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A Eutopian Society

The group aims to portray that development is a multidimensional concept which means that there
are different aspects to look on for it to occur. This was symbolized through the imagery of an unfinished
puzzle where one must consider all the puzzle pieces for it to be completed. The Philippines must meet
eight conditions for it to achieve the so-called “Eutopian Society”. First, it must have equality in all
aspects such as in: gender, civil and property rights, education, and basic needs. Second, the people must
have social awareness where everyone empathizes, respects, and understands each other regardless of
different backgrounds and cultures. Everyone must consider people from other communities, especially
those from the remote areas, in the country’s operations. Third, everyone must have the sense of social
responsibility which means that individuals and organizations alike must perform in certain ways where
the majority will benefit. Everybody, especially the businesses, must operate not solely for personal gain,
but for the enhancement of social welfare. Fourth, Filipinos must detach themselves from colonial
mentality which was inevitable due to historical events. Filipinos must be proud of their own identity by
patronizing our own goods and services by removing the sense of inferiority on Filipino products and
services. Moreover, everyone must possess nationalism especially in the country’s hardships and
adversities. Fifth, Filipinos must achieve environmental sustainability where individuals from different
sectors responsibly interact with the surroundings in a manner where environmental degradation is
prevented. Sixth, public and private organizations in the Philippines must be able to maximize its
utilization of science and technology. This can pave the way for economic growth, agricultural
development, quality education, and better infrastructures. Seventh, the Philippines must also achieve
economic independence where we have local ownership on our labor and natural resources and that we
produce our own goods and services without sole dependence on foreign aid. Lastly, the Philippines must
maintain a high degree of peace and order to prevent destruction of infrastructures and loss of work force.
This is also important because the country requires unity for it to successfully execute its plans. All the
aforementioned conditions are crucial to development. The hand on the image symbolizes that the only
people who can make development happen in the Philippines are the Filipinos themselves. We are the
only ones who can really help our country to achieve the so-called “Ideal Philippines” or “Eutopian