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Sahi Pro - Introduction

Sahi is a mature, business-ready tool for automation of web application testing.

Sahi is available as an Open Source free product and as Sahi Pro, the commercial version.
For testing teams in product companies and captive IT units which need rapid reliable web automation, Sahi would be
the best choice among web automation tools.

Sahi is especially suited for cross-browser/multi-browser testing of complex web 2.0 applications with lots of AJAX
and dynamic content. Sahi works well in Agile development environments, enabling rapid automation and
and easily integrating with build systems. Sahi saves time and effort with faster development, less maintenance
and fast distributed playback. Sahi runs on any modern browser which supports javascript.

Sahi Pro v5.1.2 is now available! See what's new in Sahi Pro v5.1.2!

Main differentiating features

1. Excellent recorder and object spy which works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera (and any
modern browser)
2. Playback on any desktop browser and even on mobile browsers
3. Super simple and robust object identification mechanism which works across browsers.
o Sahi does not use XPaths or css selectors. It has its own wrappers around the Javascript DOM which
are simple to use and easy to maintain.
o Sahi works even when elements do not have ids.
Sahi uses relational APIs like _in, _near, _under, _leftOf, _rightOf etc. to uniquely identify elements.
o Sahi automatically traverses across frames and iframes.
4. Sahi automatically waits for page loads and ajax activity. There is no need for adding wait statements in 95%
This reduces the code base size by 50% compared to other tools and makes the scripts robust yet easily
5. Sahi does not need the browser to be in focus.
6. Sahi can playback multiple scripts simultaneously reducing playback time.
Sahi is the only tool in the world which can run scripts in parallel on multiple instances of Internet Explorer.
7. Sahi automatically builds rich reports without adding any extra code. This keeps the script simple without any

Full feature list

 Works on any browser which supports Javascript and Proxy; this includes almost all desktop and mobile browsers
 Powerful recorder and Object Identifier which works across browsers
 Intuitive and simple APIs
 Javascript based scripts for good programming control
 Version Controllable text-based scripts
 In-built reports
 In-built multithreaded or parallel playback of tests
 Scripts do not need the browser window to be in focus, making scripts very stable
 Command line and ant support for integration into build processes
 Supports external proxy, HTTPS, 401 & NTLM authentications
 Supports browser popups and modal dialogs
 Supports AJAX and highly dynamic web applications
 Scripts very robust
No wait statements required even for AJAX and page loads
Intuitive APIs like _near and _in eliminates need for XPaths
 Works on applications with random auto-generated ids
 Very lightweight and scalable
 Can directly invoke Java code from scripts. This is used to access databases, read pdf files, connect to another
machine via ssh etc.
 Supports data-driven testing. Can connect to database, Excel or CSV file.
 Can call any command line program

Browser Support

Sahi supports any browser which runs javascript and allows setting a proxy.
This covers almost all desktop and mobile browsers.

Browser Versions

Internet Explorer 6+

Mozilla Firefox 2+

Google Chrome 6+

Safari 5+

Opera 9+

PhantomJS 1+

Sahi Name
Sahi means "Right", "Correct", "Apt" or "Cool" in Hindi.