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regarding the repo rate in my paper i had an option of 5.

5% and there was no

option of 5.25%...i marked 5.5% since its increased by 25bp a day before yester
day (at present it is 5.5%)...wat did u guys mark?
me too marked 5.5% but there was non of these as well if i remember, so i th
ink it was last 5.25. i guess i was wrong
Which of the following is not related to banking and finance capital goods
Yes avik there is no RR 5.25 in options . but fortunately answer is 5.25(non
e of these) .
its 5.25%
even I marked as is there as 5.5 in RBI site
even I marked repo rate as there as 5.5 in RBI site
the qus on African currency (qu 3.) did not mention South asked
for what will be used as currency in most of the places in Africa and in the opt
ion "Rand" was not there.. I marked it as "Franc" which was there as an option a
nd in many countries of Africa franc is still in use..

plz tell answer of following question if ny bdy knows...........

Q: what was food inflation in fiscal year 2009-10????

some important currencies.....

currency of mexico: peso

currency of south africa: rand
currency of bangladesh: taka
currency of sudan: sudanese pound ((Dinar no longer used))
currency of somalia: Somali Shilling
currency of sweden : sweeden krona
current repo rate is is mentioned in rbi site also...
Dear avik the above rate wil be applicable from 27th july so 5
.25 is the right answer and moreover the paper is generally prepared atleast
15 days prior to the exam......
one question I remembered other than these, new date for the base rate to be
varun can u put some information regarding direct tax code
i think its answer is None of these becoz there was no option f 5.25%
i too marked 5.5 and i think because it was asked at present rate...
so answer will be changed to 5.5 by bank ...
but total confusion
there was also a question regarding the rate of food inflation
hi varun,
in canara bank po exam i hve atmptd 35-ga,60-reasonin,40 eng n 20 maths vd 9
5% accuracy.what r my chances of qualifying? vaise i noe i did v bad in maths n
there is no chance but still i vnt ur opinion. varun i just dunno understand y m
y maths is nt improvig? plz gimme some tips if u cn.....
thanx a lot & keep the good work goin. m waitin 4 ur response...

i hav confusion regarding ""Banking services to rural people termed as - Fin

ancial Inclusion or poverty eradication"
They asked about Food inflation in 2009-10,rather inflation.and according to
Economic survey it was 18 % ,I suppose, there was an option too.Regarding repo
rate 5.25 was not in the option,and none of these was there,but since the questi
on mentioned about current Repo rate and 5.5% as option,it was difficult to mark
the answer.Please do provide some info what to do in these kind of situations.

Why the answer can't be none of these.There will be 2 to 3 answers as none o

f these in list of 50 questions.
before going to exam you must be known that the question paper has been prep
ared atleast one month ago...and you have prepare accordingly.
Hi Varun sir,
With ur great help in gk i have improved so much in gk now i am confident in
solving gk Q's.
My attempt in canara bank is 60 in Reasoning,29 in Quants,34 in english and
40 in gk.

hi author...
could u please provide us with important days like earth day etc. for our ne
xt exam... name is radhika... The details of the companies financial positio
n in the annual report of a company is known as balance sheet.
But the question asked in the exam was from which statements the company's f
inancial position can be judged..
Try to solve more in QA(around 35). Remaining all sections are good.
hi varun plz enlist few books n authors in ur blog.....
as dere r always qns frm dis sec..
thank you..........

some remaining qns are

1. policy on subsidary based nutrient based fertilizer will be applied from.
..... 1april 2011
2.fsdc( financial stability&devlopment council)from budget, ans will be non
of these as it does not deal with public affair.
3. wat is the highlight of budget
ans all of these as it talks about controlling all type of deficit
4. qs. regarding repo rate will be disqualified
Term not associated with football: Outswinger
Dada Saheb Phalk award for this year is Dev Anand
Out of 50 questions 25 marks is enough to clear the gk and marketing.
1)Outswinger is associated with football.
2)Dada saheb phalke award:not given this year. In 2008 V K Murthy has been a
warded.Still 2009 and 2010 are not declared.
Dev Anand won this award in 2002.!!!
You might confused here...Dev anand and pran honoured by Dadasaheb phalke aw
ard academy.

sir will u plz confirm 1 thing there was 1 question abt

I V K Singh is Not the Chief of Armed FOrces.. He is New Army CHief..
Chief of Armed Forces is President of INdia...

48. Banks and Financial institution open subsidiaries due to which purpose -
the answer i think was for insurance policy.
i think the answer of 48. Banks and Financial institution open subsidiaries
due to which purpose - ?
insurance policy
Refer this link
right to food
for all
means child also have same right

Hiii varun thanks 4 posting de questions wid answers.plz let me clear t8 whe
ther baroda or sbi has more number of branches in fgn bcoz one of my friends tol
d me that it should b baroda plz clarify me wid number of its working
more question t8 m think answer should b PDS in place of mid day meal bcoz its
begin implemented by GOI nt coordinated by suppliers,plz clear it.thanks

Banks and Financial institution open subsidiaries due to which purpose - ?

For me the answer would be
all of these because
a)SBI Life (Insurance)
b)PNBFL(Housing finance)
c)For IT (SBI- US an IT arm of SBI in US)

49th Question- RBI decides?-monitory policy

50th Question-scheme launched for population stabalization-STHAPNA

varun i think the question of "which award is given by GOI" was actually "wh
ich award is not given by GOI?" and i think i marked KALINGA..........please cla
Varun, tell me the Farmers loan Waiver amount for Vijaya bank? regards Dibya
for International Understanding.
you can get it from vijaya bank website.
Sbi has more foreign branches than bank of baroda.
For references:
Hi varun,
I belong to General category
I have attempted
53 Ques in Reasoning
31 Ques in Numberical ability
38 Ques in English
43 Ques in GK and Bank awareness
40 Ques in Marketting
with 90% accuracy..
Is there any chance of shortlisting..??
Please clarify..

hiiiiiiiiii varun a vry gud mng 2 u!!!!!!!!!dere's a question that how much
paisa gained frm 1 rupee frm taxes..........i had given 33paisa plz tell me whet
her it is rite or nt?............varun one of my friends told me that he has mad
e 22 correct in GA after deducting negative marks....can u let me knw whether he
will get qualify marksin GA?

I dont know the exact question what they asked. whether it includes all taxe
s or particularly income tax or etc.
BoB did not mentioned the exact cut off marks for each section. we normally
think that we have to get 40% of marks in each section. If it is true then he wi
ll clear. But this cut-off may 50% also.Then you have to score 25marks.
I advise you to attempt more in Reas and Apt. Eng, gk and mar are good attem
For Govt What part of a rupee comes from taxes?
Following are the awards given by GOI,find the wrong one?(its "Kalinga award
" I hope)
i think you are right the answer was kalinga.
Varun, what a question:
who was awarded recently with dada saheb phalke award?
no option for 'v.k. murthy' and at same time 'recent' word in question ,a lo
t confusing.
Other ques:
more foreign branches for which bank.
In my opinion most hav choiced bob,bcause exam was for bob.
you are wrong...onething tell me whether man ban booker prize is given by Go
vernment? i dont think soo...varun clarify it...!!!!
Ofcourse it may be the bob exam. but Sbi has more foreign branches than bob.
What most recent word? Dada saheb phalke award 2008 is announced on jan 2010
Tuesday, June 01, 2010 5:35:00 PM
Man booker prize, kalinga prize is not presented by Government.
still any options remembered?
even pulitzer prize was an option which is not an award given by Govt. of in
dia. Thus as i remember very correctly the question was which award is given by
govt. of india. kalinga by UNESCO so that can not be the answer. May be only may
be a twist in the questions for different sets. my set was 2 and i remember the
question correctly as it confused me for long...
How many paise does GOI earn in one rupee by taxes ?
i appreciate ur work...
i marked 45 in reasoning, 45 in quant,42 in english......with 99 percent acc
uracy.....and in marketing attempted 46...(i guess with 90% accuracy since im an
MBA student)...i think i got screwed in G.K...attempted 36..out of thm 22 are c
orrect acc to ur list and some of the answers are not i belon
g to S.C category......what are my chances....plz guide...many thnks
Dear Varun
I request u 2 provide info that wat should me the overall percent marks shou
ld a SC candidate score in written test so that if the interview wiil be fine...
there r fair chances 4 selection
i request u 2 reply.
b4 tat i asked d same ques but u didnt replied..
expecting a reply nw
Normally for sc,st candidates, they have to score min of 35% of marks in eac
h section.
Here are some more Questions like
1. Country to which India provide $1 bn - Bangladesh
2.Organisation deals with fertilizers - IFFCCO
3. Question related to France-Russia agrement
4.Question related to Padam Bushan Award

Q. related to TPF..india has exported largest with which country earlier..1.

USA 2.Europe 3.SAARC
Q.For preventing frauds n counterfieting in the bank which scheme has been a
dopted by banks..Know your customer
Hi Mathily
What u think about the PSB exam how was that??
in 2010 Asian summit held at Hanoi.(Vietnam)
Asian summitheldatHanoi(Vietnam)
i think if one who follows this blog can easily clear at least GK portion.Th
ere must discussion forums like this on other parts of the paper. I think i stro
ngly needed something on English.
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 6:13:00 PM

Invisible book is written by Paul Auster

Monday, May 10, 2010 6:07:00 PM
pavan said...
Q #1: SAARC summit recently held at:
a) Islamabad b) New Delhi c)Kathmandu D) Dhaka e) forgot bt not Thiphu or Bh

Q #37: Goodwil johnson has been elected as a president of which country? Ans
Qns other than those given above:
1.What is the term used for storing same data in two or more place: Redundan
2.What is the first step in transanction processing: Data Entry
3.Question on Control Unit.
plz clarify.Home loans is given to those who r interested in buying flats nd
houses not to individuals only bcoz only those persons who r interested in buyi
ng houses will only seek for home loans.So i thnk dat dis was most appropriate o
and bancassurance is availed by d perspective customers of a bank???plz do c
orrect me if m wrong.Thnx
I have given SBI exam and my attempt is like GK - 37, English - 35, MAths -
30 and reasoning - 30 with 90% accuracy. According to you is there any chance fo
r me to get a call for next round ?

hey varun here r some more ques...

1. if two computers r connected with each other they r connected thru - gate
2 . each system in a network has a unique address dat address is callled as
4. all the slides in power point when saved they r saved as one single file
5.intranet- is used in company enviornmet
6. if surname is to b enterd in database then its datatype will be - text
7. a client fetches data from server
this is all i rememberd
We cant predict the exact cut-off for each depends on the no. of
students appeared, depends on the bank,depends on the vacancies,etc.
However scoring 25marks out of 50marks in each section is safe and clearing
descriptive test.

one question was like among following blue ocean strategy related with:-
1.communication 2.motivation 3. innovation 4.none of them
1.why do u want to join the bank , as u hav engineering background ur perfor
mance is fantastic in every feild n u r lecturer in engg college?
i told dem dat i always wanted to come into banking feild after donig mba bu
t due to some financial problems i cudnt make it .... i hav always admired my pa
ternal uncle who is in one of da psb at a very reputed designation....n as far a
s my engineering background is conserned so i think i always stand one step ahea
d den those who r plain graduate as i can handle each n every thing in a smarter
way den a plain graduate can do ....
2. dont u think u r overqualified for this post ?
my ans : yes i m aware of his fact but to me becoming a part of this organis
ation will b an honour for me moreover this is my dream bank n this post will ac
t as a first step to get into this organisation.....
3. dont u get frustated if a person with less knowledge n qualification will
b ur boss/ senoir??
my ans: absolutley not bcoz if dat person is a part of this organisation n h
olding a respected deignation den definetly he will b having some knowledge ...m
oreover i will try to learn new things from dat person n will try to move ahead
in my professional life....
4: wgere do u see urself after 5 yrs?
my ans: well i c my self at a managerial post ( officer) in this organisatio
n itself
4: r u mobile?
my ans: yes i m .
5: dont u face any problem if u will b posted in a village?
my ans: absolutely not...
6: wat will u do if an illeterate
customer comes to ?
my ans: i will first ask his purpose for visiting da bank...on dat basis wil
l deal wih him..
7. wat will u do if he has to open n saving a/c n at dat time u r busy in ur
my ans: i will keep aside my work as every customer comes wid a purpose... i
will attend him , will fill up his form n will complete all da formalities....a
s he can help us in incresing our business.....
8. as u hav written in ur biodata form dat u won so many prizes in quiz comp
tetion... so tell me da news channels u watch...
my ans: i tiopld him few news channels (all were hindi)
9. den he asked me dont u watch english channle ?
i said i do ..
he asked me to name dem..
i told him few of dem( remember to tell dem channels like cnbc 18/cnbc awaz/
zee businee...)

lastly they asked me to define bank?

it is an finacial institution which facilitaes to make deposits, provied loa
ns for edu, agri, n may other things...
this is all abt my experience ....
i hope this goona b help u guys/gals who r appearing for interview...

aim not in 11th five year plan-global warming

one Computer qus in SBI Associate:
1.After installing a new programe where do you find it -- all programs
2.Full form of HTML

Cutt off marks for GD will be depend on the bank organisation a/c to the num
ber of applied and no. of positions for which associate bank you have applied an
d category also.
It is better to score above 130-140 marks in the objective test for 200 mark
Hi varun,
I wrote the yesterdays exam as you suggested,I some how managed to write 30-
35 questions in each section with 95% accuracy, I may get above 120 (out of 200)
, can I expect a call gor GD & PI ??
I attmptd arnd 160+ with more than 95% accuracy,and dp paper i did pretty we
ll.I hope to make thru it.Luckily i read ur blog quiet comprehensibly and was ab
le to answer arnd 45 ques in gk. Thanks man for such a wonderful effort

India and Canada, havent signed the deal yet. The deal is expected to Ink in
June 2010, when Mr. Manmohan Singh visits Canada.
Of course they have signed...but they have reached agreement in Trinidad...
This is what they asked in the exam.
Canada is also mentioned in the options...then you can't put none of these a
s answer...!!
Ans to Q. No 10 should be none.Its true that NREGA was renamed as Mahatma Ga
ndhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act however "Mahatma Gandhi National Ru
ral Employment Guarantee Act " was nowhere among the options instead we have "Ma
hatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act " as one of the options which is inc
orrect. I think none of these goes as the right answer.
hi other questions i know are -
asia hockey cup 2009 female wonners?
whai is tobin tax?
what is PSLC?
Saturday, April 17, 2010 5:39:00 PM

dude...... herman is permanent European.. council president and buzek is the

European union president which is right answer ,,e will be the answer.....
derby is related to horse racing...
question on term not related to global warming ..basal norms was one of the
46th Question: Derby is a term used for which sport?
Answer: Horse Racing
52nd Question: A/c to world report what % of water is used for agriculture p
Answer: 69%
54th Question: What is the state level agency on afforestation
Answer: Compensatory Afforestation Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA)
Other questions that i remeber are...
Question: 6th Indo-US-TPF held at Delhi. What is TPF?
Answer: Trade Policy Forum
Question: What is the scheme introduced for pregnant & lactating women?
Answer: Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahayog Yojana (IGMSY)
Question: India discouraged free movements of unskilled labours with which c
Answer: EU (combination of some other country)
Question: UNIFEM launched a pilot project with which city in India?
ANswer: Delhi
I still have a confusion with the current EU president (your 24th question).
Please clarify.
if any queries plz contact me:
Monday, February 22, 2010 11:17:00 PM
Anonymous said...
Problem faced by human existence in future ?.....
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 8:20:00 AM
savisri said...
Problem faced by human existence in future ?..... plz let me know
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 6:06:00 PM
varun reddy said...
I think it is food crisis....
hello varun...u just said that the answer for one of the ques. is food crisi
s...can u remember the optiopns tht wer given..? plz
7 banks geeting 3000crores from RBI,including allahbad bank,was also another
i did not remember the remaining options...
pollution , was the answer,for woman ASHA was the answer isn't it
1)ad_hoc query is a
a)pre scheduled query
b)pre planned query
c)will not return any results
d).... of moment
2)MICR stands for
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
3)india brought barack anti missiles from which country?
4)mullaperiyan dam is constructed on which river?
china border touching himalaya range.....something
c)arunachal pradesh
5)one carbon credit?
6)on UNIFEM ?
7)sweden currency?
8)mohammed nasheed president of?
9)max sugar mills are in which state?
10)derby is related to?
11)which country won champions trophy 2009?
12)on mahatma gandhi bday?
13)Zea Ben Ali is president oif?
14)POS means?
what is NOTE SORTING MACHINE meant for? was another question asked.-to count
n to detect fake notes
Thanx varun for posting d solutioons of allahabad PO GK d above que
stions "term not related to banking or finance" won't be bluechip but it would b
e "jacksonian seizure"which is a form of epilepsy and is a medical term
bluechip s a stock market term
where was WTO 2009 summit took place?
Ind achieved major breakthrough in medical research as 7 yrs led to research
, a medicine that dissolved heart attack. At which insitute the medicine develop
ans Institute of Microbial Tech, Chandigarh
anothr qstn was related with India in G20,2009.
53rd question is wrong and so is answer there are more than one credit ratin
g agency.
The question is on Credit Information and answer is CIBIL. Now RBI has given
clearance to another company also (didn't remember). Please change in Original
ones also else we will read that mistake
Credit Rating Agency - CRISIL
Credit Information Bureau - CIBIL
Are yo sure the question is on Credit Information bureau????
Some one told it is credit rating agency..!!!!
Could anyone let me know if 185 out of 250(excluding Objective English since
it wont be considered in the merit) would be a good score to qualify for the Al
lahabad PO 2010 looking at the competition and easy Paper???.....Also, i have he
ared from some people that written english score could be considered incase of c
lose scores, is it true??....Expecting your quick reply on this....Regards/Vikas
37. Which country central bank has given $____ million to its country to fig
ht against crisis US.
Japan's central bank to give $115billion to it's country to fight the crisis
the answer is Japan.

First e-court
The question was like this..
Which State's high court in India is to get the first e-court ?
ans: Gujarat or Delhi
i'm not sure about this..!
r u sure about soft loan??
few guys saying its term loan
Its..Soft Loan
First e-court :
Its Gujarat....
varun the first e court >>> the Delhi High Court (HC) has introduced the fir
st e-courtroom in India.
Delhi is the second to implement e-court.
For reference...
For trophies associated with sports
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) (incorporated on June 23, 199
3) is an Indian public sector petroleum company. It is a Fortune Global 500 comp
any ranked 152nd, and contributes 77% of India's crude oil production and 81% of
India's natural gas production. It is the highest profit making corporation in
India. It was set up as a commission on August 14, 1956. Indian government holds
74.14% equity stake in this company.
Hi Varun ONGC is the largest gas producing firm in India.Its not RIL and the
re was option for ONGC
Hi varun 8th question was not like that
How many Base points did RBI raised for from 24 to 25%
The answer is 100 base points and the option is (4)10% of 1000 ie 100 base p
RIL has overtaken ONGC in November 2009...
visit this link for more..
Read Newspapers like Hindu... and there are several magazines for general aw
areness like CSR, PD, etc..
i wanted to ask whether economic times is good for bank po exam.....
Yes..ET- economic times & BS are good for Business, Finance & Economy relat
ed issues.
I think reservation for 50% reservation for women is approved first in bihar
,L& t Project for NPCIL is gujarat.
India recently signed nuclear aggrement with mongolia only
There was no option for Argentina.But option for Mongolia was there
ok...Then its mongolia...
1.Rate at which loan to prefered customer is called-PLR question was on inflation-ans is demand pull and push inflation
3. Surcharge on 3G spectrum- of The maximum city
i think the answer of lyondell basell question is US.and i'm quite sure abou
t it...
N it is a netherlanda based company...
for reference visit this link..
37) An INDIVIDUAL is called a retail investor
L&T and NPCIL project in which city Tapi in Gujarat.
Maximum city Suketu Mehta
1. Winner of ICC Champions Trophy Australia.
2. Winner of Men s US Open 2009 - J M Del Potro.
3. Foreign Trade Policy - 2009 to 2014.
4. Mumbai Gold Cup is related to Hockey.
5. Largest Exporter of Cotton US.
6. 2016 Olympics Rio De Janeiro.
7. FTA Free Trade Agreement.
8. India won the Compaq Series 2009 by defeating Srilanka
9. First to start Mutual Fund trading on BSE UTI Mutual Fund.
10. IIP (Index of Industrial Production) was released by Central Statistical
Organization (CSO).
11. UNEP United Nation Environment Programme.
12. World Investment Report released by UNCTAD.
13. Write off in banking terminology Bad debt that is declared uncollectable s
uch as loans, removing it from balance sheet.
14. RBI Bench mark Prime Lending rate 8.55%.
15. Oceansat-2 launched by India.
16. Worlds Billiards Championship 2009 Pankaj Advani
17. Angela Merkel elected as chancellor for the second time Germany
18. Recently India signed nuclear agreement with Argentina,Mangolia
19. US Dollar fell to its lowest in 14 years against Yen
20. Percentage to priority sector by domestics banks 40%.
21. Which country critised India for a road network connecting some states i
ncluding Arunachal Pradesh China.
22. Author of the book Listening to Grasshoppers Arundathi Roy.
23. Which Organization asked all non-member countries to join NPT UNSC.
24. Which country has asked its investors that there will be delay in debt r
epayment as a result of global crisis Dubai.
25. Which state has approved 50% reservation in Municipalities and Panchayat
election for Women Gujarat
26. CRY foundation is working for Disadvantaged of Children Welfare.
27. Author of Two Woman Martina Cole
28. Reliance bid to acquire LyondellBasell belongs to which country Netherla
29. Committee on Financial Sector Assessment formed by RBI Dr. Rakesh Mohan
30. Author of Maximum City Suketu Mehta.
31. Who is Retail Investor Individual Investor
32. Why RBI is supposed to raise SLR ratio -
33. Question related to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) - ?
34. Question about RBI policy change
35 Surcharge on 3G spectrum -
36. Question on L&T and NPCIL project in which city - Gujarat
37. Question on Interest Rate Futures -
38. Question regarding G-20 summit declaration in Pittsburg -
39. Question whose answer is - IAEA.
40. New Rules for ATM use - ?
41. Inflation is demand pull and push inflation
42. Rate at which loan to preferred customer is called-PLR
43. Real Wage
44. State to provide 10kg rice/wheat at fixed price of Rs.139
45. What is that----"jan sunwai"????
A Jansunwai was organized on 30th March, 2007 in New Delhi at Jantar Mantar
to address the issues of the Agrarian Crisis in India and to frame a set of reco
mmendations to resolve them. Gene Campaign, Madhya Pradesh Kisan Sangharsh Samit
i and INSAF organized the Jan Sunwai.
address the agrarian crisis
Hi varun!!...your link for lyondel bassel is right....but it creates confusi
on for me. if u can plz go to banking service chronicle february,2010 issue page
no 17 and heading: "RIL bids for world third largest chemical farm". 2nd line..
.i'm quoting "reliance industries Ltd (RIL) has confirmed its interest in biddin
g for the US based company Lyondell basell"
->Lyondellbasell is a netherlands based company.
->Its operations/branch in US filed for a bankruptcy
->RIL bid was to the US Lyondellbasell bankruptcy company.
varun what material do you read to aknow answers to all the questions
I follow news papers(Hindu), times of india and Wikipedia...
For general candidate you have to clear each objective section with getting
minimum 40% of marks....This is Mandatory...apart from qualifying in descriptive
The Process is like this....
Suppose there are 100 posts for general candidates...Assume that 500 general
candidates got >40% in each objective test...Bank will prepare the list in orde
r of marks you got with maximum marks are placed in first place...Bank will anno
unce only first 300 candidates for interview(1:3 ratio) as there is a huge compe
Even though they(200 candidates) cleared each section within 40% they may no
t clear the exam...
So try to score maximum marks..