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The importance of communication in business

Communication in business becomes important in everything that concerns everything in

business to avoid misunderstanding. when communication can be carried out

appropriately, it will not lead to different perceptions between information providers and

information recipients.

2. Verbal Communication and NonVerbal Communication

Verbal Communication is a form of communication delivered by the communicator to the

communicant in written or oral manner. Verbal communication occupies a large portion.

Because in reality, ideas, thoughts or decisions, more easily conveyed verbally than non-

verbal. With hope, the communicant (both listeners and readers) can more easily

understand the messages conveyed

Example: verbal communication through verbal can be done using the media, for

example someone who is conversing by telephone. While verbal communication

through writing is done indirectly between the communicator and the


Nonverbal communication is a process of communication where messages are

conveyed using no words.

Examples of nonverbal communication are using gestures, body language, facial

expressions and eye contact

3. Formal Communication and Informal Communication

Formal communication is a process of communication that is official and is usually

carried out in formal institutions through command lines or is instructive in nature.

This communication is carried out in formal or official situations such as official

meetings, project discussion meetings, using good and correct language. Email

communication is often formal and uses formal language, especially in professional


Informal communication is a process of communication that is between the formal or

official with the informal or informal. This type of communication is usually in the form

of communication related to personal relationships.

This communication is carried out in informal situations, using everyday language

4. Communication Process

Based on the chart or picture of the communication process, a message, before

sending, is first encoded into symbols that can use the message that the sender

actually wants to convey .

The message from the communicator will be sent to the recipient through a particular

channel or media. The message received by the recipient through symbols, will then be

transformed back into a language that is understood according to the mind of the recipient

so that it becomes the expected message

The final outcome expected from the communication process is so that the actions or

changes in the attitude of the recipient in accordance with the wishes of the sender.

However, the meaning of a message is influenced by how the recipient feels the message

according to the context.

The feedback shows that the communication process occurs in two directions, meaning

that individuals or groups can function as senders as well as recipients and each interact

with one another.

5. Barriers in communication

Personal barriers

Personal barriers are barriers that occur in communication participants

Personal barriers in communication include attitudes, emotions, stereotyping, prejudice,

bias, and others


Communicating in an environment that is less supportive of communicating well, such as

being close to a machine that makes noise can interfere with the communication process.

The words spoken by the sender may not be received perfectly, and in the end can cause

misinterpretation of the message intended by the sender


The physical limitations of the sender and the recipient can be obstacles to effective

communication. For example if the sender of the message has physical limitations to

speak like mute or otherwise the recipient of the message has physical limitations to

hearing such as deaf so this has the potential to be an obstacle to effective



Psychological factors can be obstacles to the creation of effective communication. If

the sender and / or recipient are in a psychological state that is less likely to

communicate healthily, for example in a state of anger, then this has the potential to be

an obstacle to effective communication