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Subject: ENGLISH 9

Test I. Multiple Choice Question

1. It is the distinctiveness of a rappers voice on record.

a. Vocal presence b. Enunciation c. Breath Control

2. It is essential to a flowing rap

a. Vocal presence b. Enunciation c. Breath Control

3. He was a self-made man who made American proud during his time.

a. Benjamin Franklin b. Ralph Waldo Emerson c. Robert Hayden

4. His essays are regarded as a challenge to one’s intellect

a. Benjamin Franklin b. Ralph Waldo Emerson c. Robert Hayden

5. He became fame as a poet as his reputation as a scholar grew.

a. Benjamin Franklin b. Ralph Waldo Emerson c. Robert Hayden

Test II. Matching Type

_______1.He grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he was raised by A. Robert Frost

foster parents who made great sacrifices to ensure his education
_______2. He lived in San Fransisco but lived most of his life in Rural B. Edgar Allan

_______3. Born in Boston, Massachussetts and a son of travelling actor C. Robert Hayden

_______4. Famous scientist honoured in Europe D. Henry Wadsworth

_______5. Born in Poland, Maine and the most popular poet of his time E. Benjamin Franklin

Test III. Choices in Box- 2pts each

Speaker Rhythm and Meter Sound Devices Sensory Images Surprise Ending

Lines and Stanzas Rhyme Figure of Speech Suspense Foreshadowing Flashback

__________________1.Alliteration, consonance, assonance, and onomatopoeia are used in poetry.

__________________2. It consists of verse ending in the same sound in a poem

__________________3. It is an expression where words are used in a combination to add beauty to prose and

__________________4. These are used to represent objects, feelings, and thoughts of the speaker or poet.

__________________5. It is the voice that communicates with the readers of a poem.

__________________6, Kind of ending catches the readers off guard with an unexpected form of events.

__________________7. It interrupts the chronological flow of a story to give information that can help the
readers to understand a characters present situation.

__________________8. This is the feeling of excitement, uncertainty, anxiety, or tension the readers

__________________9. It is a tool or technique used by the writer to build suspense or anxiety.

__________________10. Part of a poem and is also called verse and a group of four or five verses in a poem.

Test IV. Enumeration

1. Give atleast 4 rules in using hyphens and dashes.

2. Enumerate the 6 elements of vocal delivery

3. Give atleast 5 processes of word formation

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