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S.Y. 2019-2020

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I. Read the statements or questions carefully and then shade the letter of the correct answer
from the choices given before each number.

For items 1-3, refer to the given diagram.

1. How do the electromagnetic waves are arranged from radio wave to gamma ray in

terms of wavelength?
A. Increasing wavelength
B. Decreasing wavelength
C. From constant to infinite value of wavelength
D. From infinite to constant value of wavelength

2. What is TRUE between the energies carried by radio wave and microwave?

A. Radio wave carries greater amount of energy than microwave.

B. Radio wave carries lesser amount of energy than microwave.
C. Radio wave and microwave both carry the same value of energy.
D. Radio wave does not carry energy at all whereas microwave carries maximum amount
of energy.
3. Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the least frequency?

A. microwave B. radio wave C. UV ray D. visible light

4. Which of the following BEST describes the electromagnetic spectrum?

A. A continuum of electromagnetic waves

B. A wave which carries both magnetic and electric field
C. A mechanical wave which travels along a medium like air
D. A ray of white light dispersed into a band of rainbow colors

5. Satellite communications around the world are brought about by the utilization of

A. radio waves. C. infrared.

B. microwaves. D. x-ray.

6. Tuning a radio over 103.1Megahertz (MHz) will allow the radio to subscribe the

radio station MOR Baguio. What does 103.1 MHz indicate?

A. This is the frequency modulation allocated to a radio waveband coming from
the station.
B. This is the frequency modulation assigned to a micro wave carrying signal
from the station.
C. This is the amplitude modulation of the station’s signal carried by an infrared.
D. This is the amplitude modulation of an ultra violet ray coming from the

7. In which scenario an infrared scanner would be beneficial?

A. In a hospital in which a patient is being scanned for the presence of potential

cancer cells
B. In an airport in which passengers are scanned for abnormal body temperature
which is an indicator of a contagious deadly fever
C. In a diagnostic center for the detection of potential blood clots in the brain
D. In a maternal clinic in which a pregnant mother wants to know the sex of her

8. Why would a doctor never recommend his patient to undergo diagnostic x-ray

procedure every month?

A. X ray carries the highest amount of energy, thus the most dangerous
electromagnetic wave.
B. Over exposure to X ray produces too much Vitamin D in skin than can cause
third degree burn.
C. Too much exposure X ray can damage body tissues and can cause cancer.
D. X ray can penetrate the bones in the body and can cause osteoporosis.
9. Gamma rays are very strong that these can only be blocked with

A. specialized rubber and concrete wall.

B. thick walls made of iron and copper.
C. lead and thick concrete.
D. very thick fiber glass.

10. Overexposure to UV radiation may cause skin cancer. Which of the following

supports the given statement?

A. UV radiation damages the genetic material in skin which may result to
uncontrolled growth of skin cells.
B. Too much exposure to UV radiation triggers the over production of melanin in
skin causing the growth of cancer cells.
C. When the skin is overexposed to UV radiation, the layers thicken at a fast rate.
D. UV radiation dries up the skin allowing cancer-causing virus to penetrate it.

11. When you place a bottle in front of a plane mirror, you will be able to see its

reflection. Which of the following best describes the reflection?

A. real, upright, and with the same height as the real object
B. virtual, upright, and with the same height as the real object
C. real, inverted, and with the same height as the real object
D. virtual, inverted, and with the same height as the real object

12. How much larger will your classroom seem to appear if the entire two opposite

walls of your classroom consists of plane mirrors?

A. 2x larger B. 3x larger C. 4x larger D. infinite

13. An object is placed between a concave mirror and its focal point. What is the

orientation of the image formed?

A. Virtual and inverted
B. Virtual and erect
C. Real and inverted
D. Real and erect

14. An image is formed at a screen positioned at the back of a concave lens. Describe

the image formed.

A.virtual and inverted C. real and inverted
B. virtual and erect D. real and erect
For items 15-18, refer to the given diagram.

15. What kind of mirror is presented in the diagram?

A. convex mirror C. semi-convex mirror

B. concave mirror D. semi-concave mirror

16. What will be the orientation and type of the image produced by the mirror?

A. upright and real C. inverted and real

B. upright and virtual D. inverted and virtual

17. Where will be the image of the object located?

A. at C B. between C and F C. at F D. between F and V

18. What is the height of the image formed by the mirror?

A. greater than the object C. equal to the height of the object

B. lesser than the object D. twice the height of the object

For items 19-21, refer to the given diagram.

19. What kind of lens is used in the diagram?
A. converging lens C. semi-converging lens
B. diverging lens D. semi-diverging lens

20. Where will a screen be located so that a clear image of the object will

be projected?
A. At F’ C. At 2F
B. At F D. Beyond 2F

21. What is the height of the image formed by the lens?

A. greater than the object’s height

B. lesser than the object’s height
C. equal to the height of the object’ height
D. twice the height of the object’s height

22. Suppose you would like to start a fire by focusing sunlight onto a piece

of paper,
what material you are going to use?
A. plane mirror C. converging mirror
B. diverging mirror D. None among the given choices

23. What kind of mirror is used by department stores to give a wider area

and smaller image of the shoppers/buyers?

A. Plane mirror C. Concave Mirror
B. Convex mirror D. All of the given choices.

24. This optical instrument uses 2 convex lenses to make smaller object

A. camera C. microscope
B. oscilloscope D. telescope

25. Which of the following optical instruments will be used to produce a

reduced and inverted image of a distant object?

A. Camera C. Microscope
B. Projector D. Refracting Telescope

26. What kind of mirror is used in automobiles and trucks to give the

driver a wider area and smaller image of traffic behind him?

A. Plane mirror C. Concave Mirror
B. Convex mirror D. None among the given choices.

For items 27-28, refer to the given diagram at the right.

27. Which parts make up the Central Nervous System?

A. Brain and spinal cord

B. Brain and nerves
C. Spinal cord and nerves
D. Brain, spinal cord and nerve

28. The brain is an organ located within the skull and is made up of

neurons. What is the function of a neuron?

A. It carries signals or nerve impulses.
B. It processes stimulus from the environment.
C. It creates a response to a stimulus from a part of the body
D. All of the above

29. Which of the following is MISMATCHED?

A. Adrenaline: Prepares the body for action

B. Thyroxin: Regulates body metabolism
C. Insulin: Support reproductive function
D. Oxytocin: Stimulates growth

30. What is the function of the male and female main reproductive organ?

A. Production of sperm and egg cells respectively

B. Production of follicle stimulating hormones (FSH)
C. The main organs involve during fertilization
D. The site of mitosis for the passing of genetic information to the offspring
31. What gland has the control to the functions of both the testes and

A. Thyroid gland C. Pituitary gland
B. Prostate gland D. Parathyroid

32. Which of the following can be a result of hormonal imbalance among

I. Mood swings
II. Irregular menstrual cycles
III. Difficulty in getting pregnant
IV. Abnormal flow during monthly period
A. I and II C. II, III, and IV
B. III and IV D. I, II, III and IV

33. During pregnancy, a woman’s body produces hormones to

A. control the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries
B. aid the production of egg cells in the ovary
C. give nourishment to the fetus in the uterus
D. control the stretching of the uterus

34. Why do our bodies undergo changes during puberty stage?

A. This stage marks the beginning of the production of estrogen and

B. At this stage the thyroid gland is very active releasing thyroxin for
C. The hypothalamus starts to produce hormones causing these changes.
D. All of the given options.

35. Which of the following is TRUE about feedback mechanism?

A. The production of a hormone signals the production of another

B. Two or more organs of the system work together to maintain
C. The high levels of a hormone inhibit the production of another
D. Two hormones combine chemically and triggers changes in the body.

For items 36-37, refer to the given diagram.

36. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulates the ovaries to

release estrogen. What happens when there is a high level of

estrogen in the body?
A. High level of estrogen prevents the further production of luteinizing
hormone (LH).
B. High level of estrogen prevents the further production of FSH.
C. High level of estrogen signals the production of progesterone.
D. High level of estrogen signals the production of LH

37. The production of progesterone is stimulated by estrogen. Which of

the following flowchart summarizes this process?

A. Estrogen--> pituitary gland--> ovary--> progesterone
B. Pituitary gland--> estrogen--> ovary--> progesterone
C. Pituitary gland--> ovary--> estrogen--> progesterone
D. Estrogen-->ovary--> progesterone--> pituitary gland
For items 38-39, use the following as choices
A. Sugar deoxyribose and phosphate molecules
B. Purines (adenine and guanine) and pyramidines (thymine and cytosine)
C. Sugar deoxyribose and purines
D. Phosphate molecules and pyramidines

When a DNA is uncoiled, a ladder-like structure will

Result (figure at the right).

38. What make up the sides of the DNA ladder?

39. What make up the steps of the DNA ladder?

II. Answer the following questions/problem.

40-42. Aliana ate too many sweets. Her pancreas released hormones known as insulin. Is
her body in homeostasis? Explain your answer.
Pointing system: 3 pts- correct answer with appropriate explanation
2- pts- correct answer with no further explanation
1- pt- wrong answer
0- no answer

43-45. Using the following terms, create a concept map to represent how protein is synthesize.
DNA RNA Protein Trait
Transcription Translation Creates
Pointing system: 3 pts- All terms placed/positioned correctly
2- pts- 1-2 terms misplaced
1- pt- 3-4 terms misplaced
0- no answer
46-50. A 10- cm pencil is positioned 5 cm in front of a convex mirror. If the height of the
image is 4 cm, what is the distance of the image?