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Real-World SD-WAN Applications

Keeping Critical Services Active During Disasters

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Using SD-WAN to Deliver Services in Remote Locations . . . . . . . 6

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The infrastructure powering the tools and applications that keep your
employees connected, your customers happy, and your business running
should be as resilient as it is flexible. We’re evolving the network into
a service-centric fabric that’s simpler, more agile, and more secure for
both enterprises and service providers. Welcome to a new era of smarter
networks. Welcome to a better-connected business.


At 128 Technology, we start with a simple idea:

The only reason you need a network is to support
the applications and services the business needs.
Our SD-WAN solution is built on our revolutionary
Secure Vector Routing standard, which means
you’ll get everything you were looking for from
SD-WAN with the enhanced security, performance,
agility, and cost savings only Session Smart™
Routing can deliver.


Security Performance
Zero Trust Security with a deny by default Better connectivity between remote
architecture in one easy-to-manage solution locations and faster access to the cloud

Agility Cost
Manage your network more efficiently— Serious software savings, cheaper data
spin up services on the fly and make global transfer, fewer redundant investments,
changes faster lower operational expenses

Learn how you can differentiate your SD-WAN service

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Real-World SD-WAN Applications | Keeping Critical Services Active During Disasters with SDN and SD-WAN

Keeping Critical Services Active During

Disasters with SDN and SD-WAN
By Caitlin Rockett

In today’s hyper-connected world, businesses need to be management, hospitals, and diagnostic labs, but also
able to access information anytime, anywhere, from any for communication and operations for emergency
device — even in remote locations or during disasters. As response teams such as paramedics, police departments,
networks grow and become increasingly more complex fire response services and the Federal Emergency
to manage, SD-WAN has emerged as a solution to better Management Agency (FEMA).
manage remote branches on a network.
Ritesh Mukherjee, product management at 128
To meet skyrocketing demands on bandwidth and Technology, explains that during a disaster, the wired
network connectivity, telecommunications providers network usually fails first.
are beginning to roll out 5G wireless technology. With
“[But] you have access to maybe 5G or satellite
significantly faster connections, shorter delays, and
connections, which you can use to quickly bring up
increased connectivity for users, 5G is capable of
services at that time,” Mukherjee says. “Having an
creating a virtual network of high-speed, low-latency
SD-WAN solution helps because you can easily reroute
connections across multiple locations.
traffic over that other network intelligently, and you can
SD-WAN optimizes the delivery of critical services to direct changes in the traffic profile — you can re-route
diverse locations across a network. An SD-WAN solution and prioritize traffic. For example, during an emergency
applies business-defined rules to the entire connectivity everyone’s going to want to go on Facebook and say,
fabric to intelligently manage connectivity, even when ‘I’m safe,’ but maybe that traffic can wait. You can
an area’s infrastructure has been impaired, such as in the prioritize emergency medical traffic or 9-11 traffic first.”
aftermath of a hurricane or a severe earthquake.
Mukherjee explains that SD-WAN centralizes parts of
This is particularly important for medical services the control plane — the part of a network that carries
that rely on connectivity, such as pharmacy signaling traffic and is responsible for routing — so

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Real-World SD-WAN Applications | Keeping Critical Services Active During Disasters with SDN and SD-WAN

changes to the control plane can be grouped and Response, Chicago Police Department, Elmore County
simultaneously managed across the entire network from Sheriff’s Office, FEMA, Seattle Fire Department, and the
a central management portal using business-defined U.S. Coast Guard.
Service providers like AT&T work with customers
“Software-defined networking allows us to abstract the to define their SD-WAN needs: What is the existing
complexities that run a network,” says Matthew Ploude, infrastructure? What are the customer application,
director of engineering for Optical Phusion, Inc. (OPI), performance, agility, and visibility needs at various
an enterprise-mobility company focused on delivering locations? And, most importantly, what are the business
solutions to the edge of retail. “A software-defined objectives the customer wants to focus on?
network allows us to have a dashboard and a system
SD-WAN is also changing how health services are
that manages itself, that’s easy to configure, easy to
managed and delivered to patients. As healthcare
deploy, and is able to figure out how to work on its own.”
providers continue to move toward cloud-based
This is a critical function for services providing time- electronic health records and telemedicine practices that
sensitive, life-saving services, and service providers have allow doctors to talk with patients remotely, SD-WAN
taken notice. In 2018, AT&T — in conjunction with the can improve and simplify internet connectivity for the
federal government — launched FirstNet, a nationwide healthcare providers.
wireless broadband network for first responders.
And the right SD-WAN solution can provide the security
FirstNet offers public safety organizations — whether
these healthcare providers need to handle sensitive
urban, rural, or tribal — a communications network built
and customized to meet their needs.
“Now that we are going over let’s say the wireless
Rupesh Chokshi, assistant vice president of AT&T,
network or the internet, we don’t have private
calls FirstNet a “dedicated super highway for first
connection,” says Mukherjee. “So security is very
important because now you’re transmitting user
“If I’m a first responder, if I’m a firefighter or a police information over open networks which can be accessed
officer, and I’m in the field and I’m utilizing my mobile by anyone else. You can’t send credit card data over the
devices, I’m leveraging the FirstNet network to be able internet and not be secure. We have strict requirements
to connect with the command and control or connect in our program. We have gone ahead and got those
back with either agency,” Chokshi says. certifications: PCI certification for retail and HIPAA
for healthcare. Because you’re going to be sending
As of May 2019, FirstNet has made more than 600,000
healthcare information over the net, so that has to be
device connections that are being used by more than
7,250 public safety agencies, including American Medical

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Going Far with SD-WAN

By Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President – Product Management, 128 Technology

Good network connectivity is difficult to find in remote to check emails, get weather updates, and process
areas. Setting up a terrestrial network can take months credit cards. These applications are low bandwidth.
and on occasion the Internet Service Provider (ISP) may They require uninterrupted connectivity.
back out of upgrading or improving the network due to
2. Sites with some high bandwidth applications:
costs and other hinderances in network build-out due to
A remote construction site that requires a video feed
the topology. Satellite internet service can be a possible
of trucks passing the gates or a remote medical
alternative through weather and high latencies can be
center offering telemedicine must support some
an issue. There is a need to connect remote sites with
applications that are high bandwidth while others
technologies that are tolerant to low bandwidths, high
that are low bandwidth . These sites require
latencies, and link degradation.
uninterrupted connectivity . In addition, they require
Requirements means to avoid congestion and prioritize
applications .
Remote sites can have varied requirements depending
on the use case and connectivity options. 3. Sites with many high bandwidth applications: An oil
rig in the middle ocean requires fast and reliable
Remote Site Use Cases
network access under difficult scenarios . They
A diner at a remote mountain resort has very different require transmitting high volumes of sensor data for
requirements from an oil rig in the ocean. It is possible analyzing seismic activity; streaming real-time video
to classify remote sites into three different classes for viewing site operations, security, and
based on the applications that they need to support: telemedicine; and support for unified
1. Sites with low bandwidth applications: A store or communications . These sites have multiple
gas station in a mountain resort requires connectivity applications that are high bandwidth . These sites
require uninterrupted connectivity, means

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to avoid congestion, and prioritize applications. In Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is a

addition, they require traffic shaping, data caching, great fit for these remote sites as it meets many of the
and error correction. requirements . However traditional WAN and legacy
SD-WAN solutions utilize tunneling technologies . These
Remote Site Connectivity Options add large overhead to packets clogging low throughput
Based on the location of the remote site there may links . They also take considerable amount of time to
be possibility of obtaining some connectivity options . reestablish tunnels in case of failures . This may cause
Some terrestrial sites may have wired connectivity with more harm to end-user experience in remote sites than
dark fiber, MPLS, metro ethernet, DSL, cable and/or T1 . benefits .
Usually most remote sites have low throughput
A SD-WAN solution capable of connecting remote sites
connections . Wireless options like 3G/4G and/or
must avoid encapsulations, support fast failovers, be
satellite may also be available . Non-terrestrial sites will
able to prioritize applications automatically, and support
probably only support satellite . The choice of
WAN optimization features .
connectivity options is heavily impacted by availability
and costs . What Next?
Solution Guidelines There is an ever-increasing need for reliable network
connectivity to remote sites . Low throughput and
Based on the use cases and connectivity options, the
high latency connections invariably plague remote site
network must support the following basic requirements:
connectivity . This means that SD-WAN solutions used
• Seamless failover utilizing heterogeneous networks for remote site connectivity must be free of
where more than one connectivity option is available encapsulation overhead, support highly reliable
for uninterrupted connectivity.
communications, and include WAN optimization . 128
• Avoid adding large encapsulations and tags to Technology has developed a Tunnel-free SD-WAN
packets that take up bandwidth, cause fragmentation, solution that meets and exceeds network connectivity
and lead to congestion.
requirements . It can be seamlessly deployed and will
• Discover and prioritize high-value applications in drastically improve end-user experience .
times of congestion.

• Utilize features such as traffic shaping, data caching,

and error correction to improve throughput.

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Real-World SD-WAN Applications | Using SD-WAN to Deliver Services in Remote Locations

Using SD-WAN to Deliver Services

in Remote Locations
By Caitlin Rockett

SD-WAN is a critical evolution in networking because “A lot of our retail customers, they’re trying to grow as
it allows IT operators to centrally manage branch fast as possible.”
locations. SD-WAN provides the intelligence needed for
Ploude uses a pop-up store as an example.
supporting modern applications — such as credit card
processing or video teleconferencing — at branch and “But there’s not enough infrastructure connected — it
remote offices for organizations, from healthcare to might not be able to have an internet connection even
banking to fast food chains. run to the building, so they have to use satellite or 4G
networks. And these things traditionally don’t work well
Optical Phusion, Inc. (OPI), an enterprise mobility
with services that are critical services for businesses,”
company focused on delivering solutions to the edge
Ploude says. “It could be something like needing to be
of retail, uses SD-WAN solutions technology from 128
able to make a phone call over that internet connection,
Technology to provide its customers with the network
which seems very simple, but when we scale that up and
solutions they need to excel — even when those
scale that out, it’s actually a really difficult thing to make
customers are operating businesses in remote locations.
sure that you’ve got a good quality backbone that’s able
According to Matthew Ploude, director of engineering to handle all of these critical services that could impact
for OPI, some companies are opening between 400 profitability at the sites.”
and 500 new branches a year — more than one a day.
Ploude explains that multiprotocol label switching
And each of these stores has its own challenges when it
(MPLS) has been the standard for wide area network
comes to reliable, secure networking.
connectivity because it delivers quality bandwidth,
“The way all of the retail is built is to have these micro latency, and privacy. However, MLPS is expensive and not
branches, which basically means that every single store always accessible in remote locations, nor is it capable of
is kind of a carbon copy of another store,” Ploude says. cloud connectivity in many situations.

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Real-World SD-WAN Applications | Using SD-WAN to Deliver Services in Remote Locations

“A forward-thinking retailer could run the entirety of Ultimately, the combination of SD-WAN and 5G wireless
the store from the cloud,” says Matthew Trifiro, chief connectivity means that businesses can grow faster
operating officer of Vapor IO, which provides edge data without compromising quality of service for their
center solutions for businesses. But in order to run a customers.
retail operation from the cloud, the business has to have
Ritesh Mukherjee, product management for 128
the right networking tools.
Technology, offers up an SD-WAN use case.
Broadband internet is globally available and provides a
“We have oil and gas customers who have remote oil
cost-effective way for organizations to set up SD-WANs
rigs and they need connectivity for those oil rigs, and
that allow them to do business anywhere. The evolution
that’s the priority traffic,” Mukherjee says. “But those rig
of 5G wireless connectivity will also continue to improve
workers also need some access to the outside world. If
networking for remote retail locations.
they need to teleconference with doctors, or connect
“5G seems to be the keys to the kingdom for the future with other outposts, even watch Netflix.”
for everybody,” says Ploude. “Having the bandwidth As networks continues to expand and become ever
to remove those connection lines is hugely important. more complex, SD-WAN and 5G connectivity offer cost-
Being able to have your data center infrastructure effective, reliable, and secure solutions for a variety of
actually at the mobile edge so you could have a cell businesses operating in remote locations or providing
phone tower actually caching your data, this is the long-distance teleconference services.
most important part, I think, to the future of everything,
from automated cars all the way through to retail. Global research and advisory firm Gartner estimates that

So you don’t even need to go all the way to the data the SD-WAN market will be worth $1.3 billion by 2020,

center to look something up. You can get that response so it’s clear this is the future of network connectivity.
The important goal is finding the right SD-WAN solution.
immediately. So 5G, for me, in all of my customer stories,
is a part of the SD-WAN strategy.”

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