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Group Calling Simplified

Traditional Audio Conferencing

An audio conference, or teleconference, is simply when

a meeting between several parties is held over the telephone
instead of in person. The party instigating the audio-
conference is known as the calling party and those joining the
call are known as the participants.

grptalk – A Simplified Audioconferencing

grptalk’s “mobile first” approach , along with its

dial-out capability, enables ‘instant conferencing’
directly from your phone, much like making a
regular telephone call.
Get grptalk
How grptalk web works ?

Open grptalk Web

Go to grptalk app menu and tap on grptalk Web

Scan QR Code
Visit & Scan QR code to login
into web interface

Access grptalk Web

You are not able to access all your contacts and
groups from web.
Grptalk web features:

Sync Phone Contacts Advance Call Analytics

Grptalk Web auto syncs all your The host has access to detailed call
contacts from your phone. reports and analytics

Full visibility & Control Upload Excel Web Lists

The host can view, mute, add, and The host can upload web lists directly
remove members from a live call from an Excel sheet

Download Call Recordings Private Room

The host can download call recordings Hosts can have a private conversation

for future references with selected member(s) on a call

How grptalk app works ?


Register Your Number with Create Your Groups Initiate or Schedule Calls Connect Instantly
Register your number on grptalk. Create multiple groups with Schedule call for your participants The server calls all members to
Options to verify: your participants or initiate right now connect to conferences
1. Verify thru OTP
2. Verify thru Call
3. Call us
Grptalk app features:

Create Multiple Groups Schedule your Calls Allow Non-Members

Create a group with your Schedule a call for later or Add member who are not registered to
conference participants initiate one right now the app using keypad in live call

Cloud Hosted App No Pins Required Dial-out Call Visibility and Control
As a cloud-hosted app, grptalk does not grptalk reverses the traditional dial-ins, The host can identify who is on call,
need any conferencing equipment or and the server dials attendees, meaning and has the option to mute attendees
other expensive hardware. no more complex PINs, improved on-call
security, and reduced joining time delays
Make out some difference between Web and App

Sub-Accounts Private Room Recharge your balance

Web Lists Subscribe Account

User feedback Group Members

Download /Listen Display Usage
Call Recording Account
Group Advance Call Manager

Open Bridge line before
Allow Non-Members
30 minutes

Other Settings
Mute Dial
Dial in Only

Group Account Settings


Sales Sales

Balance Share and Pool Sub-Account Lines Share and Pool

Sub-Accounts is the feasibility given to admin account on demand which makes admin to add different
accounts under one account i.e. an Admin can have multiple sub-accounts under their accounts and admin can
access their call history to look over. A sub-account can share balance and line.


Call Manager Call Manager

The call manager will act as a secondary user for the main account holder, who will
manage the admin account on behalf of that person along with his own account
grptalk – Video
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