57
0.50 n/a H010307 FlushCut™** Head - 25' n/a n/a FlushCut™ 7
0.50 n/a H010309 FlushCut™ Head - 50' n/a n/a FlushCut™ 13
n/a n/a H010308 Work Lead - 25' n/a n/a n/a 3
n/a n/a H010310 Work Lead - 50' n/a n/a n/a 6
n/a n/a H010311 Starter Kit n/a n/a n/a 1
*Includes Power Unit, FlushCut™ Torch, Work-Lead and Starter Kit; **The pack is in a bulk of 25; FlushCut™ is a registered trade mark of Hypertherm® Inc.

Utility Shear
Cut Tendon Safely
Maximum Strand Capacity:
in the Shop or on your Site 0.70 inch
115 v.a.c.
Current Draw:
11 amps

Plant Production
We provide a wide
array of fabrication,
extrusion and cut-off
lines for all of your PT
production requirements.

Pages: 36-39
• Cut strand in the shop or in the field easily and safely
• Do not cut any material other than strand Strand Shearing Systems
(max of .70 PC strand) PT strand is a very strong and
• Low current draw will operate from 15 amp circuit resilient material. This same
strength makes it very difficult to
• Lightweight and portable; easy-load, open-throat cut safely with most portable cutting tools.
for quick and effortless strand insertion
Cutting the tendon tails in the shop or on
• One size cuts multiple strand sizes for a job site can be done quickly and safely
increased flexibility using a Utility Shear.
• Simple operation: trigger switch to cut; lever to release
• Transparent guard protects against flying debris and
allows easy monitoring of the cut

Item Replacement Blades

H010318 Fixed Blade
H010319 Moveable Blade
Maximum Power Item Throat Operating Length Depth Height Electrical Specifications Weight
Strand Size* Type Number Style Pressure
Voltage Current

(in) (psi) (in) (in) (in) (v.a.c.) (amps) (lbs)

0.74 Elect/Hyd H007714 Open 8,400 18.7 6.7 10.0 115 11.0 35
*Do not cut any material other than strand.

Installation Tools and Accessories
Keeping You Up and Running
Certifications and other
product information are
available online:

Chucks and Wedges
Trusted and recognized,
SURE-LOCK® chucks
and wedges are available
for one time use applications.
Installation Pages: 6-7
• Hand Wedge Setter provides a quick way to
pre-seat wedges for retention in anchor SURE-LOCK® Anchors
• SRT - Sheath Removal Tool, cuts the sheathing from The industry standard
the strand in the anchor cavity so it can be removed, SURE-LOCK® and
allowing wedges to seat properly in the anchor SURE-LOCK® II anchors
cavity after stressing are effective, proven
cast anchors.
• Tendon Tail Gauge: visual tool to ensure proper
finished tendon length to prevent grease cap Page: 8
• Short Cable Tubes and Short Cable Noses are
Pre-Stress Products
used with Pre-Tension Splice Chucks to facilitate
stressing of short cables High quality, durable strand
chucks, splice chucks,
• 12" and 18" Chairs are used with Pre-Tension Splice and anchor chucks are
Chucks to facilitate stressing of short cables available for the precast/
pre-stressed concrete industry.
• 45° Stress Spacers are used to allow a jack to
make full contact with the anchor when 45° pocket Pages: 20-23
formers are used
Maintenance & Inspection
• Grease Cones are used with the Lubrication Fixture
to effectively release lubricants
• Lubrication Fixtures are used with reusable chuck
bodies to properly lubricate for release
• Jaw and chuck body brushes make cleaning and
inspection fast and effective
• Anchor Cleaning Tools remove residual concrete
slag and debris from seating area, for improved
seating performance
Trouble Shooting
• Trouble Shoot Anchors are used to help free a jack
that will not release from a tensioned cable
▲ The SRT - Sheath Removal Tool is easy and effective at
removing sheathing inside the pocket.

Installation Tools and Accessories

It is critical that Chucks and Wedges are clean

before use.
Build up from contaminants can result in hazards
Tools &
to users and potential damage to structures. Build Accessories
up can also make it difficult to properly inspect chucks and
wedges for damage, which can result in dangerous situations.
To assist in properly maintaining chucks and wedges, we offer
a number of products for cleaning and lubrication including
chuck and wedge brushes, pictured to the left.

Tool Types:
Maintenance and
Brush Wedge Troubleshooting
Strand Sizes:
0.25 to 0.60 inch
Bench mounted
drive motor with ▼ SELECTION CHART – Reusable Accessories
correct cleaning
brush attached Item
Item Description

F7562 0.5625"- 0.60"

Wedge brush
▼ SELECTION CHART – Post-Tension Accessories

Item F7500 0.50" Wedge brush H007372

Item Description

F7437 0.4375"- 0.46875"

Short Cable Tube H007788 H007371
Wedge brush

Short Cable Nose H007789 F7375 0.375" Wedge brush H007370

F7250 0.25"- 0.3125"

Trouble Shoot anchor H007791 H007369
Wedge brush

F8562 0.5625"- 0.60"

45° Stress Spacer H007793 H007368
Body brush

F8500 0.375"- 0.50"

12" Chair H007795 H007367
Body brush

F8250 0.25"- 0.3125"

18" Chair H007797 H007366
Body brush

Hand Wedge Setter H007799 F10000 Lubrication fixture H008617

F10003 Grease cone for

Anchor Cleaning Tool H007923 H008596
F1B body

F10004 Grease cone for

SRT - Sheath Removal Tool H009929 H008597
F2B body

F10005 Grease cone for

Tendon-Tail Gauge H005003 H008598
F3B body

Plant Production Equipment
Precision-Hayes International's Plant Whether expanding or upgrading an existing line or
Production Equipment provides customers building a new one, our knowledgable equipment
with tailored solutions suited to meet their team is here to help in both the design and
unique tendon extrusion and fabrication needs. maintenance aspects.

With over 25 years of experience building

Plant Production Equipment, Precision-Hayes
International has developed an in-depth expertise
providing highly durable and efficient solutions.


Our in-house team of engineers and technicians
combine their knowledge of tendon production,
hydraulic, electric, and mechanical systems to
tailor system controls to match unique customer

All hydraulic, electronic and mechanical fabrication
along with programing are done in-house, ensuring
the highest standard of quality is met.

Our experienced service team can help design new
equipment to customer specifications, as well as
provide maintenance on existing equipment.

Extrusion Line
Complete Line Build and Installation Strand Sizes:
0.50 and 0.60 inch
Pay-offs and Take-ups:
Single or Dual
Grease Applicators:

Siemens Touch
Control Screens
New Siemens industrial touch
control screens are durable and
easy to use, featuring an IP65 protection
rating. The new control screens also
enable a back-up automatic line
• Built with all the necessary components: pumps, shutdown feature. This back-up feature
vacuum loaders, drawer magnets, water cooling activates during machine failures,
systems, grease applicator and take-ups abrupt speed changes and at the
• Durable and field tested hydraulic take-ups ends of the coil.

• Lines are available in several configurations

including: Single or dual pay-offs, various extruder
sizes, cooling trough lengths, cooling systems, Can be customized to fit
single or dual take-ups your needs
• Upgraded, state-of-the-art industrial control screens
and PLC systems by Siemens
• Individual components are also available for upgrade
of existing lines

▼ Our take-ups are specifically designed to optimize the post-tension ▼ Multiple extruding heads available depending on customer need.
cable extrusion process.

Cutting Line
Complete, Custom-Built Systems Standard Tub Layouts:
2, 3 or 4
Strand Sizes:
0.50 and 0.60 inch

Can be customized to fit
your needs

• Accurately control length by automatically measuring

and shearing the strand
• Swiftly and easily perform material changes with
available single or dual pay-offs
• Dual shear upgrade allows customers to cut two
cables at one time
• The semi-automatic tying machine upgrade
decreases labor
• Make clean end cuts of 0.50" and 0.60" PC strand with
hydraulic shears
• Minimize downtime with easy access to rotate or
change shear blades
• Local or remote data input is available

New HYDRA Indexing Multi-tub Cutting Line

The new HYDRA is safer, faster and more
efficient than other cutting line models. The
indexing tubs further reduce downtime and
allow for assembly line style production,
increasing efficiencies. Optional upgrades
include an electric/pneumatic stripper,
semi-automatic tying machine and an
easy arm hoist. These upgrades increase
efficiencies and reduce injuries caused by
repetitive tasks. The HYDRA will also feature
a refreshed data input interface which will work
with multiple cut list formats and will be able ▼
Rendering is representitive and does not show safety barriers
to store a digital log online.

Specialty Equipment
Strand Anchor Fabrication Lines and Assembly Table
Geotechnical strand anchors require specialized production equipment. We
provide equipment built with knowledge of the industry requirements. Precise
measurement and cutting, along with either half-pipe or rolling tables, make
anchor assembly efficient.
We provide high quality equipment for coiling and uncoiling anchors that
is proven durable and reliable.

Cable Bolt Fabrication Lines

We build automatic cable bolt fabrication equipment for the mine supply
industry. These lines include strand pay-off, measuring and cutting stations,
providing accurately cut pieces for further fabrication into roof bolts.

Cable Sheathing Stripper

Electric/Pneumatic device to remove sheathing during fabrication. It can
be adjusted to cut at variable lengths. This sheathing device is safer than
many common alternatives, as users do no need to use razor knives and
other unsafe cutting tools.

Dead End Seating Equipment

We build complete anchor seating systems that include the required hydraulic
pump, seating ram, steel work bench, gauge and hoses. We provide either
"push" or "pull" systems with horizontal or vertical orientation, according to
the customer's need.

Semi-Automatic Tying Machine

This machine ties individual tendons quickly without the need to have
drills and other tying tools. It also reduces labor and is safer, reducing
repetitive wrist injuries. This machine is sold as an add on to cutting lines
or separately.

704 W Simonds Road
Seagoville, TX 75159
Post-Tensioning Tel: 972-287-2390
Components Fax: 972-287-4469

14030 Florence Road
Sugar Land, TX 77498
Barrier Cable Tel: 281-565-8111
Products Fax: 281-565-8116




Tools and

Pages Certifications and other product information is available online:


Plant Production
Equipment 16-030000414_001_REV 2 © 2018 Precision-Hayes International - Subject to change without notice.