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Food Testing
Food TestingInquiry
With the increasingly demanding requirements for food safety and quality, food
testing becomes an integral part of the food industry. Lifeasible, as a leading
biotechnology company with state-of-the-art food and feed analysis
technologies, provides a comprehensive suite of food testing services for
consumers, manufacturers, and regulators. Our experts strive to provide you
with tailored solutions for food safety control and quality improvement. Our
goal is to help our customers produce high quality food and feed products that
meet local, national and international regulations. We will work closely with you
to make customized solutions to satisfy the specific requirements for food
safety, quality, and the environment.

Our expertise spans a wide of range aspects including physics, chemistry,

microbiology, genetics, food science, and so on. We provide a variety of
chemical and nutritional evaluation services, including nutritional analysis,
heavy metal and minerals analysis, food additives, residues, contaminants
testing, and more. We also provide microbiology testing to detect pathogens
and mycotoxins, underpinned by food packaging and shelf life testing services.
Our featured authenticity testing service will help you identify the origin of food
and to prevent fraud. What’s more, allergens and genetically modified
organisms (GMOs) tests are available for our customers worldwide.
Additionally, if you would like to understand how consumers react to your food
products, our sensory analysis services can help you with your requirements.

Food Testing
Microbiology Testing

Microbiology testing helps to determine if a food product is free from harmful

micro-organisms and safe to consume. With years of experience in the study
of microbiology, we provide high quality services for the detection of
pathogenic microbes (such as Salmonellae, Staphylococcus aureus) and
spoilage indicators (such as yeasts, fungi or molds). Both classical and
advanced methodologies are available for sensitive and rapid microbiological
testing. We provide tailored solutions and reliable results to comply with all
relevant food safety regulations.
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Testing

GMOs can be achieved via plant genetic engineering such as the

CRISPR/CAS9 technique. Due to the optimized traits (e.g., higher yield,
stronger stress resistance, and higher nutrition value), GMOs generally are
preferred by plant breeders. However, the unknown risks for transgenic food is
a major concern for consumers. Therefore, GMOs testing is necessary to
ensure that companies meet strict regulations in a timely and efficient manner
while keeping their customers safe and healthy. GMOs can be detected via
different approaches, including protein testing and qualitative and quantitative
DNA testing. We can provide high-quality GMOs testing services that strictly
follows the ISO/IEC 17025 general requirements for the competence of testing
and calibration laboratories.

Residues and Contaminants Testing

Residues and contaminants testing are essential for the health and safety of
consumers; and manufacturers around the world have to follow strictly the
regulations regarding prohibited and restricted chemicals. At Lifeasible, our
experts offer a full array of scientific solutions for the identification of harmful
chemical residues and contaminants in your food products.

Chemical and Nutritional Analysis

Lifeasible provides fast and accurate chemical and nutritional analysis services,
which help manufacturers ensure that their products contain the right amount
of amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, anti-nutrients,
enzymes, and other critical ingredients. Our personalized services can not only
help manufacturers meet nutritional labeling requirements, but also can
provide consumers with valuable information on health claims.

Food Additives Testing

Food additives can enhance food flavor, change food texture or extend shelf
life. As food additives are important parts of the food products, it is necessary
to detect whether the level of food additives comply with the appropriate food
additive regulations. Furthermore, identifying illegal or undeclared substances
is necessary to ensure consumers’ health and safety. Experts at Lifeasible
provide testing services for a variety of food additives, including
antiputrefactiva, colorants, sweeteners, bleaching agents, antioxidants, and so
on. Food additives testing can help manufacturers reduce the risk of food
poisoning, product recalls, as well as other issues that could damage their
reputation or profits.
Allergens Testing

Food-related allergic reactions have been consistently increasing over the

recent years. Some of these reactions can be life-threatening. Therefore, food
manufacturers must provide detailed information about the contents,
especially potential allergens and cross-contamination risks. At Lifeasible, we
offer allergens testing based on ELISA methods, PCR methods, as well as
LC-MS/MS methods.

Authenticity Testing

The unknown side-effects of adulterants in foods may pose a health risk.

Effective and accurate screening for any possible illegal practices of
adulteration is vital for public health. Our specialists provide food adulterant
testing services with high reliability, to ensure the health and safety of
consumers, and to protect the brand confidence of food product

Physical and Chemical Properties Testing

Understanding the physical and chemical properties of food is essential for

food preservation and food quality assessment. We provide multiple testing
services for physical and chemical characterizations of food product properties,
such as moisture, acid value, Brix value, peroxide value, specific optical
rotation, total volatile basic nitrogen, trimethylamine nitrogen, malondialdehyde,
fatty acid, pH, caffeine content, and so on.

Food Sensory Analysis

Sensory evaluation of food products interpret the responses of humans based

on color, smell, texture, taste, and hearing. Reliable, accurate analyses can
help food producers with recipe refinement, product development, and
marketing. Our food sensory analysis services not only provide consumer
sensory testing for product development, but also offer the sensory
assessment of food quality and taste.

Food Packaging Testing

Packaging is not merely for attracting customers, but also to protecting and
preserving food products. Improper packaging can bring health and safety
risks. Therefore, the testing of the quality and safety of food packaging and
other food-contacting materials, and to ensure that the packaging materials
comply with all the necessary global regulations, is important to protect
consumers’ health. Our laboratories can help you assess the potential hazards
of your food packaging materials and styles, using a wide scope of testing
approaches, such as food contact material migration testing, foreseeable use
assessment, and physical hazard assessment. We can also implement
modified atmosphere packaging analysis to provide valuable guidance on food
packaging for extending shelf life.

Shelf Life Testing

Shelf life testing is an important approach to ensure the safety and quality of
food products. To comply with statutory requirements, and to and keep
integrity and their brand reputation, manufacturers have to accurately verify
“use by” and/or “best before” date(s) for their products. The shelf-life of a
product is determined by storing the product under specific storage conditions.
At Lifeasible, we have a well-established platform for the evaluation of product
shelf life, where a number of factors (e.g., microbiology, temperature, pH,
water, etc.) are analyzed for an optimal testing protocol. The measurement of
chemical, microbiological and physical changes over a specified time interval
will be performed.

Our experienced expert team is available to provide assistance with technical

issues in food testing. Welcome to contact us for price quotes.