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Bryan A.

Jetajobe 11 Humss 02

Philosophy Nov 05,2019

Adamson University MR.Palapo

Winter is coming,So as my cold dead heart; By the way before i start my eulogy i want you to know
that im wearing his favorite t-shirt and it is our both favorite color. I still couldn’t believe that we became friends
even thou we have so many differences such as in music, hobby and beliefs. I am religious human and our
beliefs contradict.

I still feel dumb because I didn’t tell you that some part of me spent every day waiting for you, it is
the part that hears your laugh when nobody is there, it is the part that hears your name in the wind the rest of
me is used to the wind, the rest of me is used to the silence and the speechless breeze, it is the part that sees your
face at the crowd, it is the part that paints you into my dreams, the rest of me sees strangers and forgets when i
everything when I wake up, it is the part that is hopeful and says that “they’ll be back or ; we’ll see them again”.
The rest of me silent, the part of me can’t believe, the rest of me knows you’re gone and the same compassion
you constantly exuded, you also had an incredible amount of pain under that love of others, you have a hate for
yourself, you’ve been convinced that you weren’t actually good enough, that you wouldn’t inevitably ruin the
good anything in your life, eventually that you were worthless, you destroyed a lot of relationship that way on
purpose; it was subconscious, I think? Were self fulfilling prophecy.

As your best friend I know you are not a fan of heaven; but, i think if it really exist, you are the most beautiful
angel to have entered it, I know that is why your depression followed you like a wolf, it hunts you, it track you,
waited until you weren’t strong enough to fight back anymore, I know that’s why you’ve left you felt too weak to
fight any longer, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t hurt for the rest of your mother’s life, your two son which
is your dog and for the rest of my life, even if you wouldn’t believe, you’ve left an irreplaceable hole in all of us,
A light that illuminated our world; it is gone.

Even after you’ve hurted me it wasn’t because you wanted to, it was because you didn’t think you deserve me or
anybody else, I’ve never felt understood by anyone than i did when i was with you.

Our connection was intimate and deep ,we were like kindred spirits in our heart, twin bore from the same
emotional womb; souls who have touch in another life, I still believe you were a soulmate of mine, Despite all
your thought about yourself, all your pain , all the message that so abusive imprinted on you.
You were always so sweet, gentleman so intuitive and kind, in another words empathy flooded out of you
overtime, so considerate, loving and passionate.

The world is dimmer without you here; but i hope you finally found peace, I hope that you are finally at peace.
And for your next life, I hope we meet again, I hope you’ve stop bargaining heart and efforts for the people who
don’t deserve. Always think about that your mind is well beyond your ears.

And lastly, before i end my message, I just want you to know that I am Axle Jeruzalem .

I serve as his rants dumpster and he is my bestfriend among all of my friends.

For his classmates and friends thank you for mourning with us.