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Class: XI C (L2)

No. of students: 24

Textbook: Prospects Upper-Intermediate

Unit 16: Welcome to Britain!

Lesson: Revision – Conditional Clauses

Type of lesson: Grammar lesson

Time: 50 minutes


At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

-use all types of conditional clauses correctly in


-make up sentences using conditional clauses;

-recognize the different types of conditional


Methods: conversation, observation, pairwork, groupwork, explanation, learning by doing,

Aids: flipchart, power point presentation, worksheets, blackboard, handouts, students’ book,
computer, video-projector

Type of interaction: teacher-students, student-teacher, student-student

Skills: listening, speaking, writing, reading

Types of exercises: fill in the blanks exercise, matching exercise, making sentences,
conversation exercise

Class organization: lockstep, pairwork, groupwork, whole class

Anticipated problems: if there are any problems the teacher will clarify them

Stages of the lesson

Nr. Lesson Time Teacher’s activity Student’s activity Aims Methods Materials Class Interacti
Crt. stages organization on
1. Organizing 2’ The teacher greets the The students greet the -to create a - -roll -whole class Teacher –
the class students; she asks them teacher. They answer the proper conversation Student,
questions like: ‘How are teacher’s questions. atmosphere Student -
you today?’’, ‘Who is The student on duty for Teacher
missing?’ etc. The teacher announces the missing teaching
checks if there are any students (if there are the new
absents and prepares for any). lesson.
the lesson.
2. Homework 3’ The teacher asks the The students come to -to check - -notebooks -whole class Teacher –
check-up students “What was your the blackboard and write the conversation -blackboard Student,
homework for today?”, , the exercise from their mistakes. -writing Student -
‘Who wants to come to homework. Exercise 2 Teacher
the blackboard?’ from worksheet number
The teacher checks the 1.
3. Warm-up 5’ The teacher gives the The students work in -to revise -writing -handout -whole class Teacher –
students some mixed groups and match the the rules - -groupwork Student,
clauses (conditional clauses. and the conversation Student -
clauses) and the students One of the students structure of Teacher
have to match the main from each group comes conditional
clause with the correct to the blackboard and clauses
subordinate clause and writes one complete -to
say what type of clauses conditional sentence and recognize
they are. They write the says what type of the
answers on the conditional clause it is. conditional
blackboard. clauses

5. Lead-in 5’ The teacher asks the Students read the -to arouse - -blackboard -whole class
students to look at the sentences and decide student’s conversation -flipchart Teacher –
sentences again and say which tenses are used. interest in Student,
which tense is used in the the topic. Student -
main clause and which Teacher
tense is used in the Student-
secondary/subordinate Student

The teacher writes the Students listen to the

tenses on a flipchart teacher’s explanation
sheet./blackboard, then and make their own
asks the students to make sentences.
their own sentences.

The teacher checks the

The teacher asks the In pairs, students -to practise
students to rephrase the rephrase the sentences. the
Elicitation 10’ sentences from the grammar
exercise on worksheet 2 – structures
they have to transform the
sentences into first,
second or third
conditional clauses.

6. Activity 1: 5’ The teacher shows the In groups of three, -to practise -writing -powerpoint -groupwork Teacher –

Gap-filling students an exercise students solve the the second - presentation Student,
(powerpoint presentation) exercise. conditional conversation -flipchart Student-
In groups of three, They write the verbs on Student
students are supposed to a flipchart sheet.
solve it.
The teacher checks the
exercise, then asks the
students to come to the
blackboard and write the
7. Activity 2: 6’ The teacher asks students In pairs, students write -to make - -notebooks -pairwork Teacher –
Speaking to work in pairs and make the dialogue and the their own conversation -role play Student,
a dialogue using as many chosen students act out sentences Student
conditional sentences as the dialogues. using the -Student
possible. Then the teacher second
chooses two dialogues to conditional
be acted out in front of
the class.

Follow up 10’ -Students have to solve The students solve the -to check -reading -worksheet -whole classs -teacher-
Activity 1: exercises 178 and 185 exercises and, in turns, understand -writing student
from worksheet 3. They come and write their ing -student-
must put the verbs in the answers on the student
correct tense, for exercise blackboard
178, and write real
present, unreal present or
unreal past conditionals,
for exercise 185.

9. Homework 4’ The students must solve The students write the -to give - -worksheet -whole class Teacher -

exercise 184 on homework and the further conversation students
worksheet 4. The teacher examples in the practice
explains the students what notebooks.
they have to do. She gives
an example and writes it
on the blackboard.
The teacher makes sure
that all the students
understand the

Students get marks.

10. Dismissing 1’ Greetings Greetings