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Empower 3: Advantages of a Networked

Chromatography Data System

Waters ® Empower™ 3 Chromatography Data Software (CDS) provides analysts with Benefits of an
advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities. When deployed as a workgroup Empower 3 network
or enterprise network, Empower 3’s impact extends beyond the workstation, delivering ■■ Improve laboratory
significant value in the laboratory or throughout the organization. productivity
with enhanced
Workgroup or enterprise networks communication and
Waters Empower 3 network solutions are available in both workgroup and enterprise system availability.
configurations. The Empower 3 workgroup network is an entry level solution for a small ■■ Secure chromatographic
laboratory or company with less than 10 software users. The Empower 3 enterprise
data with automated
network is for large laboratories, multi-site or global deployments with greater than 10
disaster recovery backup
software users. Since workgroup and enterprise configurations use identical software,
and centralized
organizations can expand their Empower 3 network from a workgroup to an enterprise
data archive.
deployment as their needs change.
■■ Minimize exposure
More efficient data management workflow during regulatory
audits by facilitating
The Empower 3 network allows analysts to review, process, and print their chromatographic
GLP/GMP and 21 CFR
data from any client computer on the network.
Part 11 compliance.
■■ Eliminate bottlenecks – when operated in a personal workstation configuration,
where two or more people need access to the same computer at the same time.
■■ Minimize IT support
requirements by
■■ Create sample sets (lists of samples and standards
streamlining software
to be run on an instrument) at any workstation,
even while the target instrument is in use.
■■ Reduce the cost of future
■■ Initiate data acquisition, review
chromatographic system
real-time data acquisition,
purchases and annual
as well as review, process,
software support plans.
and print results from any
Empower 3 client workstation.
Seamless data and method sharing In addition to supporting client workstations for chromatographic
With the Empower 3 network, individual analysts can benefit data acquisition and instrument control, the Empower 3 network
from the combined effort of the entire laboratory. configurations support the Waters LAC/E™32 Acquisition Server. The
LAC/E32 is a laboratory network appliance that provides enhanced
■■ Administer methods created with Empower 3 to automate
raw data security, remote access to instruments, data buffering, and
repetitive tasks, which can be utilized by everyone in
enhanced performance for your chromatographic systems.
the lab, including Empower Instrument, Processing,
and Report methods.
GLP/GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
■■ Use Empower 3 Software project folders (used to organize
To reduce the risk of exposure in a regulatory audit, the
chromatographic data) to enhance project management
Empower 3 network makes it easier for organizations to
effectiveness in a network environment.
meet compliance requirements.
■■ Multiple users can share projects. ■■ To comply with 21 CFR Part 11, the embedded Empower 3
■■ Methods can be transferred from project to project seamlessly. database offers an additional form of security. It prevents
access to the data files and the database on the server,
■■ Projects shared department wide reduce the number of
except through the Empower 3 Software.
projects to manage.
■■ Customize privileges and restrictions to functions within
■■ Multiple chromatographic assays can be combined into one
Empower 3 Software on a user-by-user basis.
project to produce Empower 3 summary reports.
■■ PC client workstations install Empower 3 Software by
Control of local and networked chromatographs downloading it from the server during setup, which insures
The Empower 3 network provides the ability to setup, initiate, all software files are the same on all of the PC client
and review sample run sequences from any Empower 3 workstations – Empower 3 also verifies that the files
client workstation, regardless of where the chromatographic were installed correctly.
hardware is attached. ■■ Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification
(OQ) can be executed remotely from any Empower 3 client
workstation with the Connections ® AQT Compliance Tool.

Empower 3 workgroup network

An entry-level Database server

network with less
than 10 users, which
is ideal for a
small laboratory
or company.

Client workstation

Acquisition server

Chromatography system

Archive and backups Version control and software maintenance
You invest significant time, effort, and budget to acquire With the Empower 3 network, software is installed on the server
chromatography data that is critical for product development, and distributed to each client through the network. The update
compliance, and intellectual property. The Empower 3 network and upgrade process becomes more streamlined with minimal
helps ensure that this information is secure. downtime, consistent software versions throughout the network,
■■ Project Archive can be initiated from any Empower 3 client and a reduction on the demand for IT resources.
workstation – an analyst collecting data at a specific client
workstation can move to an open client workstation to initiate Increased performance
the project archive procedure. The Empower 3 network is based on ‘true client/server
architecture’ – tasks such as data processing, printing, and
■■ In the Empower 3 network environment, the Empower database
database storage and retrieval are divided and distributed to
server automatically initiates a backup each night. In the event
the computer that is best optimized to perform them. Since a
of a server disk drive failure, the drive can be rebuilt with
single computer is no longer executing all of the tasks, this
backups once the drive is repaired or replaced.
‘distribution of power’ increases overall performance.

Empower 3 Enterprise network

A network of more
than 10 users for
large laboratories,
multi-site, or global

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