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COURSE TITLE: CE 264 Soil and Rock Mechanics.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Applications of soil and rock mechanics and related principles to civil
engineering problems. Prerequisite: CE 162/equivalent. 3 units credit.


1. The requirements for the course are a minimum of five (5) short exams (some
which are take-home) and a final examination.
2. The schedule of the exams and the final examination, and submission deadlines
for all problems sets will be announced at least one (1) week.
3. No credit will be given for missed exams.
4. When the number of hours lost by absence of a student reaches 20% of the hours
all class hours, the student will be dropped from the subject. If most of the
absences are unexcused, the student will be given a grade 5.0 upon dropping
regardless of the class standing. If majority of the absences are excused, the
student shall not be given a grade of 5.0 upon dropping but a grade of DRP
(referred to a forced drop). A student is only considered excused upon submission
in writing an explanation regarding the reason for being absent.
5. The general average at the end of the semester will be computed based on 50%
average of the exams, and 50% of the final examination.
6. The final grade corresponding to a student general average is given in the table
92 - 100 1.00 65 - below 70 2.25
88 - below 92 1.25 60 - below 65 2.50
84 - below 88 1.50 55 - below 60 2.75
80 - below 84 1.75 50 - below 55 3.00
70 - below 80 2.00 0 - below 50 5.00

7. A student may officially drop not latter than the last day of dropping. A student is
considered to have officially dropped only upon submission of the Instructor’s
Copy of the dropping slip to his instructor/professor. A student whose class
standing is failing and who is unable to take the final examination for any reason
will be given a grade of 5.00 if the course was not officially dropped.
1. Seepage analyses of free surface problems using flow nets and finite element
2. Stability analysis of earth masses using limit equilibrium and finite element
3. Lateral earth pressures in practice.
4. Analysis of gravity retaining structures, sheet pile walls and braced/anchored

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