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21 November 2010

Sunday’s Service:

Christ the King

10.00 am - Prayer.

10.30 am - Morning Prayer & Baptism

Reading - Luke 23: 33-43 (p1060)

Reader - John Dracup.

Intercessor - Andy Vanstan.

Wednesday’s Service:

Next before Advent

10.00 am - BCP Communion.

Readings - Jeremiah 23: 5-8 (p782) & John 6: 5-14 (p1069)

Reader - Miss M Carlton.


Dates for diary God the Father,

Songs of Praise tonight celebrate the life of JA Rank help us to hear the call of Christ the King
whose generosity has funded Gavin for the last 5
and to follow in his service,
whose kingdom has no end;
Nov 27th at 7.30 pm, New Wine Celebration in the
Cathedral. for he reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

Counters Please could all counters arrange cover one God, one glory.
with other counters should they be unavailable on
their allotted days. If on the day no other counter is
available, please feel free to ask Janet Robinson or
Andy Vanstan.
Dave Clark is now on placement as part of his
Dave Clark is now on placement as part of his
training so he will not be around as much as usually.

Food Cupboard Now that the Harvest gifts have been PCC

distributed the food cupboard is running low on stock, Well Trustees

we need small tinned goods suitable for one person. Diocesan officers
Normanton Christmas Lights Switch On The Well
Project has a stall at the Christmas market which is on
Friday 26th November from 12 noon to 7.00 pm in the
market place, if anybody would be able to come and
help for an hour or two please see Jenny. Vicar: Revd. Don Gilkes

Christmas Crafts Please could you save any tin cans 01924 893100
(preferably the ring pull ones as these are the safest)
07821 325350
as we are going to be using them in the after school
groups over the next few weeks up to Christmas to
make planters etc. Please give any washed cans to
Jenny asap.

Youthworker: Gavin Budby

The Well Funding Update Praise God that during the
past month we have really been blessed and received 01924 220868
grants from Normanton Churches Together and The
Co-op, the money will be used for the continuation of 07969 089959

the project. We have been accepted through to full
application stage for a Reaching Communities Lottery
Grant, which is fantastic news and an achievement
just to get to this stage. Jenny and the Trustees are
Community Development officer:
now working hard on the full submission which has to
be in early next year. Please pray that everything falls Jenny Farrall-Bird
in place for this application.
01924 892410
Reminder for all Ladies Next Wow evening will be at
07872 551640
Debs Atkinson’s home on Wednesday 24th November
2010. The topic is ‘recipe exchange’, please bring
along your favourite recipe to share. (samples are
optional!!!) If you would like directions to Debs,
please see Debs, Phil, Anne or Rose. See you there!

Rotas The service rotas for December are in the

Phil Atkinson: 01924 223507
pigeon holes.
John Dracup: 07753 987 668
Easter Eggs! I know we haven’t had Christmas yet,
but these eggs are produced with an explanation of
the Easter on the box. The producers have asked us
Church Office
to order the eggs by the beginning of December. If
you sign up you are committing to buy them when Admin: Barbara Teece
delivery is taken in April. They cost £4.50 each and
01924 220868
the PCC will have to pay in advance. Please sign up
on welcome desk. Next week is the final day for

Church Walking Group Our next Monday afternoon

Open weekdays 9.00am-3.00pm except Wednesday
walk will be on Monday 22nd November, meeting at Open weekdays 9.00am-3.00pm except Wednesday

the Parish Church Rooms car park at 1.00 pm as from 10.00am

usual. We are planning to walk to Stanley, to include

Call to book Parish rooms for Baptism and
Stanley Marsh Nature Reserve, Stanley Wash and
Weddings: Tuesday 7.00-8.00pm Parish Room
Stanley Ferry. Please let John and kate know if you
are planning to come (tel: 223893). The next
Saturday walk is on Saturday 4th December.

YWAM We are making a special appeal for Christmas

Gifts and Meals for the 42 children and teenagers in
our homes. Please help us make this a memorable
Christmas this year. Our target is £1,300. Thanks.
Please go to to

Worship Rotas

Next Sunday

10.30 am - Communion.

Readers - Neil Monkman, Jennifer Sanderson.

Intercessor - Virginia Hashimi.

Welcome/Coffee - Cathy Cook, Sally Dinsdale, Bill

and Joyce Robinson.

Counting - Rachel Budby, Janet Robinson.

Wednesday 1st December

10.00 am- BCP Communion.

Reader - Revd R Aitchison.

Weekly Action

Tues 7.00 pm - The Aftershock in Parish Rooms

Wed 10.00 am - Traditional Communion in church

1.00 pm - Mums, Dads and Tots in Parish Rooms

6.00 pm - Rock Solid High in Parish Rooms

7.30 pm - Freedom in Christ Youth in Parish Rooms

Thurs 4.00 pm - Rock Solid Junior in Parish Rooms

7.30 pm - Youthy in Well@Woodhouse

7.30 pm - Worship Team in Church

Sunday Morning Kid’s Groups

1st Sunday - Service of Thanksgiving-please sit with

your family

2nd Sunday - Meet in Church and sit together with

activities in Side Chapel

3rd Sunday - Meet in Parish Rooms from 10.00 am

for Breakfast Club

4th Sunday - Meet in Church and sit together with

activities in Side Chapel

A Crèche for under 4’s is available at every service

under the East Window.

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