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Delta fitness

Hip Replacement 2
By: ExorLive Content Publisher

These exercises are an example of exercises that can be performed after hip replacement. Consult with your
physiotherapist or doctor to make sure you comply with your restrictions during training. The exercises should be
performed daily, preferably up to 2-3 times. Some pain can be expected during and up to 30 minutes after exercise.
When pain persists longer than 30 minutes it is recommended to execute with lower intensity the next time.
1. Backward lunge 1
Stand with your legs together and your arms by your
side. Raise one of your legs and take a step back, with
your weight on your back leg. When your leg touches the
ground, stop. Then push up and return to the start
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3
2. Seated knee stretching 2
Sit on the edge of a bench, with one knee bent 90
degrees. Straighten and bend the other knee. Repeat for
opposite leg.
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3
3. "Bridge"
Lie on your back with the soles of your feet on the floor
and your arms out to the side on the floor. Tilt your pelvis
backward. Activate the lower and profounder part of your
abdominal muscles, pull your navel inward and "flatten"
your abdomen. Raise your pelvis from the floor until you
lie on your shoulder blades only. Lower and raise slowly.
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3 8/9/2019 @ 4:01 PM Page 1 of 3 Show video

Delta fitness
Hip Replacement 2
By: ExorLive Content Publisher
4. Standing outward leg lift 1
Stand with your side to a wall, supporting yourself with
one hand. Move your leg out to the side and return slowly
to the start position. Try to hold your pelvis stable.
Change sides.
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3
5. Squat 1
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms straight
in front of you. Bend your knees 90 degrees and push
back up. Keep your back straight and look ahead during
the entire movement. Alternatively, the deep position may
be held for a few seconds before pushing back up.
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3
6. Diagonal walk with crutches
Move forward by moving one leg at the same time as the
opposite sides crutch. Then continue the walking
sequence with the opposite leg and crutch.
7. Walking down stairs, with crutches
Walk up to the edge of the steps. Put down the crutches
on the next step below. Let the injured leg follow the
crutches down, and then the healthy leg follows. Add
weight onto the crutches to relieve pressure. 8/9/2019 @ 4:01 PM Page 2 of 3 Show video

Delta fitness
Hip Replacement 2
By: ExorLive Content Publisher
8. Walking up stairs, with crutches
Walk right up to the edge of the step. Put the healthy leg
on the next step in front of you. Add weight into the
healthy leg and push, as you lift the injured leg up onto
the next step. Crutches should follow the injured leg. 8/9/2019 @ 4:01 PM Page 3 of 3 Show video

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