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1. Climate change makes the whole world is trying to reverse the renewable energy
process as much as possible. Renewable energy is profitable on long term and way
more ecofriendly. China pumped billion dollars into wind turbines and other
alternatives. They also plan to invest another 780 billion dollars by 2030. The 2nd
country is India and USA is the 3rd.

2. Michael Bloomberg pushing Cincinnati and other cities to switch coal and fossil
fuels for solar panels.

3. Costa Rica bragged about being almost 100% on renewable energy followed by
Sweden, Iceland and Paraguay. By 2050 some cities plan to be 100% green.

4. Their climates and geography allows them to adopt that kind of alternatives (wind

5. Renewable energy is the way of making money out of thin air and sunshine. The
whole energy industry is worth 1.3 trillion dollars and renewable energy takes
around 22% of that which is 300 billion are at stake in green energy.

6. Ukrainian authorities plan to install 1000 miles of solar panels and if its goes well,
they’ll expand the project so it will produce over 100 MW.

7. Companies were able to grasp as much as 1.1 million dollars under the green energy
excuse. The Renewable Heat Incentive was founded so companies are encouraged
to use green energy as fuel instead they used normal fuel and took the incentive
money which is the UK’s taxpayers money too. These scheme was initially planned
to riff only 45 million dollars but it escalated to 1.4 billion dollars in the end.

8. The Global Wind Energy Council mentioned in their latest report that wind and
solar energy only supply a small percentage of the world’s energy demand the
world needs around 350,000 wind turbines per year to meet the demand of energy
the world actually needs.
9. They’re looking into wind energy because some locations throughout the country
have high enough winds that are more suitable for wind turbines.

10. Vestas (Denmark) built their 1st wind turbines in 1979 and nowadays they’ve
installed over 59,000 wind turbines in more than 70 countries worldwide. They’re
accountable for more than 16% of the world’s wind energy.

11. By split the energy they produce (50%).

12. The block-chain market is designed and built in-house to enable organizations to
trade in our EC’s tradeable certificates that represent energy generated from
renewable sources.

13. Facebook has 2 billion users worldwide so they need a lot of energy and warehouses
to stay up and running. Facebook announced that all of their offices and data centers
will run on 100% renewable energy by 2020.

14. Egypt is investing in solar panels and put it around the pyramids. It has the potential
to generate 53% of the electricity by 2030 and could reduce energy bills up to 900
million dollars annually.

15. By 2020 renewable energy might be cheaper than fossil fuels since its such a
money-making industry, so the goal might be reachable by 2020. Some countries
or cities set their goals in order to push the industry of being as green as possible,
as soon as possible.