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Lesson Plan in MAPEH 10- Health

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

a. understand the meaning of career

b. describe health career planning
c. explain health career orientation program
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Career
Reference: Physical Education and Health
Materials: laptop and projector
Valuing: Learners will gain knowledge and appreciation on health careers.
III. Procedure
A. Preparation
1. Prayer
2. Greetings
3. Checking of attendance (The teacher will say “very good for those who are present today”)
4. Review of the past lesson
Health Issues (The teacher will ask “how can our government solve this health concerns?”) The teacher will
say “very good” for every answer of the students.
B. Motivation
The teacher will present video presentation about health careers, he will ask questions and will give candy for
every answer of the learner.
C. Lesson Proper
1 .career- occupation or profession that requires special training.
2. health career planning-individuals plan to make a career choice. career orientation program-career exploration to broaden your knowledge about careers in health field.
The teacher will discuss the topics and will give timely examples so that the learners can easily understand
the lesson. The teacher will also command the learners to ask questions so that the lesson is clear and to promote good
interaction.The teacher will use humors to boost the interest of learners in learning.
Integration with other area (Science)
With the outbreak of different unknown diseases, theres a high demand for health workers in our country and
in abroad, not to mention the aging population.
IV. Application
Instruction: The class will be divided into three groups, they have 15 minutes to prepare for the activity.
Criteria for evaluation:Creativity-10pts., Participation of members-10pts.,Execution-10pts.
Group 1- career(Poster-making)
Group2- health career planning(Newscast)
Group3- health career orientation program(Role Play)
After the activity, the teacher will ask “Why do you think you should study the topic of career?’’ The teacher will say
“very good” for every answer of the students.
V. Generalization
Knowledge in career is very important for students because they can prepare and can focus on specific area and to
know the improvements needed. .
VI. Evaluation
Instruction: Write True if the statement is correct and False if not.
1. Career is an occupation or profession that requires special training.
2. In career, traning is not important.
3. Career is is a lifelong learning process.
4. Health career planning won’t help individuals to make a career choice.
5. In health career planning, the advice of students parents and teachers is important.
6. Seminars is useless in chooing the right career.
7. Interests is vital in choosing the right career.
8. K to 12 curriculum is a big help for students in choosing their job in the future.
9. Career orientation won’t give the information needed by the students about their career.
10. Students should neglect attending health career orientation program.
VII. Assignment
Instruction: Answer the questions below and write the answer in your notebook.
1. What is your ideal profession in the future? Why so?
2. Do you think your interests and skills will help you achieve that profession? Defend your answer
3. Explain your strengths and weaknesses in achieving your dream job.

Mr. Fidel R. Deocades III