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Narrator: In mythological ancient Greece, the line that separeted god from men was absolute and the punishment
for mortals who attempted to cross it were severe. Such as with the case of Daedalus and Icarus, a father and son
story, defying the laws of both man and nature. Where will your pride take you? Sit back, relax and enjoy as the
story unfolds.

(Daedalus blacksmithing)

Narrator: It all originated in the land of Athens, the heart of ancient Greece, the home for its most powerful
civillization and were Daedalus was born. Daedalus was a well-knowned architect, inventor and master craftsman.
His name itself means, ‘skilled worker’. But despite of all of those titles, his greediness turned him to be envious
towards his nephew, Perdix, an apt scholar and showed striking evidence of ingenuity.

Daedalus: I am Daedalus, the skilled worker, I invented almost everything here on Earth, therefore,you shall bow
to me. Tell me apprentice, what makes you as good as I am?

(Perdix inventing the saw and compass)

Perdix: Uncle Daedalus, it appears to be that we are only related by the means of blood but when it comes to skills
we can’t deny the fact that the Athenians admire me more. You see, I invented the saw out of a fish’s spine and
what’s more? A compass for thewanderers.

(Daedalus pushing Perdix off the hill)

Narrator: Daedalus, filled with hatred and jealousy, caused him to push his very own nephew with his bare hands
off the hill of Acropolis. It was almost a perfect murder, unfortunately, the goddess of wisdom, Athena, witnessed
the heinous act of Daedalus from below. Then turned Perdix into a partridge, saving the life out of him.
Consequently, Daedalus was banned from his homeland.

(King Minos and Queen Pasiphae, introduction)

King Minos: Accept this offering as I welcome you both to my kingdom. This is my wife, Pasiphae, and I am the
only, yours truly, King Minos. I control the land and seas of Crete.

Queen Pasiphae: I make sure that your stay here will be worthwhile.

(Daedalus and Icarus kneels and bows down for respect)

Icarus: Father, where are you going now? You’ve been pretty busy this past few days. It’s as if, you don’t love me
anymore.Why I don’t receive the attention I so desperately wanted from the only person I only have? Am I not
good enough?

Daedalus: You stay here, I’ve got some work to do.

Narrator: Long after, Daedalus became well-knowned in Crete, inventing things, showing off his skills. One day,
Queen Pasiphae asked Daedalus for his assistance for a task she wanted him to do.

Queen Pasiphae: I was cursed by the god of the seas, Poseidon, to seduce his prized bull. I needed you to make me
a wooden cow. Please, I beg of you.
Narrator: And so, Daedalus invented the wooden cow. The queen used it to trick the white bull and was conceived,
baring a half-man, half-bull beast called the Minotaur, without the acknowledgement of the king. However, when
King Minos found out of the filthy events that have transpired in his back, he ordered Daedalus to make a labyrinth
to imprison the Minotaur.

King Minos: You filthy and disgusting woman! It’s such a digrace! Betrayal, back stabbed! What do you think I will
do? That beast, monstrous! Get that off of my sight! Daedalus! Y-you!

Daedalus: M-me your honor?

King Minos: Yes, you. Build me a labyrinth to imprison the so-called Minotaur!

Queen Pasiphae: Please, dear, please don’t do this. I was the one who made the mistake. I should be imprisoned
instead! You can’t do this, you CAAAN”T!

(Slaps Queen Pasiphae)

King Minos: Why does everyone wants to leave me? Forgive me my love, but I can’t absolutely undo my orders
just like that.

Narrator: After the labyrinth was built, the Minotaur was left in such confusing and inescapable paths and it seems
never ending. King Minos locked up Daedalus and Icarus in a tower with no stairs and doors.With the cleverness
Daedalus have, he made wings made of wax and feathers. After the wings was built, Daedalus warned Icarus and
made him clear that,

Daedalus: Icarus, my son, you’ve got to listen to me before we leave. First, you must not fly too near the ocean as
it would dampen the wings and it would be heavy for you to use. And lastly, do not fly too high or near the sun as it
would melt the wax and you will evntually fall. It’s better for you to be flying in the middle. You understand?

Icarus: Yes, father.

Narrator: Then the two, leapt from the tower. Icarus, with much exhiliration, ascended higher and higher near the
sun. For the witnesses, he looked like a god and he felt like one too. Daedalus could only watch in horror as he
could not change his son’s dire faith. The wax melt causing him to fall and drowned. With much grievness towards
his son, he continued his journey in escape from King Minos and met Cocalus. The ruler in Camicus.

King Minos: They w-what?!

Queen Pasiphae: They have escaped, dear. Unfortunately one did not made it. His son.

(Laughing King Minos)

King Minos: That’s what you really getwhen you fail to be a good father.

Queen Pasiphae: You got a plan?

King Minos: Much more of a plan.

Narrator: Now, King Minos’s objective is to capture the fleeing Daedalus who just got his son killed. He went to
Camicus and conducted an impossible contest. When someone won, he knew already that Daedalus was there
because he could only have that ability.
King Minos: I ask you, Cocalus, to surrender Daedalus to me now!

Cocalus: Hold your horses, no need to rush King Plus. Did I say it wrong? Camicus is the land of tourists. Every year,
we receive five star reviews from people around the world. Therefore, I’d like you to have a rest and stay a little bit
in the premises. Tomorrow morning, you’ll surely be happy seeing Daedalus in your grip.

Narrator: At the middle of the night, while the king was asleep, three little angels were sent from hell. One with
dark rounded eyes and lengthy sharp nails, a charming black long straight hair and an adorable kid with red lips
and a knife.

C1: (Laughing evily)

C2: Shush! You idiot, you will wake him. (Laughs evily)

C 3: I wonder what this knife will do. Its sharpness and boldness, I couldn’t wait for blood to stick in it.

C1: Blood, you say? How can you-

C2: Shush! She’s still talking.

C3: What else? Do you think we’re here to play games?

C1: Oooh, games!

What will you do to a knife in a room?

Do you wish to stay or,

Do you wish to go?

We just want a toy rocket to the moon.

So we prefer you to go,

than you stay inside this room.

This room, this room, this room,

this roooom!

(King Minos was killed)

Narrator: Just as Daedalus had many times ignored the consequences of defying the laws of mortal men in the
service of his ego, Icarus was also carried away by his own hubris. In the end, both men paid their departure, Icarus
with his life and Daedalus with his regret.