Layer 7 Freedom License

Layer 7’s portable product license can be moved across form factors and supported OSs without additional cost
The Layer 7 Freedom License offers portability between form factors: Hardware Accelerated network appliances featuring dedicated chip sets to accelerate/offload common XML processes. By optimizing XML performance using a Gateway, organizations can reduce the load on their application servers, reducing the cost and frequency of server upgrades. Software Solaris, RHEL and SUSE versions deliver identical feature/ functionality as the Layer 7 hardware appliance. Software Gateways can be implemented on customerdefined hardware eliminating the cost of testing and implementing a new hardware platform. Virtual VMware and AMI-based XML Gateways make it possible for organizations to spin up instances in a multi-tenant environment in order to guard access to cloud-based services and APIs. Hardware-based vendors are unable to accommodate these changing IT requirements.

Freely adapt Layer 7 Gateways to each of your environments, avoiding platform lock-in and “forklift” upgrades. One Size Does Not Fit All
Most XML Gateway and SOA appliance vendors offer only hardware or software solutions, forcing customers to adapt themselves to the vendor’s one-size-fits-all model. In contrast, Layer 7 offers multiple form factors – including hardware, software, VMware and Amazon Machine Image (AMI) – allowing customers to choose the most appropriate solution for their purpose, deployment platform, budget, and/or stage of implementation. For example, development organizations typically don’t need a high performance hardware appliance to write code against. For this reason, Layer 7 makes available software (Solaris, SUSE, and RHEL), VMware, and even pay-as-you-go AMI Gateways, which are a better fit (and more appropriately priced) for prototyping than production-ready hardware solutions. Cloud-based testing is also gaining in popularity, allowing QA organizations to quickly and easily perform load testing at scale. Layer 7’s VMware and AMI versions allow customers to take advantage of public and/or private clouds for testing purposes without having to incur undue capital costs.

Portability Yields Cost Savings
As the advent of the cloud so clearly confirms, IT environments change. Layer 7’s support for multiple form factors has helped insulate customers against changes in the datacenter, but more importantly, the Freedom license helps insulate an organization’s budget against change. As Gartner has noted, “Vendor licensing terms rarely permit the redeployment of existing licenses to virtual servers, virtual desktops or external service providers (ESPs) 1 without additional cost.” Layer 7’s Freedom license allows customers to move SecureSpan™ or CloudSpan production licenses across hardware, software, VMware, and AMI form factors; and from the enterprise to the cloud without incurring any additional costs. Moreover, with the Freedom License, customers can refresh their SOA appliance hardware without incurring “forklift” upgrade costs. For example, where other hardware-based XML Gateway vendors force their customers to repurchase, reinstall, retest and redeploy each time an older hardware platform is replaced by a newer one, Layer 7 provides customers with a migration path to the latest generation for a nominal hardware replacement cost. Contact your salesperson for additional information.

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