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t ‘Toronto ___ + District Blaydon Public School Senoa 2p om 9 go eM. Dear Parenis/Guardlans ‘As you may have sean in mecia reperts over the weekend, police released information ‘about an incident that occurred in our community Friday afternoon after dismissal. Police have reported that at approximately 9:90 pm, wile walking in the community, a student was approached by an unknown male. The man grabbed her, covered her mouth vith his hand, and dragged her towards an SUV. Fortunately, she was able to get away. ‘We know that ths incident is of great concern to you as parents and our entire school ‘community. Safety isan important priority for our community. At Biaydon PS we have Increased our viglance during school hours and staff willbe reviewing with students the kinds of precautions they can lake to safeguard themselves, Parents are also ‘encouraged to reinforce with your children commen steetproofing and safety procedures, Below, you wil ind a helpful list fr discussing street safety with your children) chicken shoul: ‘© Always walk with a buddy to and from schoo! ‘= Always tell your parents where you are and ensure you have permission tobe out for lunch; 1 Ifyeu'see suspicious activi or strangers, ust your instints and go toa safe place; When help is needed, goto the nearest siore or schoo, the home of fiend or run towards 2 group of people or a parent with children; if someone grabs you, SCREAM and RUN; Never approach or enter a stranger's car Ifa cars following you or a stranger, change directions and run; ‘Say 'NO’if an adult wants you to do something you knows wrong: Know your name, address and phone number, know that police officers are friends and can help you, ‘Tell your parents of teacher whenever someone tals you ina way that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsefe, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS; \We are including a brief description ofthe individuat ‘The man is described as white, 40-50 years old 5 hat. + Howas wearing a blue and pink tshirt, grey sweat pants, and black dress shoas ‘+ He drove what is beloved to be a red Mazda CX-5 with tinted windows skinny build, with short grey Social work suppert will be made available to al our students who are understandably Upset and wish fo talk about the incident. We have also been in contact withthe TOSB's Caring and Safe Schools staf. “Thank you for your suppor. f you have any questions, please fee ree to contact me at the school at 416-395-2070. lg arf Principal Streetproofing Tips Elementary ‘Atschool the safety of your childs our most important priory. We ein you tokeep your shoal staff up toate with our adres, phone numba, chilare rangement to winem your chi may be eeased tc Weal ancaurage you nat permit your cil ta make sitemate rangement arto inch how they arena inch prograrn Weneed youto let us know abou ary changes of outne anda sgn your Cini ‘they ate ating lt or leaving eaifor any reason. The Toronto Police streetprofing pag encourages you toteach yourci + fisher name, aes, phone number + toDial9.1-1inan emergency + to communicate with you when they fel unsafe rafal + toFaep you informed as tohither whereabouts tal ties + evertoadmitt beingalone in the home when answering he telephone «never tole strangers int the house or answer the door when alone + never toapproich or enter astrangerscarochitchhike + never totrevel or play lone aay be wth rends + to ust their felings an 9y°NOto an adult if tht adult wants them todo something thatis wrong + nottoacceptgitsfomstrangers + totell you someone has asked them to keepasecet fom you + thatno an has the ight to touch any part of his/her body that abthing suit would cover + thatifhe/sheisbeing followed, or approached to closely to runhom or goto theneaestpubl place andacktorhelp| + torepar te your schoo authorities ora plc oficr nyane who act sully towards hin er + never to playin deserted buldngs orislated areas + never enter anyone's home without yourpermision + toaveid aking shortcuts tnough parks and els + neverto show hsther money and, fatacke, to getup rather than skinjury + tobeanareof ister surroundings and not be disracted-never tert and walk r wearhesdphonesor cearbudstoplayloud mos + thata police officers end who can always beraled upon when hey she slost or need asitance Togere, we cn keep Ou Stion! ane community 2 sae erronment oor een,