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Liberalism as the best political ideology

Liberalism, fascism, and communisms are political philosophies that claim to provide liberty

and freedom to their respective states. As liberalism claims to protect and enhance individual

freedom as its central political problem, fascism also claims to have complete power over

citizens opposing and criticizing the government, and communism claiming to be an ideology

based on political, social, and economic aspects with an aim of establishing a communist

society with common ownership of property. This thus brings the question which is the

political ideology and philosophy that offers freedom and liberty to its citizens? To me,

liberalism is the best ideology and philosophy that provides liberty and freedom to its


By definition, liberalism is a response of reaction to a feudal society or government. (Szacki,

2010) the response focuses on the individuals in the society, believes in the idea that the

government should be responsible, and most importantly the ideology believes in individual

rights and freedoms. (Wissenburg, 2016) moreover, liberalism is based on ideas that man is

naturally good and the government whatsoever should not or should have little interference in

the economic and social lives of the citizens. Individual rights are the most paramount and the

people are responsible of authority. That is, they give the government the authority to rule

and can take it away at any time if they are unhappy. When people are the ones controlling

the government, then the ideology provides liberty and freedom to citizens.

Based on communism, man can be made perfect and in this way, the government can in any

way or time wither a person who does not believe in government. (Szacki, 2010) Although

the ideology claims to give liberty and freedom to the people, its main focus is to ensure that

the common good is shared among the citizens. In a communist state, people have no option

rather than accepting to be ruled until the government withers. If people are not given the

chance to rule themselves, then the ideology fails as it limits individual liberty and freedom.

Fascism believes that man needs to be controlled and the state is all what is important in that

the individual contribution is what really matters. (Payne, 2009) the ideology believes in

stability and order in the state by giving the government the power to control all the aspects

of life and the people have no right to rebel against the government. As a result, the

dictatorship environment makes the ideology to fail as it fails to provide liberty and freedom

to citizens.

Conclusively, liberalism is the best political philosophy and ideology as it provides the

people with the liberty and freedom they deserve. Compared to communism and Fascism,

liberalism believes in enhancing individual freedom as its central political problem.



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