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Wings of Choice Insurance

To provide women, an after-divorce insurance with which they can sustain till the
time they develop their skill set to get stable.
Benefits of the insurance:
1. To provide economic freedom for women to make them independent.
2. To provide an opportunity for women to sustain and upgrade to take on
the job opportunities available in the market.
3. To encourage entrepreneurship in divorced women for livelihood and
Customer problem:
In India, the divorce rates are as low as 1.4%. However, the problem remains
with the women after divorce. It’s always difficult to sustain for a woman due to
the available skill set and experience in the job industry.
Addressing the issue:
With after marriage insurance, we can ensure the woman to have an amount with
which they can sustain and develop themselves to have a skill set to use them in
the job market.
Enablers for the offering:
1. Ad-campaigns: Implementing them in rural areas majorly as well as in
urban areas in flyers, television, radio etc.
2. Awareness campaigns: Implementing seminars and workshops on the
issue which would include societal issues like dowry offering, domestic
abuse, polygamy etc.
Start social media campaigns on all platforms.
3. Media outreach: Advertising the importance of financial support after
Competitive advantage over existing offerings:
1. Replacement of Dowry with financial security for women.
2. With this scheme/plan, we have created a monopoly in the market for
insuring women after divorces.
3. Returns will be high since the divorce rates are low in India.
4. The insurance claim will be done carefully, and the amount will only be
disbursed if the problem is from the male side.
5. Creating a brand image for the company in goodwill and it will fetch
6. The premium amount can be very low considering high initial installment.
7. The insurance amount will be disbursed only during 5-15 years of
8. Government instead of providing marriage incentive like ‘Shaadi
Mubarak’(Govt. of Telangana), can instead give the women with divorce

Quote from Customer:

1. “It enabled me to take a choice.”
2. “It helped to stand on my feet after my divorce.”
Quote from Senior Management:
1. “This is a revolution in the post marriage industry, where our scheme will
enable for women to stand on their legs and earn for themselves”
Estimated Size impacted:
Total marriages in India : 10 million
Divorce rate: 1.4%
Total divorcees: 140,000
Estimated prospects for our scheme: 500,000
Estimated cases under our scheme: 0.4% (Time constraint of 5-15 years will
remove maximum early divorce applicants)
Insurance outline:
Coverage for 5-15 years : 500,000-10,00,000
Estimated revenue: 2500 crores