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Premium Sealing Tape

Chesterton® 850 Premium Sealing Typical Physical Properties
Tape is a high density, moldable, dry
Color White
PTFE thread sealing tape. It is a heavy
duty, tear-resistant product containing Thickness (minimum) ASTM D 374 0,075 mm (.003 in)
more PTFE per inch than virtually any Specific Gravity 20°C (68°F ) 0,9
thread sealing tape on the market today. Longitudinal Tensile ASTM D 882 56 kg/cm2 (800 psi)
Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing Tape
Temperature Range -240°C to 260°C (-400°F to 500°F)
is chemically inert and seals most types
of threaded metal and plastic pipes and Pressure Up to 176 kg/cm2 (2500 psi)
bolts. It is nonreactive with steam, water, Hydraulic to 703 kg/cm2 (10,000 psi)
air fuels, refrigerants, acids, alkalies, all
solvents, and gases including hydrogen, PTFE is well known for its excellent n Meets USDA requirements for
oxygen, ammonia, propane, butane, and chemical resistance and temperature incidental food contact
nitrogen. For nitric or mixed acid services, range. When competitive tapes fail it is
factory should be consulted. n Conforms to FDA21CFR 177.1615
not due to the PTFE, but rather the fact
Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing n Acceptable for oxygen use
that there is not enough of it in the tape.
Tape is non-hardening and stays pliable These other tapes are of extremely low n Non-aging
without the breakage seen in other PTFE density. Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing n Non-hardening
containing tapes. It places a slippery layer Tape has 3.5 times the density of most n High density
of PTFE between mated threads which “pure PTFE” tapes. The result is a thread n Chemically resistant
remains flexible and resists vibration. sealing tape that consistently performs
Connections that might otherwise be with minimum wraps. Benefits
destroyed are saved for reuse as tape Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing Tape n Stays pliable
eases disassembly. Slippage is minimized is an end-user’s best assurance that he n Always ready to use
during application as deep penetration of is using a product manufactured to tight
threads is possible with the soft malleable n Requires fewer wraps
Chesterton quality specifications which
tape. Joints can be adjusted 90° or more n Resists tearing and breakage
contains the highest amount of pure
without a leak. PTFE possible in a thread sealing tape. n Won’t clog fuel lines
Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing Tape
is packaged in rugged easy-to-carry Applications Directions
spools which protect the tape from dirt Use Chesterton 850 Premium Wind tightly around threads 1 to 1 1/2
and contamination. Sealing Tape as a non-hardening, dry times in direction pieces will be screwed
thread sealant for most liquids, gases, together. Start winding at open end
Composition of thread to prevent unwinding. One
pneumatic and hydraulic fittings. Prevents
Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing bolts and fittings from seizing up to thickness is usually sufficient to fill all
Tape is quite different from most PTFE 260°C. Seals all plumbing and most voids and make an effective seal.
containing tapes on the market today. industrial piping threads.
Many competitive products use PTFE Safety
simply as an incidental additive; in 850 Features Before using product, review the Material
Premium Sealing Tape it is the primary n UL Listed - U.S. and Canada Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or the
ingredient, comprising 100% of the total n Meets MIL-T-27730A appropriate safety sheet for your area.

Technical Data reflects results of laboratory tests and is intended to indicate general characteristics only. A.W. CHESTERTON COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES EXPRESSED, OR IMPLIED,


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