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1. What should I do if my company does not have a stamp?

Fill in “NA” or “no stamp” or anything that tells me the company does not have a stamp.

2. I completed vacation work that is an individual project while I was still registered for 2 nd
year courses. Can I submit this for vacation work II?

Yes, provided the project is at a high level and you have demonstrated that you learnt and
applied techniques etc. that would typically be taught at 3rd year level.

3. I did my vac work at more than one company, should I prepare two submissions?

You should prepare a separate certificate, summary form and evidence

(report/poster/presentation) for each company. Merge this into a single PDF file < 5 MB with
one cover page.

4. The work I did is confidential and the company will not let me disclose information. How
do I submit?

Send me an email and I will supply you with a form for the company to fill out. This must be
merged with the cover page and vacation work certificate and submitted on SAKAI.

5. The MECN1999 site does not appear on my SAKAI page.

Check that you are registered for the course. If you are not registered you will need to amend
your registration with Mrs Jacobson and send me the amendment. If you are registered send
me your proof of registration so I can add you to the site.

6. I am concerned that the length of my evidence (report/poster/presentation) is not


The summary form will be marked first. The evidence is there to show you have done what
you said you did in the summary form. There are no length requirements or restrictions.

7. Do I need to submit a hard copy?

No, the only submission is on SAKAI.

8. Can I submit via email?

No email submissions will be accepted. Submissions need to be processed by Turnitin and

my mailbox does not have space for all your submissions.

9. I registered for the course but I am not ready to submit this year. What should I do?

You do not need to remove the course from your registration. You will receive a WINC result
at the end of the year indicating that you have not completed the course. Please check with
your residence if this has any implications for your accommodation for the next year. You will
need to re-register for the course in the next year. You will only be charged for the course
10. My bursary company only makes vacation work available in June. What should I do to
avoid delaying my graduation?

The vacation work submissions take place in block 1 of every year (typically February or
March). If you are only completing vacation work in June of your 4th year, your graduation will
be delayed as you will only be able to submit the following year. The June vacation period is
usually only 4 weeks and the vacation work requirement is six weeks.

It is suggested that you find vacation work elsewhere (in the December-January vacation
period of your 3rd year) and submit this in the first block of your 4th year. Please find out from
your bursary company if they can give you vacation work in December-January well before
the end if your 3rd year so that you can find other opportunities if they cannot.

If you require I letter for your bursary company that declares the deadline as the first block of
the 4th year please email me.

11. The offer I have received for vacation work is below the University rate indicated in the
letter to the Company Supervisor. Should I accept the vacation work?

The University rates are included as a guideline only. It is up to you to decide whether you are
willing to accept a lower rate. You should consider whether you will receive another offer.

12. I have only managed to complete 5/4/3/2/1 week of vacation work. Can I still submit?

It is an ECSA requirement that students complete six weeks of vacation work. Submissions
with less than six weeks cannot pass.

13. I cannot find vacation work after applying to multiple companies. What should I do?

Send me an email with a list of the companies you have applied to and the geographical
location that it would be easiest for you to work in. I can then suggest companies based on
those who have given our students vacation work in the past.

14. I wrote out my certificate by mistake and I cannot get my supervisor to sign a typed out
one on time, will I fail?

If the information on the certificate is illegible I cannot give the work a PASS result. Type out
a certificate and submit both the hand-written signed form and a typed out unsigned version
that can be read. The same applies if you have incorrectly hand-written your summary form.
It is your responsibility to follow instructions which clearly state that these should be typed.

15. Can my supervisor use a digital signature to sign my work?


Contact Taahirah Mangera via if you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely

Taahirah Mangera

MECN1999: Vacation Work II Course Co-ordinator