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What can young people do to help protect and improve their local environment?

1. Recycling things.
2. Cycling or walking instead of using cars.
Nowadays, pollution and environment damage become more and more serious. To solve
this problem, everyone, especially, young people need to help protect and improve the local
environment. Here are some simple ways to do that.
Firstly, Garbage is being thrown out of the environment daily. To help reduce trash, people
should recycle things such as paper, bottle or plastic bag as much as they can instead of
throwing everything after using them.
Secondly, there are too many vehicles, the number of private cars and motorbike are
increasing rapidly, which make air pollution more serious. Young people can use public
transportation, cycle or walk to their destinations instead of using cars. It could help to
reduce unnecessary waste to the air.
Finally, we can make the local environment greener and cleaner by planting tree or looking
after the public park. Do not throw any rubbish in the stress as well as help people get aware
of protecting the environment.
To conclude, a small action today can change the future, therefore people can help to
reduce pollution and improve their local environment by doing simple action every day.
Is it better to do things with other people or to do them on your own?
1. Work at school or college
2. Sports activities.
In my opinion, It is much better to do things with other people than to do them on your own.
Here are some benefits of it.
First of all, teamwork, without question, is an important part in learning processes at school
or college. We need to work in a group to complete some assignments. Furthermore, it
would be easier and faster for us to finish if we share the work with other people.
Secondly, It is impossible to reach success in some team sports activities by yourself.
Football, for instance, we haven’t seen any football players succeed in scoring without the
help of his teammates. Even in individual sport such as swimming, the support from coach or
audiences can raise the competitor’ ability to overcome their limit.
Finally, isolated people, who don’t want to interact with other people, are not usually
confident or active and rarely have big success in their life.
In conclusion, it is definitely better for us to work and share with other people. The more we
share the more knowledge we can gain.
Some people say you don’t need much money to be happy. What do you think?
1. When money is need
2. Having the latest gadgets
There is no doubt that money plays an important role in our life. Some people say that you
don’t need much money to be happy. In my point of view, I strongly disagree with this
Firstly, money is an essential thing for anyone to survive. We all need money to buy food
and drink for daily basis. Moreover, we can’t use electricity, internet or entertainment
services without paying an amount of money.
Secondly, money gives us chance to access the latest technology in the word. A large
number of people are passionate about expensive smartphone, iPad, laptop or racing car.
However, not everyone can afford to buy those luxury products because of their pride.
Finally, higher education requires a lot of money. If you want to attend at the best university
or study overseas, besides your ability, you need money to pay the tuition fee. What’s more,
living expenses, books and travel all need to pay by money.
To conclude, we can hardly do anything without money. In other words, money helps our life
more convenient and comfortable.
What are the most important things we need to do to make and keep friends?
1. Keep in touch regularly
2. Always tell the friend the truth
Friendship, without question, is one of the most valuable aspects of a good life. Finding a
true friend is hard but keeping friends is even harder. I believe that we can last a friendship
by doing simple things
First of all, we need to keep in touch regularly in order to remain a friendship. Taking time for
each other is the basis of any relationship. It helps us ensure that we don’t miss any
important or unexpected news our friends may have and be there when they need.
Secondly, be honest and trustworthy. Always tell the truth is necessary since friendship can
only grow when honesty presents. No one wants to be lied even when you think those lies
are better for them. It would be worse if your friends find out the truth later. They would feel
betrayed and may end the friendship.
Last but not least, we must willing to share. Friendship is not just taking but also giving. If
you don’t want to give or share anything, the other person will feel the lack of depth in your
In summary, we get out a friendship what we put into it. If we are honest we can make and
last any friendship for the entire life.

Do we share too much personal information on social media websites?

1. Uploading images
2. Posting comments
Nowadays, the internet has become an essential tool in our daily life and social media
websites is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with other people. But sharing too much
personal information on it can get us into trouble sometimes for three main reasons.
First of all, social media websites are known for their lack of privacy. Although you think that
only you and your added friends can access your images, there could be hacker hack your
account and use those images for bad purpose. Therefore, you should be cautious about
what kind of photos you are going to upload.
Secondly, you have to be careful about your comments because what you said on social
media website could be misunderstood and put you in a wrong position. Furthermore, what
you posted on when you upset or angry may hurt someone else or end a relationship, which
may make you regret after calm down.
Finally, It could be dangerous if you show your specific location too regularly. Other people
can catch your routine and may track you or get into your house when they know you are far
away from home.
In conclusion, social media websites are very useful but they also have their downsides,
therefore, we have to use it cautiously and wisely.
Is it important to follow national and international events in the news?
1. Major events
2. News about famous people.
In my opinion, it is important to follow national and international events in the news, for three
main reasons.
First of all, there are a large number of events happen every day. Some major events such
as the World cup or Olympic, which raise people’s interests all over the world. However,
many people don’t have chance to watch it directly. And thanks to the news, they can obtain
information about those competitions rapidly.
Secondly, young people, especially, teenagers usually keen on knowing more about their
favorite singers, actors or football players as much as possible. Therefore, follow the news
about famous people is the easiest way to catch up with their latest activities or upcoming
Finally, the global economy changes daily. The change in the economic situation of one
country may impact to all of us. That’s why we should pay attention to these types of events
on the news.
To summarize, I strongly believe that it’s worth following national and international events in
the news since it helps us update how the world and our nation changing every day.

Some people say you can learn almost everything from the internet nowadays. What
do you think?
1. The role of parents and teachers
2. Quality of information available.
There is no doubt that the internet plays an important role in our daily life. It helps us access
knowledge and information easily. Some people say that you can learn almost everything
from the internet. I strongly disagree with this opinion.
Firstly, the Internet can’t take place parents and teachers completely. Parents teach their
kids with love and their example of how to live life may be even more important. Teachers
provide learning environment and assistance that you may need for educational success.
Secondly, unlike similar information found in books, the quality of information available on
the internet is not always accurate. Almost everyone can publish anything they want on the
internet. Therefore, users have to carefully evaluate the resource of information.
Finally, It may take you longer time to finish your learning on the internet since there no one
to watch you and you can be distracted by advertisement or online games more easily.
To conclude, Internet gives us unlimited information and great chances to learn new things
but there are always things we can only learn from real life experiences.