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Carew’s Grade 9 Class News Letter

Welcome everyone!
My name is Myken Carew, and I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your student this
year. I have numerous new activities planned and can’t wait to get started!
Throughout the class we will be following the Alberta Physical Education Program of studies, and from it four
general curricular outcomes (GLO) which are: Activity, Benefits of Health, Cooperation and Do It Daily… For Life.
These outcomes will serve as a guideline for all activities throughout the year and will be utilized daily to assess
students in their learning.
Physical Education is grounded on 8 core competencies based on skills, knowledge, and attitude enabling
students to develop and apply this knowledge to further their learning, and amalgamate into their day to day lives.
The competencies consist of critical thinking, problem solving, managing information, creativity and innovation,
communication, collaboration, cultural and global citizenship, and personal growth and well-being. Through
promoting development of the competencies students are better able to achieve success in the curricular outcomes
and transfer and apply their knowledge to new situations. Activities presented will value the competences, and build
upon them for your students’ future success.
My goal for students is simple; have students throughout the duration of the year make personal growth
through achieving their goals, as well as develop an appreciation for leading an active and healthy life style.
Throughout the rest of the news letter, I will further highlight my personal philosophy for teaching, classroom
expectations, large projects for the year based off of the GLO’s, and the instructional strategies I intend to utilize, in
order to provide a through understanding of my physical education class.

Inclusion for All Involvement and Understanding

There will be a variety of known and never My goal is to Cultivate a caring gymnasium where
before played games, providing each student students feel safe, comfortable and valued in, which
with the opportunity to learn something new. ultimately determines student’s willingness to
This allows for all students to be at an equal skill participate and try new things within the class. Through
level and have an enhanced opportunity for making sure there is always something for every
success. While also providing students a choice student to do regardless of skill level (or injury) and
in the activities, offers a greater possibility to
keeping them involved in the activity, students are able
find an activity the entire class enjoys. Through
to feel they are always apart of the class. I also intend
all of the activities presented in class, it is
to provide continuous feedback to the students, and
fundamental to get to know the students and
build on their interests, to ensure they each have take interest in their learning, and getting to know
the opportunity to enjoy an activity in physical them both help in developing a positive classroom
education. community.

My Teaching Philosophy
As a teacher the most important thing I want to do is to make a long-lasting impression on students, and enhance their
positive outlook on their own wellbeing. Building rapport through being patient, recognizing their achievements, and
taking interest in their overall learning.
I believe in physical education every student deserves an educator who is truly involved with their class, in order to
foster a safe environment, in pursuit of ample engagement. Furthermore, students should be offered the ability to
“think outside the box”, explore, create, discover, and become involved in their learning. Through exposing them to
new and innovative opportunities in correlation with enhancing their wellness.
This Years Big Projects & Goals
Here is an overview of projects students will be
involved in this year and what they will entail. Each
of the projects is linked to a general learning
outcome(s) and will enhance student’s abilities in
each of the 8 physical education core competencies.
All of these projects will be ongoing throughout the
year, and are intended to guide student learning,
and encourage students to make their own self

“Group’s Got Skill’s” “Nutrition and Wellness Tracking Journal”

There are many ways to learn new skills but Have you ever wondered how healthy you
what better way then to learn them from one actually are? This year we will dive into
another? nutrition and wellness and begin to understand
 Students will be divided into groups of 4 why they are so important!
and asked to break down skills for each  Throughout the year students will track
unit. their diet, water intake, sleep duration and
 Each group will be presenting one skill per their activity every day.
unit.  Each week students adjust their short term
 They will have their choice of creating a goals (i.e. drinking 1L of water daily, or
video, presenting in person in the form of a running 30 minutes every day).
skit or with the use of puppets/visual aids,  There will be monthly journal checks to
other manners in which to present will also hold students accountable for their goals.
be considered with approval before hand.


“On going Phys Ed Etiquette” “SMART Goals Punch Card”

This year will present itself with many new  Students will learn to set SMART goals in
opportunities that will bring new challenges, order to have them take some
and foster students personal growth. responsibility for their learning, and have a
 Students will participate in group work say in what they accomplish.
 Students will bring a positive attitude and a  Students will receive punch cards (with 6+
willingness to try new things to every class hole punches to complete their goal) to
 Students will treat others with respect write their goals on, each time they make
 Students will be punctual and in progress towards achieving that goal they
appropriate attire for each class (will be receive a hole punch, once completed
provided if necessary)
hang it on the board and start a new goal.
All of the above will be addressed daily through
(Individualized goals)
the use of videos, photos, surveys, entrance and
exit slips to ensure all students are able to make  These goals will be related to fitness
the most out of the activities. activities and will be tracked during class
time over the course of the year.


Main Instructional Strategies & Class
Expectations Classroom Expectations
Cooperative Learning
 Students as with any class are
I utilize cooperative learning throughout the entire intended to be on-time and
course as part of every unit. Having students work as a prepared. They are expected to be
group fostering interaction and providing each student in the proper attire (runners and
equal opportunity to succeed through taking on gym clothes) as this is crucial for
different roles as part of a large group. Which provides personal hygiene.
students with the ability to become involved with their
 Students are expected to treat one
own learning and that of others through group teaching
another and the equipment with
respect, as well as take
Personalized System for Instruction (PSI) responsibility for their actions.
 They will also be in charge of
After introducing students to new skills, I would use
creating their own goals intended
PSI in order for students to become more independent
to be achieved throughout the
in using the skills. Offering the opportunity for them to
duration of the course.
take charge of there learning, working at their own
 Students will also practice good
pace, and enabling the ability to provide an increased
sportsmanship and cooperation
amount of feedback.
with others, in order to get the
most out of all activities.
Sport Evaluation Model  Use I CAN statement’s as much
as possible!
I would introduce the sport evaluation model in a team
game aspect in the form of a tournament, to increase
engagement for those students who may otherwise not
be interested. It offers the ability for all students to
become competent through different modalities, to
understand the rules of the game, and become
enthusiastic about different components of the sport.

Additional Strategies
Direct Instruction: Will be utilized to highlight safety
expectations when introducing a new activity, and
within the first two days of each new unit to ensure an
understanding of the activity and relevant etiquette to
Peer Teaching: Having students teach one another
allows them to have some autonomy of their learning,
and helps them to self analyze their own abilities to
becoming more confidant in teaching their peers. This
also provides a social aspect to fitness, fostering
positive relations.
Additional Information & Implementations
Health & Well-being Dealing with Conflict
Physical education offers students with amazing Conflict happens, when it does I have many strategies
health benefits. Students after participating will of dealing with it in the best manner I see fit, and with
be equipped with the necessary knowledge minimal exclusion.
regarding their health and well-being. Through 1. Use verbal warnings/ reminders to bring the
both their fitness and wellness journal and rule being broken to the student’s attention.
attainment of their SMART goals students will 2. Use of a conflict corner have a paper with a
personally grow and increase their overall well-
to have them take responsibility for their
being. By having students recognize the life actions and re-think what they could have done
long benefits of exercise and healthy eating. differently.
3. If the behaviour continues have them stay after
class to put equipment away (equipment
4. If it persists, have the student take time out of
play and fill out a time out form to bring home
and have their parents sign before the
following class (if not signed call home).
Grounds for immediate removal: Only in the case
that one student intentionally injures/ or causes harm
to another student.

Student Choice Box! As part of the program of study, students will be
Students throughout the year will have the introduced to a variety of gymnastics
opportunity to write down their suggestions for movements and formations throughout the year,
what they would like to do in the class that day/ and as part of its own unit. For the unit students
which activity they would like to have as a unit learn a variety of skills leading up to competing
of it’s own. They will add their suggestions to as part of an “Olympic team” with a twist of an
the box and periodically throughout the year I “amazing race” (this is the PSI model in action).
will pull different activities from the box to try Gymnastics promotes flexibility, balance, body
in class! support, and increased coordination, all of
This gives students an opportunity to have which are essential in every other sport setting.
activities they really enjoy, and allows them to It is important to highlight that students will be
be creative and innovative with their ideas, and participating to be able to address safety, and
most importantly promoting engagement concerns around safety early on.
through student autonomy.