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Personal Data
Place and Date of Birth: CHENNAI | 9th March 1995
Address: 129B Poojithas Waterfront, Tadepalli, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh-522501
Phone: +91-9542872418

Previous Internships
Jan-Jul 2016 Industrial Intern
Deloitte Consulting US India, HYDERABAD
I joined as Business Technology Analyst and was allotted SAP Service Line and worked
on SAP-ABAP. I worked on Conversions and Enhancements part of RICEFW. I was given
Functional Specifications from SAP FI Module team and used to create Technical Specifi-
cations and implement it in SAP R3 Software.

May-Jul 2015 Research Intern

Osmania University, HYDERABAD
I worked under Dr. Maredu Venkat Dass, Head of Department of CSE on a live project. I
built an interactive website connecting patients and doctors. Its like a Social Networking
website where patients and doctors are created accounts and they can interact on line.
Doctor can post his Schedules and Patient his ailments. I used MYSQL Server to maintain
the database and HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Php to make the website.

Winter, Dec 2014 Project Intern

I worked under Dr. Jyotsula Umakant, SC-G, Project Director NGARM, D.R.D.L. Hyderabad.
I created User Interfaces in Java for Data transmission under MIL-STD 1553 protocol.

May 2018 M.Tech in Digital Signal Processing, IIST TRIVANDRUM. GPA: 8.06/10

May 2016 B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering




Conferences and Workshops

• Attended and presented a Case Study Paper titled “Renewable Energy Systems in Green
Buildings with Case Study on Indira Paryawaran Bhavan, New Delhi” at The Interna-
tional Student Conference, TISC-IIT BOMBAY on Jan 3rd 2015.
• Selected for attending a one week DIy workshop from 7th -13th July organised by BITS
HYDERABAD and MIT MEDIA LAB. Designed a prototype for security of blind persons.
• Gave a Motivational Speech at KLMDC Seminar Hall, IIM AHMEDABAD on March 3rd
2013 in connection with 150th birthyear celebrations of Swami Vivekananda.
• Selected for attending Shaastra Symposium at IIT MADRAS on January 8th 2013. Won
2nd prize for our presentation on “Juvenile Delinquency.”
• Awarded 12,400 M.Tech fellowship every month from Government of India.
• Won 2nd prize in Hindi Elocution conducted by Hindi section of IIST as part of Hindi
Month Celebrations in September 2016.
• Won “Cleanest Room- Halls of Residence Men” Award twice during B.Tech in 2013, 2014.
• Twice Conference out from Air Force Selection Board (2-AFSB Mysore) interview.
• Served as Election Commissioner for 3 years 2013-2016 in Student Body Government of
• Successfully completed a course on Digital Signal Processing taught by Martin Vetterli
and Paolo Prandoni and earned a Certificate issued by “Ecole Polytechnique Federale
De Laussane” on coursera during the Summer of 2014.
• Won 1Lac Rupees in “Sri Gayatri Quiz Competion” conducted and aired by ETV2 Channel
in 2010 during my 10th Class.
• Served as Head Boy and Vice Captain during 10th and 9th classes.

Computer Skills
Basic Knowledge: MSSQL, CCS, html, css, php, Bootstrap
Intermediate Knowledge: C, MATLAB, Python, LATEX, SAP-ABAP

• I worked on IRNSS Receiver Design under C.R. Venkatesh, Principal Project Officer of
Dr. K Giridhar, Senior Professor, Dept of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras.

Interests and Activities

• Like travelling, exploring new Cultures, learning new Indian Languages.
• Interested in Political Debates, Constitutional Law and Indian Democracy.
• Interested in teaching. I took Maths Home tuition’s for 11th , 12th class students in
Summers of 2013 and 2014.
• Interested in giving Motivational talks and won many prizes for debates, elocution’s,
quizzes during school level.

Telugu: Native/ Bilingual Proficiency
Tamil: Professional Working Proficiency
Hindi: Full Professional proficiency
Kannada: Elementary proficiency
Malayalam: Elementary proficiency
Grades of Core Courses in Undergraduation
Exam Grade Credits (L+T+C)
Introduction to Communication Systems 8 4.5
Signals and Systems 8 4
Analog Electronics 9 4.5
Analog and Digital Communication 9 4.5
Digital Signal Processing 9 4.5
Advanced Digital Signal Processing) 9 4.5

Introduction to Programming 7 4.5

Object Oriented Programming 7 4.5
Computer Organisation 7 4.5
Database Management Systems 7 4.5

Basic Electronic Circuits 9 4.5

Digital Logic Design 8 4.5
Introduction to VLSI 8 4.5
Embedded Hardware Design 7 4.5

Calculus and Complex Variables 8 3

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics 8 3
Probability and Statistics 9 3
Algebraic Structures 8 3

Electromagnetic Theory 9 3
Modern Optics 10 3
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 10 3

Grades of Courses in Post Graduation

Exam Grade Grade Points
Digital Image Processing 9 3
Pattern Recognition and Classification 9 3
Communication Systems-I 9 3
Mathematics for Signal Processing 9 3
Advanced Signal Processing 7 3

Statistical Signal Processing 9 3

Communication Systems - II 9 3
Soft computing and its Application in Signal Processing 9 3
Computer Vision 9 3
Digital Signal Processors for Real Time Applications 8 3