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Delta fitness

Knee exercises early phase

By: ExorLive Content Publisher

After for example laparoscopic surgery in the knee
1. Squat 7
Stand with a hip width space between the legs. Bend
down until approx. 90 degrees in the knee and stretch the
rump out as you would take a seat on a chair, and at the
same time move the arms forward. Stand up straight to
standing position while moving the arms back towards
the body again.
Reps: 12 , Sets: 3
2. One-leg balance on a pillow (bended knees)
Stand on a pillow (or fold a mat and stand on that). Stand
on one leg with the knee a little bend. Hold the other leg
out in the air and grab a hold of your hips with your
hands. Try to keep your balance.
1: Sets: 3
2: Tid: 30-60 sek
3. Sitting leg raise
Sit on a mat, resting against a wall. Place a small bolster
or a rolled-up towel under the back of your knees. Flex
the upper side of your thigh, so that your knee is pressed
down into the bolster and your heel is lifted off the mat.
Try to stretch your leg completely out. Keep your knee
straight while raising the leg.
Reps: 20 , Sets: 3 8/9/2019 @ 3:17 PM Page 1 of 1 Show video

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