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Mid-term Examination in
Understanding The Self
B.S. Criminology

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DIRECTIONS: Write T, if the statement stated is correct and F, If it is stated wrong, and write
the correct answer on the space provided.
_____________________1. The history of philosophy, is replete with men and women who are
inquired into the fundamental nature of the self.
_____________________2. A person, who was named after a saint most probably will not
became an actual saint.
_____________________3. The self is not a static thing.
_____________________4. The buddhas were the ones who seriously questioned myths and
moved away from them I attempting to understand reality and respond to perennial questions of
the curiosity.
______________________5. Socrates is the teacher of Thomas Aquinas.
______________________6. Augustine’s, claimed in his dialogs that Socrates affirmed that the
unexamined life is not worth living..
______________________7. According To Plato, everyman is composed of body and soul.
______________________8. Every human person is dualistic.
______________________9. The body is bound to die on earth.
______________________10. An aspect of man dwells in the world, and in is imperfect and
continuously yearns to be with the Divine and the other is capable of reaching Christianity.
_______________________11. Plato agreed that humans is a bifurcated nature.
_______________________12. Our self is a static thing that one is simply born with a mole on
one’s face., or is just assigned by ones parent just like a name.
______________________13. The soul is what animates the body; it is what makes us a human.
______________________14. Thomas Aquinas, is the most eminent 13th century and scholar.
_______________________15. According to Rene Descartes, the self is nothing else but a
bundle of expressions.
_______________________16. David Hume is the father of modern Philosophy.
_______________________17. Rene Descartes is A Scottish philosopher.
_______________________18. Cogito ergo sum is a latin word means “self”
_______________________19. The cells in a mans body are more than the cells of an animal.
_______________________20. The goal of every human person is to attain this communion and
bliss with the divine by living his life on earth in virtue.


DIRECTIONS: Write on the space provided your correct answer.
________________1. He is the student of Socrates.
________________2. His view of the human person reflects the entire spirit of the medieval
world when it comes to a man.
________________3 in this philosopher every man is composed of body and soul.
_______________4. What does “cogito ergo sum” means?
_______________5. He is the teacher of Plato.
_______________6. He was the first philosopher, who ever engaged in a systematic questioning
about the self.
_______________7. He is the Scottish philosopher, has a very unique way of looking at a man.
_______________8. It is the school of thought that espouses the idea that knowledge can only
be possible, if it is sensed and experienced. According to this philosopher, self is a bundle or
collection of different perceptions, which succeed each other with an inconceivable rapidity and
are in perpetual flux and movement.
________________9. He is the eminent of the 13th century scholar.
________________10. He is the father of modern philosophy.
_________________11. He said that the body, is just nothing else, but just a machine, that is
attached to the mind.
__________________12. He recognizes the veracity of Hume’s account that according to him
everything start with the perception and sensation of impressions.
__________________13. He solves the mind-body dichotomy that has been running for a long
time in history.
___________________14. He is a phenomenologist who asserts that the mind-body bifurcation
has been going on for a long time is a futile endeavor and in valid problem.
____________________15. He is the proponent of vovo doll experiment.
_____________________16. For him, the cartesian problem is nothing else but plain
_____________________17. According to him, without the self, one cannot organize the
different impressions that one gets in relation to his own existence.
______________________18. According to him, what truly matters, is the behavior that a
person manifest in his day to day life.
______________________19. He said that one’s body Is his opening toward his existence to the
_______________________20. According to him that sex is a primary needs of a person.
_______________________21. It is the basic object, of our experience or sensation.
_______________________22. According to this philosophers, that the Cartesian Dualism, has
spelled so much devastation in the history of man
_______________________23.he argues that the self is nothing like what his predecessors
thought of it.
_______________________24. According to this philosopher, an aspect of man dwells in the
world and is imperfect and continuously yearns to be with divine and the other is capable of
reaching immortality.
What are the 4 appetitive soul according to Plato? (1-4)
Who are the 9 philosophers in the history of the philosophy about self? (5-13)
What are the 2 categorized philosophies about self-according to Hume. (14-15)
According to Merleau-Ponty there are 3 types of living body (16-18)
Aside from the 9 philosophers, that we’ve been discussed, there are more 5 philosophers, that
were concerned in the how the world is really made who are they according to Socrates and
Plato. (19-23)
Who are the 2 famous philosophers among of them (24-25)?


1) What is Self? (30pts)
2) How would you characterize your self? (30pts.)
3) What makes you stand out from the rest of your classmates? (30 pts. )
4) How has your self transformed itself? (40 pts.)
5) What do you mean with the statement “ I think Therefore I am”? (40 pts. )

“ siguraduhin ang sagot!, kung ako ang napili mo, huwag monang ibaling ang atensyon mo
sa iba. Konte na nga lang ngayun ang tapat sa isa. Pati ba naman ikaw magdadalawang isip
pa. 😊 “

Ms. Glorie Jane F. Yu
Understanding Self Instructor