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Vitnrnin B,?. Merck Service Bulletin. Merck and Veterinary Anaesthesia. 4th ed. By John G.
Co., Inc., Chemical Division, Rahway, hTew Wright. The Williams 81 Wilkins Company,
Jersey, 1958. 193 pp. 15 X 23 cm. Baltimore, 1957. xiii + 317 pp. 14 X 22 cm.
This latest volume in the series of Merck Service Price $5.75.
Bulletins presents a comprehensive coverage of This fourth edition of a book which apparently
information on vitamin B,?. It is directed partic- has had wide use in Great Britain since 1841 has bee.1
ularly to the pharmaceutical manufacturer, but it brought up to date and represents the latest ac-
contains much information of interest to others in cepted procedures in presurgical and surgical anes-
pharmacy and related fields. Author and subject thesia in farm animals, pets, and laboratory animals.
indexes are appended. T h e text is divided into 33 chapters and a n index is
Czerhoslorcik Fine Chenzicals Standards. 1.01. 2.
M. Sedeljak, editor. Chemapol, Praha 11, Dynamic Anatomy and Physiology. By L. L
Czechoslovakia, 1957. 414 pp. 12 X 21 cm. Langley, E. Cheraskin, and Ruth Sleeper. Mc-
This book (in English) is published by Chemapol, Graw-Hill Book Company, Inc., New York, 1958.
a foreign trade corporation for the import and export viii +
719 pp. 15.5 X 23 cm. Price $6.
of chemical products and raw materials. It is the This textbook presents a concise course on anat-
revised edition of Vol, 1, which was reviewed in THIS omy with the study of function or physiology iti-
JOURSAL,45, 820( 1956). tegrated into the instructive requirements for junior
college or college courses for nursing students. The
Cahiers de Synthfse Organique. 1-01. 4. By Jean text has many illustrations and includes a color atlas
Mathieu and Andre Allais. Masson e t Cie., 120, of the human body. An index is appended.
Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 6, France, 1958.
2 2 pp. 15 X 22 cm. Price 5500 F.
Clinical Enzymology. Edited by Gustav J. Martin.
This fourth volume continues the series relative
to the elaboration o f molecular structures. I t in-
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 1958. viii +
241 pp. 15 X 23.5 cm. Price $6.
cludes acylation in aliphatic and aromatic series,
This book presents the case for the parenteral ad-
and bifunctional condensations. Each chapter
ministration of enzymes. The text is divided under
presents a graphic synopsis; a discussion of the
the headings: Protein biology, Chemistry of enzymes
related principles; descriptions of the mechanisms,
used clinically, Biochemistry of enzymes used clini-
applications, and reactions; and a tabulation of
cally, P a r e n t e d use of enzymes in medicine, Diag-
starti ig materials, products obtaiiied, condensing
nostic use of enzymes, Polymerases in biology, and
agents and solvents, yields, and references. A reca-
Recapitulation and perspectives for clinical enzy-
pitulative table of the functional groups and the
mology. References are given for each chapter and
created arrangements coveri-ig vols. 1 to 4 are in-
a subject index is appended.

Prinriples of Resmrrh in Biology and Medicine. By dlethods in Medical Research. Vol. 7. Warren 1..
Dwight J. Ingle. J. B. Lippincott Company, Warren, editor-in-chief. The Year Book Pub-
Philadelphia, 1958. xv + 123 pp. 15 X 23 cin. lishers, Inc., Chicago, 1958. xiii +237 pp. 14
Price $4.75. X 21.5 m i . Price $7.50.
This book is directed to students who are preparing This volume, the seventh in the series, is divided
for or are beginning research in microbiology and into four main sections in which the contributed
medicine. I t is written in a style t h a t should hold articles were grouped by the associate editors under
the student’s interest while informing him of the the headings: Chemical investigation of muscular
proper mental approach to scientific experimentation tissues, Hemodynamic methods-heart and lungs,
in general and to the selected field in particular. Methods for the study of human leukocytes, and
The author states: “The student of truth must also Methods for study of the histology and cytology of
study error,. . . .” and he gives 28 fallacies t h a t apply the retina. References are given for each article,
to experimentation. I t is a good book for any ex- and subject and name indexes are appended.
Inn Exrhange Resins. 2nd ed. By Robert Kunin.
The Cheinislry and Chemotherapy of Tuberculosis. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1958. xiii
3rd ed. B y Esmorid R. Long. T h e IVilliarns & + 466 pp. 15 X 23 cm. Price 811.
n’ilkins Company, Baltimore, 1958. xviii + The second edition of this book is designed to
450 pp. 15 X 23 cm. Price $12. serve the purpose of an introductory text and appli-
This third edition follows the style and chapter cations guide, just as was the first edition, which was
arrangement of the second edition but the text has reviewed in THISJOURNAL,40, 219(1951). How-
been rewritten to include the many recent advances ever, many of the developments have grown to such
in this field. Section I on Chemistry of Tubercle irnportancc during the last eight years that whole
Bacilli covers all aspects from structure and stain- chapters arc devoted to them instead of the sentence
ing to biologic activity of components. Section I1 or paragraph in the first edition, e. g., perrnselective
includes nine chapters under Chemical Changes in membranes, hydrometallurgy, sugar refining, and
the Tuberculous Host, and Section I11 includes specific exchange resins. T h e alphabetical list of
eleven chapters on the Chemotherapy of Tuber- numbered references (referred to by number in the
culosis. Each chapter has its references and a good text) includes 1,170 entries. Tabulated data, as
index is appended. well as author and subject indexes, are appended.