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1 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

1. Introduction:
Adjustable wrench has become a part of every toolbox. There are different types of
adjustable wrenches and they are used depending upon the type of workpiece we are
working on. In this project, I have designed an adjustable wrench using CAD software and
using the knowledge of manufacturing processes I have elaborated the manufacturing
processes to manufacture it in industry using mass production.
2. Materials:
In industry, adjustable wrenches are manufactured using high-quality alloy steel as it is apt
for applying heat treatment processes. The phosphating and chromed plating surface heat
treatment applications are applied for enhancing corrosion resistance. The materials are
hardened and tempered. (Page No.13 Section 1.5, Page No,122 Chapter 4)

3. Design:
This Product i.e. Adjustable wrench is designed in Solidworks 2018 (CAD Software) and
considering the its adjustability (0-30 mm and it shows that we can adjust it till 30 mm max
to open a bolt of 30 mm) I designed it handle long enough to provide enough leverage.
(Page No.1 Section 1.2)
4. Manufacturing Processes:
Using my knowledge of manufacturing processes and considering the design and parts I
specified the process Concept of DFMA is used (Page No.10 Section 1.3)
 Part Manufacturing
 Assembling
 Quality Check
 Packaging

Part Manufacturing:
Part 1:
After cutting raw material, this part is prepared by drop forging and the stresses
accumulated in it are released through heat treatment and the surface is finished and then
it is sent to assembling section for further processing. Drilling operation is performed on
this part for adjusting knurl adjustment Screw. Handle & fixed jaw (Figure 1):
(Page No.357 Section 14.8, Page No.465 section 17.5)
2 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

Figure 1 (Drawing of Part 1)

Part 2:
This part is manufactured by using drop forging, heat treated, surface finished and then
sent to assembling section for further processing. Its process is same as that of handle &
fixed jaw. Movable jaw (Figure 2)
(Page No.357 Section 14.8)
3 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

Figure No.2 (Drawing of part 2)

Part 3:
Knurled adjustment screw is manufactured from circular raw material. Knurling and
dimension adjustment are done on lathe. Knurled adjustment screw (Figure 3):
(Page No. 628 Section 23.2)
4 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

Figure 3

Assembly units assembles all the parts manufactured in previous processes and adjustment
wrench is obtained. Further processes are applied on this manufactured part to get better
results. A drawing of assembled parts is shown in Figure 4.
(Page No.10 Section 1.3)
5 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

Figure No.4

Processes after Assembling:

Tip positioning: The tips of movable and fixed jaws are machined to balance them. A
grinder is used for this operation.
Periphery grinding: The periphery of the wrench is grinded to smoothen the jaw sides.
(Page No.465 section 17.5)

Quality Check:
After assembly product will be sent to Quality control department to check all the
dimensions and product specification, if all is okay according to design, it will be sent to
packaging department to pack it. If specifications and dimensions are not up to
requirements, it will be sent to Scarp or to repair section.
(Chapter No.35 section 35.4 & Chapter 36 section 36.2 ,36.3)
6 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

After quality check the product is packed in a plastic wrap a catalogue/user manual
will also be added in the package for ease of user. After packaging it will be sent to
Inventory/ retailer Shop.
5. Final Rendered Product:

Figure No. 5 (Final Rendered Image)

6. Applications
Adjustable wrench is used in many places. Its application area comprises plumbing, auto
mechanics, cycles and motor bikes and furniture. They are also widely used for nut and
screw breaking.
7. Conclusion
In this project, we have designed a CAD model of an adjustable wrench and Applied the
knowledge of manufacturing processes to for the production of large no of Adjustable
wrenches i.e. Mass production of Adjustable Wrenches. Processes are involved in
developing an adjustable wrench which include machining, hot and cold processing, stress
relief, heat treatment and laser marking.
7 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Wrench

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