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( Iqbal Town Campus)

1st Year (23-Sep-19) Total Marks: 35 Name ______________________

Computer Time Allowed: 1 hour Roll No. ____________________

Course: Ch No. 1Complete

Q1. You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C and D. The choice which you think is correct; fill
that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to fill the circles. Cutting or filling two or more circles
will result in zero mark in that question. Attempt as many questions as given in objective type question paper and
leave others blank. Write the letter A, B, C or D in the column (write correct option) against each question. If there is
a contradiction in the bubble and hand written answer, bubble option will be considered correct . (1x9=9)
Sr. # Questions A B C D
(i) C language create in 1972 1973 1975
(ii) How many types of language found One Two Three Four
Borland made compiler Dev C Turbo C Visual Studio Turbo C++

(iv) By default any file saved in folder My document Turbo C Bin Library

(v) Extension of library file will be .C .OBJ .h
(vi) Statement terminator mention by > : ()

(vii) Linker produce file .CPP .EXE .OBJ

(viii) There are types of error in C One Two Three Four

Ken Thomson John von
(ix) B language create by Dennis Ritchie Steve Job
Q.2) Give short answers to the following questions. (2*10=20)
I. What is Program
II. Define B language
III. What is C language history
IV. Define header file
V. What is void main function
VI. What is statement terminator
VII. Define delimiters
VIII. What is high level language
IX. What is by default name and location of C program
X. What is structured language

Long Question: (1*6=6)

Q.3) What is Error? Define all types of Error in C language