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Eros A. Atalia



 How can character’s behavior, narrative events, and/or images be explained in terms of
psychoanalytic concepts of any kind?

Intoy, as a main character of the story he often experiences doubts to himself if he could do that thing.
For example, Intoy was in love with Doray but he knows Doray was a prostitute, he wants to do something
with her but he is doubting because he does not have money to pay Doray to help her feed her siblings
because he felt pity because of the red tide they experience from the sea. He already knows that thing is

Doray, because she did not study at school and was left by parent, she acts like a parent to her siblings.
However, because she is uneducated, she cannot find proper job to sustain the needs of her siblings like
food and water. She had no choice but to sell her body to fishermen and act like a prostitute during the
night to earn money because she knows that she will earn a lot of money in prostitution than selling a

 What does the work suggest about the psychological being of its author?

 What might a given interpretation of a literary work suggest about the psychological motives of the

 Are there prominent words in the piece that could have different or hidden meaning? Could will there
be a subconscious?


Summary: KAYO NA BAHALA DITO!! Omae wa mou shindeiru!!

Observation about the author’s style of writing:

-The author uses flashbacks in the story, he make the story from present to past and then vice versa, he uses symbolism that
are related to their marine fishing life to lessen the explicitness of the context of the story, the continuity of the story was
consistent, he uses slang and vulgar words because it was appropriate in the setting of the story which is in poor place. For
them, it is already part of their culture which they are used to it and this was already part of their social norms.
Three figures of speech used in the text:

-irony, metaphor, simile

Climax of the story:

-The climax of the story is the part where Doray asks Intoy to come in her house to have interaction with him.
Initial reaction of the story:

-My initial reaction of the story was I thought it would focus on the lives of the fishermen rather than relationship between the

What are the developmental challenges that the adolescent characters (Intoy, Doray, Yeyeng Tikol, Boyet Bagol)
face? Were they able to resolve it? Why or why not?

-Intoy was a 16-year old boy that grows mussels as his main source of income. When he was child, his father died when his
father died by jumping off the dock while he was drunk while her mother rumored that she got to province with a bus driver. At the age of
five when Bertong Baka pushed him past the dock. From then on, Intoy learned how to swim secretly.
-Berto became bus cleaner.
-Boyet Bagol was a mischievous boy of them because since he was young, he was already thieving and became known stealer
in town and often pummeled by local townsfolk for it, until he disappeared and last they heard that he was in Jail in Manila.
-Yeyeng Tikol was supposed to get higher education if only things did not got messed up, his father from Saudi was murdered.
From young age, he learn to have sexual intercourse with woman and he got addicted to drugs.
-Doray Langaw became a prostitute to earn a living to feed her younger siblings.
No except from Intoy, Intoy can’t swim at first but because of his friends teasing him he secretly start practicing how to swim at
a young age to earn a living.
What is the role of that nature and nurture played in the development of the teenagers of the story?

-As a teenager, as an adolescent, we tend to be curious and want to try and explore things like what Intoy and his
friends experience in the story. In order to survive, they took risks on doing something to earn a living a make
their tummy full. But because of their choice on how to survive, some of them chose the wrong place which some
fall into pit, some got in right track.

Some went drug addict, some got jailed, some stop their study, some got children at early age, some being a
drunkard, some became a chainsmoker but some of adolescents find some good ways to have a better life. But
those setbacks and mistakes serve as a lesson and experience in our life that make us change and improve.

IV. Conclusion

What is the relationship of the text to the real-life events (society, economy, lifestyle) and it’s context? You may
cite personal experiences.

-Intoy and his friends lives in the seaside, their source of income was fishing and growing mussels in Bila , this is their only
source of living before American Soldiers came to Cavite. Their life before was in peaceful state where they only focus on
making a living by catching fish and harvesting mussels, not until they came. The economy was boomed, the population
increased but also from time to time it was polluted. At the same time, recreation, whoring, and gambling was popularized. Also,
the Prostitution was spread in the town. Because of this, people from the mariner street attention was diverted into working in
land than making a living from the sea not only of because of competencies but also it was already polluted because of direct
waste disposal from the waste from households to sea which cause microbial growth in the sea or called red tide which kills
marine animals which includes the fish and mussels.

When American left the to transfer in Olongapo, several establishments closed, their jobs were lost, the attention went back to
the sea but they realized that the sea was already polluted filled with plastics and garbage than actual fish. That was their actual
living at the coastal part of Cavite where Mussels was their main source of income, Mussels became popular in Cavite particularly
in Kalye Marino, Cavite City.
What is the relevance of the text?

-It shows the real-life situation of being part of low-class society like Intoy, Mang Amor and his friends. They tend to have lower
income compared to middle-class and upper class people who are often consists of people who are educated professionally
with higher income. Due to the fact of their socio-economic status, most of them have no formal job, most of them have low
income and education, and most lead in Prostitution and unwanted pregnancy.
What is your realization?