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Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.


Pancharatna Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.

Gopal Bazar, Nalbari, Assam, PIN 781353
PMCS/ Profile


Name of the Society: Pancharatna Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.

Head & Communition Vill. + P.O. Gopalbazar,
Office: Nalbari (Assam),PIN 781353
Block: Pub Nalbari Dev. Block
Names of the Chief Sri Mahendra Baishya
Functionaries Chairman
Mobile No. +919435027801
Area of Operation Assam
Legal Status: Registered under Co-operative Societies Act-2007. (Act IV of 2012)
Registration No. N-146/2016-2017

PMCS Organogram

Executive Body



Project Cell M Fi Cell


HR M. Op. M. F.M.

HR M. P.M. F M. BM

F.C. Accnt. O. Asstt. Asstt. BM

F.C. Acc/ Of. Ast.

F.C. F.C. F.C. Acc/ Of. Ast.

Pancharatna Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.

Gopal Bazar, Nalbari, Assam, PIN 781353
PMCS /Society Profile

"Pancharatna Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd. (PMCS)" was formed to develop
the saving habit among rural artisans, women, farmers, daily wagers. Though PMCS
we provide them small finance in form of JLGs and link them with the mainstream Banks,
to develop their productivity and proper marketing of their products in a Co-operative model.

C Promote financial discipline amongst villagers by creation of Self Help Groups and JLGs.
C Linking SHG/JLG, rural artisan and farmers to mainstream banks and other financial institutions.
C Providing entrepreneurship & skill development trainings to unemployed youths and village
artisans for employment generation.
C Train up rural farmer, artisans, unemployed youth, women and physical handicap with different
skill development program.
C Provide basic financial services to artisans,weavers, agri/ fish farmers and other rural producting
activities through co-operative model.
C Providing services to rural people in different health sector like awareness campaign, free
health check up, linkage for special medical treatment etc.
C Provide immediate relief response at times of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.
C Protecting environment by plantation and awareness generation activities.
C Work for rehabilitation of displaced after natural calamities.
C Creating general awareness amongst rural people on issues like livelihoods, environment

protection, health & hygiene and other socially relevant issues.
C Work for livelihood promotion amongst poorest of the poor.
C Arranging workshops and seminars on socially relevant issues.
C Women empowerment.

C Conduct rural survey in entire locality to know the basic condition of the people and resources,
and awareness campain for livehood and avail insurance facilities for men and animals etc .

Our Activities
< Formation & Linkages of SHGs, JLGs and Clusters .
< Livelihood generation amongst target segments.
< Skill up-gradation & entrepreneurship development trainings
< Increase in productivity in agricultural sector.
< Disaster management
< Plantation for environment & economy
< Rural Health.
< Empowering women and child.

Pancharatna Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.

Gopal Bazar, Nalbari, Assam, PIN 781353
PMCS /Society Profile

Our Target
1 SC/ST population living below the poverty line
2 Rural women and Child.
3 Village artisans
4 Unemployed youths
5 Farmer and Fishermen community
6 Person with Disabilities.
7 MSM Community.

Our Mission
exists to establish a resilient community among poor with right based
PMCS & equitable approach to alleviate themselves out of extreme poverty
by generating sustainable employment opportunities to support their livelihoods.

FOOD SECURITY Sustainable Reproductive Sexual health

household food and nutrition security of (Population & Development)
marginalized, especially Women & Children, Reduce under-five mortality rate, the
Dalits and Tribes, while considering equity and maternal mortality ratio and Reverse the
human rights” spread of HIV/AIDS while intervening on
young people’s reproductive sexual health”

“All children will learn, grow
sustainable livelihood of
and develop to realize their full

Our Vision
is to support at least 150,000 poor families and develop sustainable
PMCS employment opportunities amongst them through provision of the quality
technical training and access to financial services by the year 2020.

Our Values
Committed To remain committed to achieve the institutional objective.
Honesty To be honest with all stakeholder of the institution.
Leadership by example To lead by example to bring and work as team.
Professional To follow and implement to best of systems.
Responsible Always responsible for the poor and ultra poor section of the society
Pancharatna Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.
Gopal Bazar, Nalbari, Assam, PIN 781353
PMCS/Society Profile

Our Projects
2 SHG/JLG formation and Linkage Project.
3 Rural Artisan Development Program..
4 Rural Handloom Service Centre.
5 Rural Entrepreneurship Development Training Program.
6 National Skill Developmet Program.
7 Fish Sector growth in Nalbari District.

Our Collaborating Agencies

P State Government Departments,

P Central Government Departments,
P Canara Bank,
P The Assam Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.,
P Local Administration,
P Assam Agricural University, Jorhat.

Pancharatna Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.

Gopal Bazar, Nalbari, Assam, PIN 781353