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ANNEXURE 3: Benefits Entitlement

HMO Coverage
Single with
Single Parent Domestic Married Maximum
Dependents Age Requirements (2 Dependents)
(2 Partner (3 Benefit Limit
Dependents) (2 Dependents) (MBL)

Spouse     SA level and

Domestic Partner Up to 65 years old     PHP 150,000

SDM Level
Parents     PHP 200,000

30-day old up to 21 years old DGM

Children (Starting from the eldest to     PHP 300,000
youngest who are not gainfully
employed, unmarried and living AD - AVP
Siblings in the same roof as the principal     PHP 500,000
Medicine Reimbursement (Out Patient)
Entitlement will be pro-rated based on the number of months
PHP 12,000 per year per family unit rendered during the calendar year. Maintenance medicines are not
covered under the reimbursement benefit.
Maternity Assistance
Normal Delivery : PHP 15,000 Available to all female associates and legal spouse of male
Caesarian Delivery : PHP 30,000 associates, provided member has completed at least six (6) months
Miscarriage/Clinical Abortion : PHP 10,000 of continuous service with the Company.
Life Insurance
SDM level and below : PHP 1,000,000 Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Total & Permanent
DGM level and above : PHP 2,500,000 Disability
Leaves Entitlement, Overtime Pay and Night Differential
Accrued and unused vacation leaves at the end of the
calendar year may be carried forward to the following
Vacation Leave 10 Days (Accrued at the rate of 0.833/month) year up to a maximum of 10 days. Anything in excess
of 10 days will be forfeited. Can be used upon
Accrued and unused sick days at the end of the
Sick Leave 10 Days (Accrued at the rate of 0.833/month) calendar year will be commuted to cash up to a
maximum of 8 days. Can be used upon regularization
Maximum of 4 days in a calendar year may be
Compassionate Leave 4 Days granted. Application will be assessed individually. Not
convertible to cash.
105 Days (Normal / Caesarian)
Paid leave benefit granted to female employees
60 Days (Miscarriage / Emergency Termination of
Maternity Leave covered by the SSS regardless of pregnancy
frequency, civil status or the legitimacy of child
15 days (Additional for Solo Parent)
Maternity leave credits of 7 days may be allocated to
Maternity Leave Child’s father, whether or not married to the female
7 Days (In cases of live births)
Allocation worker; or, Alternate Caregiver in case of death,
absence, or incapacity of the child’s father
Granted to legally married male employees for legal
Paternity Leave 7 Days (First 4 deliveries)
spouse's delivery or miscarriage
Minimum of one (1) year continuous service and a
Solo Parent Leave 7 Days Solo Parent Card is required. Leave is annual and is
not convertible to cash.
For associates at SA level and above. Must be taken
Compensatory Time- Minimum of 4 Hours worked on scheduled Rest Days
within three months (90 days) from the date earned.
Off and/or Philippine Holiday
CTO is not commutable to cash.
Overtime & Holiday
Associates at A level and below
Night Differential Work rendered from 10 pm to 6 am Associates at SA level and below

Note: Associate level and below can enroll their dependents within 30 days upon completing six (6) months of continuous service or upon
regularization regardless of the marital status.