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Delta thanks US-based hearing

Foundation for free hearing aids anew


CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – Governor Dennis “Delta” Pineda has expressed his
gratitude to Starkey Hearing Foundation and to the efforts of the University of Santo
Tomas (UST) in providing millions worth of free hearing aid tools to thousands of people
in the province who have hearing loss.

“We are so much indebted and appreciative to Starkey Foundation led by Dr. Bill Austin,
his wife and to the staff of UST because providing hearing aid to thousands of
beneficiaries who have hearing loss is such a great achievement as hearing plays a
major role in peoples’ quality of life - from emotional well-being and physical health. I am
requesting that this will be done annually here. Just imagine the amount of help given to
us for free,” the governor said.

He said that Starkey and UST are not just instrumental in providing hearing aid tools but
the most important is that they give the hearing impaired the opportunity to enjoy the
sounds of laughter, music, nature or conversations with family and friends.

“With the Starkey’s mission of ‘So, the World May Hear’, a lot lives were changed for the
better. Thousands hear for the first time and many were given the second chance to
hear. These undeniably, make moments more memorable and life more enjoyable,” he

Governor Delta also shared that he was moved as he sees hearing-impaired patients
cry as they hear for the first time through the hearing aids given by Starkey.

“Putting this up and seeing everyone work together is really what keep us leaders do
what we love to do and that is to provide love and joy to our people through the services
offered by the government through the assistance of non-government organizations like
Starkey,” he further shared.

This holds true during the two-day mission of Starkey together with UST medical staff
through the Provincial Government of Pampanga held at Bren Z. Guiao Convention
Center here.

During the event, the hearing-impaired were given free hearing aid kits, lifetime supply
of battery and aftercare services.

Bill Austin, founder of Starkey Hearing Foundation, personally led the activity together
with his team and other medical volunteers in the province and from other private
This was the third visit of Starkey since their first hearing mission in Pampanga way
back in 2018.

According to Austin, the provincial government has been very supportive and
accommodating in putting their visions into life.

“The provincial government has been so nice. That’s why we keep on coming back.
They’re so gracious, we feel so good about doing the work here. Everyone is working
together to find more patients, so all may hear,” Austin shared.

Austin said the leadership of the mother and son tandem is so outstanding. “You can
sense the amount of love and compassion they have for their people, which make them
stand out from other politicians in the country,” Austin said.

To date, more than 4,000 Kapampangans have already benefited from the hearing aid
program of the hearing Foundation.
Hearing loss impacts all aspects of your life
Hearing loss impacts our emotional well-being

When we hear our best, there’s nothing stopping us from enjoying the sounds of
laughter, music, nature or conversations with family and friends. Hearing these sounds
help fuel us, and undeniably make moments more memorable and life more enjoyable.

When hearing is impaired, those sounds we’ve taken for granted fade — leading to a
cascade of changes that could impact us emotionally.

 Hearing loss might cause embarrassment

 Missing favorite sounds might lead to sadness
 Missing critical information could create anxiety
 Not hearing conversations clearly might lead to feeling left out
 And feeling left out can lead to depression and social isolation