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How to Modify your Saves:

The only possible way of modding your game is by modifying your Saved Data.
This method cannot be done without a Computer and a 2GB Flash Drive.
Those are the core requirements as well as buying the program that enables you
to cheat on an arsenal of games (like 650 games?) which is called Save Wizard.
You can buy it at the rest is cake!

Common Questions:

Q: Is this free?
A: No there is no free method.

Q: How can I get it free?

A: You can't unless someone is willing to mod your saved data and the
likelihood of that happening is very slim to NONE at all since Save Wizard
only lets you use 3 profiles at once over the course of 1 month.

Q: Can you do it for free?

A: No I don't do any mods for free, the average cost of my services are $20 - $60
range depending on what it is you want done. I also have a Jailbroken PS3 &
PS4 and have been modding games for a decade now.

Q: Does this work for my region?

A: Yes, it is universal with the exception of Japan regions.
For Japanese regions you'll need Cyber Gadget which works just like
Save Wizard which isn't free as well.

Q: Can I use my friend's profile?

A: Yes you can! This is called Resigning which is possible with Save Wizard.

Q: Can I cheat trophies with this?

A: Absolutely! Find a community that shares Save Sets and you can find trophies in which
people got or are close to getting which allows you to obtain it easily. You need to resign that
person's save and follow any additional instructions they may have. For Save Sets sign up to there are several trophies for all kinds of PS4 games!

Q: Will this ever be free?

A: Most likely not. You have to realize the fact that Save Wizard works on this
FULL TIME and cheats can LITERALLY take days to COMPLETE. I know this
from personal experience on modding my own games.
They also have to keep their funding their servers which isn't free for them
so by you buying the program this keeps Save Wizard's Saved Editor
continuing to run since we use THEIR servers.

Q: Does Save Wizard expire and I have to buy it again?

A: No, this is a LIFETIME LICENSE! Although they used to have a Subscription
of $60 a year which they changed down the line. Thank god.

Q: Do you work for Save Wizard?

A: No, I do not work for Save Wizard and do not get paid for any of this or
get any kind of commission for it although it would be nice since I made them
a ton of business already.

Q: Does this work on Xbox or Does this work on PC?

A: No, this is for Playstation Only!



How to use Save Wizard:

1. Buy Save Wizard (
2. Download Save Wizard
3. Use your License Key to Active the Program
4. Take a look at all of the compatible games & once you figured
out which game you want to mod plug in your USB Flashdrive
into your PS4.
5. On your PS4 Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management >
Save Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device > Pick the game
you want to mod > Transfer the save to USB Storage Device
6. Plug your USB Flashdrive into your PC.
7. On Save Wizard it will show the game you wish to modify under
"My Saves" Tab.
8. Double click on the compatible game & the cheat you want.
9. Assign your PSN Profile on Save Wizard. (This will use 1/3 slots)
10. Check mark the cheats you wish to have and then apply the cheats.
11. Remove your USB Device from your PC & plug it into your PS4.
12. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Save Data on
USB Storage Device > Copy to System Storage > Transfer the modified
save from your USB Device over to System Storage
13. Boot up the game & watch the magic happen!
14. Enjoy!

How to Resign Saves:

1. Open Save Wizard
2. Plug in your USB Flashdrive (Storage Device)
3. Click on the "Re-Sign" tab on the top next to "Cheats"
4. Click on Import & Find the Save you wish to resign - it has to be a .zip file
(You'll have to search the internet for some Save Sets that others have provided)
You may do so by signing up to on here you will
find a ton of Save Sets in which gives you trophies to unlock.
5. Click Import & Choose the profile you wish to resign it to.
6. You may delete the original save if you want, I typically don't since I could
use that as a backup if I needed.
7. You're officially DONE!

How to Mod Red Dead Redemption 2

-Save Wizard (
-Red Dead Redemption 2 Save Editor by XB36Hazard (

Follow Steps Below:

1. Grab your most recent save data from the PS4 and transfer it to your USB Flashdrive (USB
Storage Device)
2. Open Save Wizard ( <-- Website to buy SW.
3. Right click your Red Dead Redemption 2 Manual Save
4. Click on Advanced Mode
5. On the top right click on "Export to file" and save it somewhere you'll find it easy
6. Open Red Dead Redemption 2 Save Editor by XB36Hazard & Choose Red Dead
Redemption 2
( <-- Link to download
7. Click on Open File
8. Find your exported file it is named similar to this ---> SRDR30001
9. Make a backup
10. Mod to your heart's desire!
11. Save File
12. Go back to Save Wizard
13. Advanced Mode
14. On the top right choose Import File
15. Import the modded file named similar to ---> SRDR30001
16. Type 0 on your keyboard in the hex editor and hit continue on the box that pops up
17. Now choose Apply on the bottom right of Save Wizard
18. Click on Yes
19. Close out everything once done and insert USB Flashdrive back to the PS4 and transfer
your USB Save to System Storage.
20. Start Red Dead Redemption 2
21. Go to the pause menu in the game, choose STORY & LOAD your MODDED Save.
22. Enjoy!

How to Mod your OWN Resident Evil 2 Remake Saved Data to have
All Items, Weapons & Upgrade etc.

First and foremost visit -

1. Transfer all of your desired RE2R save data onto USB Device
2. Open the almighty Save Wizard
3. Double click on Resident Evil 2 on the "Cheats" tab
4. Right click on the Save Slot you want to mod (Ex: Save Slot 1Slot)
5. Go to Advanced Mode
6. In Advanced Mode on the top right choose "Export to File" and save it
on your desktop since that's easier to find.
7. On the website - hit "Choose File"
8. Find the save you exported should be named "data001Slot.bin" or similar to it
9. Hit upload on the website -
10. You will now have a download prompt of the modified save in your
Downloads Folder on your PC.
11. Head over to Save Wizard and go back to Advanced Mode on
Resident Evil 2.
12. Choose "Import File"
13. Find the modified Save that the website has downloaded onto your PC
it will be named the same thing "data001Slot.bin" but in your "Downloads"
folder on your PC.
14. In Advanced Mode, click on the "44" on the top left next to "00000000"
15. Type 4 just one time and an error msg will pop up.
16. Hit "Continue" on the error msg.
17. Click APPLY on the bottom right & then hit YES.
18. You are now done! Just transfer your save back to your PS4 from the USB
Storage Device.
19. Load Up the game & make sure to "LOAD" instead of hitting Continue.
20. Enjoy!
Good luck & may you have a blast modding the game!

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