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Unit 1: Drawing Mid-Point Critique
Remember everyone, this is an informal quick writing activity that we are doing in class, so no
need to make it formal. This activity is for gathering information from yourself, others and any
observations that you have made once when your in-progress work is placed on the wall.
Everyone has a limited time to place some thoughts within the boxes placed below.
This activity will further help you on creating additional connections, narrow down ideas and
open up to giving thoughts or options of your/ other artwork that is presented.

Describe: (look, identify and describe) Analyze: (Discovering connections)

• Describe elements of art used in the art piece • Is there variety through use of Main elements?
- Value, space, line and shape. - Yes, there is great use of value, space and
• Identify any materials and techniques that • Is there an example of emphasis or unity to the
were used artwork? If so, where?
- Pen, pencil, colored pencil and marker - Yes, there’s a great example of of unity within
drawings collages to an illustration board. the artwork. The overall piece so far has a
sense of completion and harmony.
• Identify the style of art (realistic, stylized,
abstract, etc) • How does your Elements & Principles of Design
- The artwork looks more stylized but also a connect with the underlying theme?
bit realistic as well - With the help of value, line, space and
shape it connects with the theme of selfies

Interpret: ( Figuring out in meaning) Evaluate:(forming an opinion)

• What is your main interpretation of this • What do I like about this piece so far?
artwork? - So far the piece is coming along with the
- My main interpretation of the artwork amount of information and main
represents a reflection/distortion of myself principles/elements I have added. Also doing
and how I pose myself towards social this project reminds me of Picasso’s cubism
media. work too.
• What are the reasons behind creating this art
piece? • What should I change or focus on more?
- This art piece to me represents how I see - I think that I can add more definition to the
myself on social media and how at times it
overall piece since it is not complete yet.
can be a reflection or distortion to myself.