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Nama : Melanie Firdha

Kelas : AB 5 B

No. 007/USA/2019

Date: 01/10/2019
Between: Name: Khellogg’s Company

Address: Battle Creek, Michigan, America

Tel: +1786545754 Fax: +176578543 Email:

Telex: 61657 WSGTC USA

Represented by: Mr. Dave Johnson

Hereinafter called as the BUYER

And: Name: PT Frisian Flag Indonesia

Address: Jl. Raya Bogor KM 5 Pasar Rebo, Kota Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta

Tel: 021-77564563 Fax: 021-77564352 Email:

Cable address: PT Frisian Flag Indonesia

Represented by: Mr. Mutiara Cantika

Hereinafter called as the SELLER

It has been mutually agreed to the sale and purchase of rice on the terms and conditions
as follows:

1. Commodity: Frisian Flag Milk 370 kg

2. Specification:
- Broken: 5% max

- Moisture:

- Foreign matter:

- Crop: 2019 – 2020

3. Quantity: 50.000 MT more or less 5% at Seller's option

4. Price:
Unit Price: USD 1,250,00 per kilogram FOB Indo port Jakarta City, Indonesia (Incoterm

Total Amount: 1,395,00 USD

In words: One million three hundred ninety five thousand US Dollar only

5. Packaging: Milk to be packed in single new jute bags of 50 kgs net each, about 50.6
kgs gross each, hand-sewn at mouth with jute twine thread suitable for rough, handling
and sea transportation. The Seller will supply 0.2% of new jute bags, free of charge, out
of quantity of bags shipped.

6. Shipment and Delivery:

Port of Loading: Indo Port, Jakarta City, Indonesia

Port of Discharge: America Port, America

Time of shipment: 20 – 25 days after L/C opening date

Loading condition: 800MT per weather working day of 24 consecutive hours, Sundays,
holidays excepted even if used, base on the use of at least four to five normal working
hatches/ holds and all cranes/derricks and winches available in good order, if less than

Demurrage/ Dispatch: if any, to be as per C/P rate, but maximum of 4,000/2,000 USD
per day or prorate and to be settled directly between Seller and Buyer within 90 days after
B/L date.

Loading term: Lay time to commence at 1PM if N.O.R given before noon and at 8AM
next working day if N.O.R given in the afternoon during office hours, in case of vessel
waiting for berth due to congestion, time commences to count 72 hours after N.O.R

7. Inspection and Fumigation:

a. The certificate of quality, weight and packing issued by Frisian Flag at loading port to
be final and for Seller's account.

b. Fumigation to be effected on board the vessel after completion of loading with

expenses to be at Seller's account; but expenses for crew on shore during the fumigation
period including transportation, accommodation and meals at hotel for Ship owner's

c. Time for fumigation not to count as lay time.

8. Payment:
a. After signing the contract, the Buyer or the Buyer's nominee (America (USA)
MANUFACTURING CO,. LTD or other nominee) shall telex asking the Seller to open
P.B of 1% of total L/C amount at Bank Negara Indonesia, Jakarta within two days
thereof. The Seller shall open P.B and inform the Buyer; then, four days after receiving
Bank Negara Indonesia’s confirmation; the Buyer shall open a telegraphic, irrevocable
and confirmed L/C which is in conformity with this contract by an international first class
bank at sight with T.T.R acceptable for 40,000 MT in favor of Frisian Flag, Jakarta
through the Bank Negara Indonesia. For 60,000 MT the Buyer of Buyer's nominee shall
open a telegraphic, irrevocable and transferable at sight L/C which is in conformity with
this contract with TTR acceptable. In this case, the Seller requests the confirmation of
L/C, the L/C shall be confirmed for Seller's account. In the event that the Buyer fails to
open L/C four days after receiving confirmation from Bank Negara Indonesia then Seller
shall collect P.B from the Bank Negara Indonesia and then the contract is automatically
canceled. The Seller will collect the P.B against presentation of shipping documents at
Bank Negara Indonesia.

b. Presentation of the following documents to the Bank Negara Indonesia, payable

within 3-5 banking days after receipt of the telex from the Bank Negara Indonesia
certifying that documents have been checked in conformity with the L/C terms:

- Full set of "Clean on board" B/L – in three (3) originals marked "Freight to collect"

- Commercial invoice in three (3) folds

- Certificates of quality, weight and packing issued by the Frisian Flag to be final at
loading port in six (6) folds.

- Certificates of origin issued by Indonesia Chamber of Commerce in six (6) folds.

- Certificates of fumigation issued by the competent authority of Indonesia in six (6)


- Phytosanitary certificate issued by the competent authority of Indonesia in six (6) folds.

- Cable/ fax/ Telex advertising shipment Particulars within 24 hours after completion of
9. Force Majeure:
The Force Majeure (exemption) clause of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC
publication No 421) is hereby incorporated in this contract.

Force Majeure circumstances must be notified by each party to other within 7 days and
confirmed by writing within 10 days together. Beyond this time Force Majeure
circumstances shall not be taken into consideration.

12. Arbitration:
All disputes arising in connection with this contract shall be finally settled by
International Arbitration Center of Indonesia under International Commercial Law. The
place of arbitration shall be the capital of seller’s country. The language of arbitration
shall be in English. The parties agree that any award made in accordance with the
provisions of this clause is final and binding on both of them. Arbitration charge and any
other charges will be borne by the losing party.

13. Other terms:

Any amendment of the terms and conditions of this contract must be agreed by both sides
in writing.

This contract is made in 06 originals in English language, three for each party

This contract is subject to the Buyer's final confirmation by telex (November 10th, 2019

Made in Indonesia City, on 01th October, 2019


Export Import Manager Export Import Manager

Mutiara Cantika Dave Johnson