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S. No. Essay topics ( condensed for the index) Category

1. What should education consist of for the development of individuals and the well-being of Education
2. Main purpose of schools is to turn the children into good citizens and workers and not benefit Education
them as individuals. Agree / Disagree
3. To combat unemployment should students need only primary education, OR is secondary Education
education necessary. What is your opinion?
4. Does university education lead to unemployment OR does it benefit a country. Discuss both Education
views and give your opinion.
5. Should young people should go to university OR work as car mechanics or builders etc. to Education
serve society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
6. Is studying in a college or university better OR getting work experience. Discuss both these Education
views and give your own opinion.
7. The qualities a person needs for success cannot be learned at a university. Do you agree or Education
8. Why some employers give more importance to formal academic qualifications than life Education
experiences and personal qualities when they hire employees. Is it a positive or negative
9. Social skills are important in addition to good qualifications for job success. To what extent, do Education
you agree or disagree?
10. What do you think are the main functions of a university? To prepare for employment or just Education
impart knowledge.
11. Should students learn practical courses like computer OR theoretical courses like geography Education
and mathematics. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
12. Should government decide the subjects for students at university OR should students apply for Education
the subject they prefer. Discuss the two views and opine.
13. University graduates have higher pay than others so should university students pay full tuitions. Education
Agree or disagree?
14. The government should pay university fees for everyone. Agree or disagree? Education
15. Higher education can be funded in several ways: All costs paid 1. By the government, 2. By the Education
student. 3. By the student using loans. Discuss benefits of each option. Which is the best one?
16. Gap year - Advantages and disadvantages? Education
17. Universities should make it especially easy for poor or rural students to study at. Agree or Education
18. Everyone should stay in school until they reach the age of 18. Agree or disagree. Education
19. School going age – version 1 Education
20. School going age – version 1 Education
21. Benefits of group study and studying alone – Benefits of each method Education
22. Some say that students should evaluate teachers while others opine that it result in loss of Education
respect – Discuss both views.
23. Should secondary schools have a broad range of subjects or a narrow range Education
24. In which areas do you think are computers more important and in which areas are teachers Education
more important?
25. There is no justification for attending lectures. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Education
26. Are computer and Internet are important in children's study, OR schools and with teachers. Education
Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.
27. Students at schools and universities learn more from teachers than from other sources (such as Education
the Internet and television). Agree or disagree?
28. Teachers are not as important as before as the increasing variety of information resources. Education
What is your opinion?
29. Some people think typical teaching of a teacher and students in the class will not exist by the Education
year 2050. Do you agree or disagree?
30. Distance-learning programs cannot bring the benefit as attending college or university. To what Education
extent do you agree or disagree?
31. Teachers do not play an important role in the classroom. To what extent do you agree? Education
32. Once children start school, teachers have more influence than parents on their intellectual and Education
social development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
33. Students are pushed to hard work when they are young. Do you think it is a positive or negative Education
34. Unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programmes. To what Education
extent do you agree or disagree?
35. The main purpose of public libraries is to provide books and they shouldn’t provide expensive Education
hi-tech media. Do you agree or disagree?
36. Maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology can replace their Education
functions. Do you agree or disagree?
37. Should schools select pupils according to their academic abilities, or have pupils with different Education
abilities study together. Discuss both views and opine.
38. The most important and the least important subject for school students. Education

39. University students should specialize in one subject, or learn a range of subjects. Discuss both Education
views and give your opinion
40. Schools should concentrate on academic classes, and not on music and sports. To what extent Education
do you agree or disagree?
41. University students should be doing extracurricular activities too along with studies. To what Education
extent do you agree or disagree.
42. People who read for pleasure develop better imagination and language skills than people who Education
prefer to watch TV. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
43. Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To Education
what extent do you agree or disagree?
44. Many people who leave school hold a negative attitude towards learning. Why does this Education
happen? How to solve the problem?
45. The subjects and lesson contents are decided by the authorities. Some people argue that Education
teachers should make the choice. Do you agree or disagree?
46. Why are boarding schools popular today and is it a positive development? Education
47. Should teenagers concentrate on all school subjects OR focus on the subject that they are best Education
at. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
48. More and more students choose to go to another country for their higher education. Do the Education
benefits outweigh the problems associated with it?
49. Rote learning - do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Education
50. Some people think secondary school students should study international news. Others say this Education
is a waste of time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
51. It is better for university students to live away from home than at home with their parents. To Education
what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
52. Should teachers be responsible for teaching students to judge what is right and wrong OR Education
should they only teach students academic subjects? Discuss both views and give your opinion.
53. Some people think new teachers and doctors should be made to work in rural areas for a few Education
years, but others think they should be free to choose where they work. Discuss and give your
own opinion.
54. Some people think it is not necessary for adults to receive education in class. Self-study is a Education
good way for them to study more effectively. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
55. Some people think history has little to tell us, but others think that past history can help us better Education
understand the present. Discuss the two views and opine.
56. Advantages and disadvantages of private secondary schools Education
57. Some languages are increasingly spoken in different countries, while the usage of others is Language
rapidly declining. Is this a positive or a negative development?
58. Should governments spend money to save languages with few speakers from dying out Language
completely OR is it a waste of financial resources. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
59. The advantages brought by the spread of English as a “global language” will outweigh the Language
disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
60. In order to learn a language well, we should also learn about the country as well as the cultures Language
and lifestyles of the people who speak this language. To what extent do you agree or disagree
with this opinion?
61. Some people think that we should invent a new language for international communication. Do Language
the benefits of this outweigh the problems?
62. Some people think it is better for children to begin to learn a foreign language at primary school Language
than at secondary school. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
63. Some believe that those who are not talented in language learning should not be required to Language
learn a foreign language. Should foreign language be compulsory in schools?
64. Computers can translate all kinds of languages well so our children don't need to learn more Language
languages in the future? Agree or disagree
65. In many countries, teaching a foreign language to primary school students is essential. Do you Language
think the advantages of teaching a foreign language to young learners outweighs the
66. Advertising encourages consumers to buy in quantity rather than promoting quality. To what Advertisement
extent do you agree or disagree?
67. Parents are worried that ads targeting children are bad but advertisers claim that they provide Advertisement
useful information. Discuss both views and opine.
68. The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising. To what extent do you agree or Advertisement
disagree with this opinion?
69. To what extent do you think are consumers influenced by advertisements? What measures can Advertisement
be taken to protect them?
70. Some people think there are lots of negative effects of ads on children, and should ban it. To Advertisement
what extent you agree or disagree?
71. If a product is good or it meets people needs, people will buy it. So advertising is unnecessary Advertisement
and no more than an entertainment. Do you agree or disagree?
72. Protection of wild animals is a waste of resources. Agree or disagree? Animals
73. Animal experimentation – For/against Essay Animals

74. Why do people do so little about preventing animals and plants from dying out? Give your Animals
suggestions on how to solve this problem.
75. Animal exploitation – Opinion essay Animals
76. Use of alternative sources of energy is positive or negative. Environment
77. The best way to solve the world’s environmental problem is to increase the price of fuel. To Environment
what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
78. Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment. Only governments and large companies Environment
can make a difference. Do you agree or disagree?
79. The environment problems of today's world are so great that there is little ordinary people can Environment
do for it. Government and large companies should be responsible for damage to
environment. Do you agree or disagree? ( Similar to essay number 78 but another approach of
writing )
80. The natural resources such as oil, forests and fresh water are being consumed at an alarming Environment
rate. What problems does it cause? How can we solve these problems?
81. Many people think it is important to protect the environment, but they make no effort on it Environment
themselves. Why is it and what is your opinion?
82. Some people think the main benefit of international cooperation is in protection of the Environment
environment, while others think that the main benefit is in the world business. Discuss both
views and give your opinion.
83. Some people believe the solution of these environmental problems is everyone accepts a Environment
simpler way of life, while others say that technology can solve these problems. Discuss both
views and give your own opinion.
84. Some think that these environmental problems are too big for individuals to be solved, while Environment
others think that individuals cannot solve these environmental problems unless governments
make some action. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
85. An increase in production of consumer goods results in damage of the natural environment. Environment
What are the causes and possible solutions?
86. The only way to protect the environment is at international level. To what extent do you agree or Environment
disagree with this opinion?
87. Pollution and other environmental problems resulting from a country's developing and becoming Environment
richer cannot be avoided. Agree or disagree?
88. Many people say that we have developed into a “throw-away” culture. Do you agree and what Environment
measures can be taken to reduce this problem?
89. Nowadays, we are living in a throw-away society. What are its causes and what are its effects? Environment
90. Nowadays, people always throw the old things away when they buy new things. Cause/ effect Environment
essay ( similar to essay 89 but different approach)
91. The increased world demand for oil and gas has made it necessary for locating these sources Environment
in remote and untouched natural areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. –
Against Drilling
92. Same essay as 91 – For Drilling Environment
93. These days many people leave their country to work abroad and take their family with them. Do Job
you think benefits of this outweigh disadvantages in terms of family development?
94. Today, people can work and live anywhere they want. Do advantages of this development Job
outweigh the disadvantages?
95. Telecommuting can benefit only the workers, not the employers. Do you agree or disagree? Job
96. Youth unemployment - Problem/solution essay Job
97. What are the factors that contribute to job satisfaction? How realistic is the expectation of job Job
satisfaction for all workers?
98. Working conditions today are not the same as before and people no longer rely on taking one Job
job for life. Discuss the causes for these changes and how should people prepare for work in
the future.
99. More and more people work at home and study at home with the help of computer technology. Job
Is it positive or negative development?
100. Advantages and disadvantages of temporary jobs. Job
101. Professional workers such as doctors, nurses and teachers should be paid more than those in Job
sports and entertainment. Do you agree or disagree?
102. In today's society, more and more work is done by machines. Do you think the positive effects Job
of the development overweigh the negative effects on individuals and society?
103. An increasing number of people change their career and place of residence several times Job
during their life time. Is this a positive or negative development?
104. Young people hold the important positions in the government. Some people think that it is good Job
while others argue that it is not suitable. Discuss both views.
105. Some countries have introduced a law to limit working hours for employees. Why? Do you think Job
it is a positive or a negative development?
106. In some countries, it is illegal for companies to reject job applicant for their age. Is this a positive Job
or negative development?
107. Nowadays, some workplaces tend to employ equal numbers of men and women workers. Do Job
you think it is a positive or negative development?

108. Most high level jobs are done by men. Should the government encourage a certain percentage Job
of these jobs to be reserved for women?
109. Some businesses find that their new employees lack in basic interpersonal skills such as lack of Job
ability to work with colleagues as a team. What are the causes and suggest possible solutions.
110. What are the benefits of requiring young people to serve the army? Does participation in Job
community work qualify as an alternative?
111. Some people think that men and women have different qualities. Therefore, some certain jobs Job
are suitable for men and some jobs are suitable for women. To what extent do you agree or
112. Some people believe that women should play an equal role as men in a country’s police force Job
or military force, while others think women are not suitable for these jobs. Discuss both views
and give your opinion.
113. Some people believe that tourists should accept social and environmental responsibility. To Tourism
what extent do you agree or disagree?
114. Some people think visitors to others countries should imitate local customs and behaviours. Tourism
Some people disagree; they think the host country should welcome cultural differences. Discuss
the two views and give your opinion.
115. Some people think that cultural traditions may be destroyed when they are used as money- Tourism
making attractions aimed at tourists. Others believe it is the only way to save these traditions.
Discuss on both sides and give your opinion
116. Some people think that people moving to a new country should accept new culture in the Tourism
foreign country rather than living as a separate minority group with different lifestyle. Do you
agree or disagree?
117. Some people believe that air travel should be restricted because it causes serious pollution and Tourism
uses up the world's fuel resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
118. Some people think that we should discourage non-essential flights, such as tourist travel, rather Tourism
than limit the use of cars. Do you agree or disagree?
119. International tourism has become a huge industry in the world. Do the problems of international Tourism
travel outweigh its advantages?
120. Advantages and disadvantages of cheap air flights. Tourism
121. International travel makes people prejudiced rather than broad-minded. What are its causes Tourism
and suggest solutions.
122. Many people go abroad to travel to see what other countries look like. However, the places all Tourism
around the world are looking similar. Causes of this. Do advantages of this effect outweigh the
shortages of it?
123. Foreign visitors should be charged more than local people when they visit the cultural and Tourism
historical attractions in a country. Agree or disagree?
124. Some people think that it is necessary to travel abroad to learn about other countries, while Tourism
other people think that it is not necessary as all the info can be seen on TV and the Internet.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.
125. Air travel can only benefit the richest people in the world. Ordinary people can get no advantage Tourism
with the development of air travel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
126. Tourism is an excellent way to develop a country, but it can also cause harm. How can Tourism
countries ensure that tourism benefits the development?
127. The traditional life style of local people in developing countries is attracting and increasing the Tourism
number of tourists to the countries which has the effect of preventing local people changing to
modern ways. To what extent do you agree or disagree?– agree
128. Same essay as above but – disagree Tourism
129. Nowadays, people get information through news and papers, but meanwhile are uncertain Media and
about the truth of these news. Should we believe the journalists? What qualities should a good crime
journalist or correspondent have?
130. The news media nowadays have influenced people’s lives in negative ways. To what extent do Media and
you agree or disagree? crime
131. The detailed description about crime will affect the people and cause many social problems. So Media and
media should be strictly controlled. Agree or disagree? crime
132. More and more measures to improve the security in large urban areas have been introduced in Media and
many countries because of the increased crime. Do the benefits of these measures outweigh crime
the drawbacks?
133. The crime committed by young people throughout the world is increasing. Discuss this issue. Media and
Give reasons and suggest some solutions. crime
134. Sending criminals to prison is not the best method of dealing with them. Education and job Media and
training are better ways to help them. Agree or disagree? crime
135. Exposure to international media has a significant impact on local cultures. What is the impact? Media and
Do its advantages outweigh the disadvantages? crime
136. We can see more disasters and violence shown on TV .What are its causes and what effects Media and
will they exert on the individual and the society? crime
137. Some people think that criminals should be given longer terms in prison, so as to reduce the Media and
crime rate. To what extent do you agree or disagree? crime

138. Some people think that media should not report detail of crimes to the public. To what extent Media and
do you agree or disagree? crime
139. Newspapers have an enormous influence in people’s opinions and ideas. Why? Do you think it Media and
is positive or negative situation? crime
140. Crime is a problem all over the world and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. To Media and
what extent do you agree or disagree? crime
141. Research suggests that majority of criminals who were sent to prison would commit crimes Media and
when set free. Why? What to be done to solve this problem? crime
142. What causes the anti-social behaviours of individuals? Who should be responsible for dealing Media and
with it? crime
143. The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television to decrease Media and
the violent crimes in society. Agree or disagree? crime
144. If children behave badly should their parents take responsibility and also be punished? State Media and
your answer and give your reasons. crime
145. Many people are afraid to leave their home because of crime. Some believe that more action Media and
should be taken to prevent crime. While others feel that little action can be done to stop crime. crime
What is your view?
146. Although nowadays people are reading news through internet, newspapers still remain of value. Media and
Do you agree or disagree. crime
147. Proper function of prisons is to punish criminals and life in prisons should be hard. Do you Media and
agree or disagree? crime
148. Some people think that charities should only offer help to people of their own country. But Rich help poor
others believe that these should give aid to people in need wherever they live. Discuss both Essays
views and give your opinion.
149. Some people prefer to provide help and support directly to those in the local community who Rich help poor
need it. Others, however, prefer to give money to national and international charitable Essays
organisations. Discuss both views and opine.
150. Some people think that giving aids to the poor countries has more negative impacts than Rich help poor
positive ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Essays
151. Now, a lot of charities and organisations have to publicize their activities by setting up a number Rich help poor
of days like National Children’s day and National non smoking day. Why do they do so? What Essays
are the effects?
152. Rich countries often give financial aid to poor countries, but it does not solve the poverty, so rich Rich help poor
countries should give other types of help to the poor countries rather than the financial aid. Do Essays
you agree or disagree?
153. Rich countries should not employ skilled labour from poor countries, as poor countries need the Rich help poor
workers more. Do you agree or disagree? Essays
154. Individuals and countries cannot help everyone who needs help in the world, so they should Rich help poor
only be concerned about their own communities and countries. To what extent do you agree or Essays
155. The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider. What problems can the situation Rich help poor
cause and give the solutions? Essays
156. Some people believe the range of technology available to individuals today is increasing the Technology
gap between poor people and rich people. Others think it is having an opposite effect. Discuss
these points of views and opinion?
157. Scientists believe that computers will become more intelligent than human beings. Some people Technology
find it a positive while others think it is negative. Discuss both points and give your own opinion.
158. Some people think that robots are very important to human’s future development, while others Technology
think they are dangerous and have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give
your opinion.
159. Some people have benefited from modern communications technology, but some people have Technology
not benefited from it at all. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
160. Mobile phones have made life easier: anyone can use a mobile phone to answer/make work Technology
calls or home calls at any place 7 days a week. Is this development positive or negative for
individual and society?
161. Technological progress in the past century has its negative effect, despite its remarkable Technology
contribution. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
162. Some people think that introducing new technology can improve people's quality of life in the Technology
developing countries. However, others believe that free education should be offered. Discuss
both views and give your own opinion.
163. The development of technology changes the way people connect with each other. In which Technology
way? Is this positive or negative for the relationships?
164. Young people use mobile phones and the Internet, but old people have little exposure to them. Technology
How could these be useful to old people? How can old people be encouraged to use this new
165. Some people think that the traditional skill of writing letters will disappear completely. Do you Technology
agree or disagree? How important is letter-writing?
166. Earlier technological developments brought more benefits than recent technological Technology

developments. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

167. Leisure is a growing industry, but people no longer entertain themselves as much as they used Technology
to. Do you agree or disagree?
168. In the last century when a human astronaut first arrived on the Moon he said: "It is a big step for Technology
mankind". But some people think it makes little difference to our daily life. To what extent do
you agree or disagree?
169. There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. Technology
What are these? Do the problems outweigh the benefits?
170. People can perform everyday tasks, such as shopping and banking as well as business without Technology
meeting other people face-to-face. What are the effects of this on individual and society as a
171. Figures show that some countries have an ever-increasing proportion of the population who are Miscellaneous
aged 15 or younger. What are the current and future effects of this trend for those countries?
172. Some people think that in the modern society individuals are becoming more dependent on Miscellaneous
each other while others say that individuals are becoming more independent of each other.
Discuss both views and opine.
173. Society is based on rules and laws. If individuals were free to do whatever they want to do, it Miscellaneous
could not function. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
174. Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a country’s success, Miscellaneous
while others think that there are other factors. What are these factors? And among them, which
one is more important than others?
175. Team activities can teach more skills for life than those activities which are played alone. To Miscellaneous
what extent do you agree or disagree?
176. Some people argue that companies and private individuals, rather than governments, should Miscellaneous
pay the bill of pollution. Agree or disagree?
177. Some people say that the government should not put money on building theatres and sports Miscellaneous
stadiums. They should spend more money on medical care and education. Do you agree or
178. History tells that people have often thought about creating an ideal society, but most of the Miscellaneous
times fail in making this happen. What is your opinion about an ideal society? How can we
create an ideal society?
179. Some people think that paying taxes is enough to contribute to society. Others argue that a Miscellaneous
citizen has more responsibilities. Discuss and opine.
180. Some people believe they should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay tax Miscellaneous
to the state. Do you agree or disagree?
181. Some people say that it is the responsibility of individual to save money for their own care after Miscellaneous
they retire. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
182. An American film actor once said, “Tomorrow is important and precious.”So we should pay Miscellaneous
more attention to future than to present. Agree / disagree?
183. Government should move industries and businesses to regional areas – Are advantages more Miscellaneous
than disadvantages
184. Multi-cultural societies bring more benefits than drawbacks to a country. To what extent do you Miscellaneous
agree or disagree?
185. A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a Miscellaneous
mixture of nationalities and cultures. Agree / disagree.
186. Male leaders always lead us to violence and conflict. A society governed by female leaders Miscellaneous
would be more peaceful. Agree or disagree?
187. As we are facing problems which affect the whole planet, good relationships b/w countries are Miscellaneous
becoming more important than before. Agree or disagree?
188. An increasing number of people choose to live in big cities. What problems will this bring about? Miscellaneous
Should people be encouraged to live in small towns?
189. Some think that politicians have the greatest influence on world. Others believe that scientists Miscellaneous
have the greatest influence. Discuss both and opine.
190. Many people believe that today there is a general increase in anti-social behaviour and lack of Miscellaneous
respect for others. Causes and solutions.
191. Advantages and disadvantages of economic development for society. Miscellaneous
192. Everyone in the world want to own a car, a TV and a fridge. Do you think disadvantage of such Miscellaneous
a development outweigh advantages?
193. The movement of people from agricultural areas to cities can cause serious problems in both Miscellaneous
places. What are these and how to solve them?
194. Whether or not someone achieves aim in their life is mostly a question of luck. Do you agree or Miscellaneous
195. What are the problems that young people living in cities facing? Suggest solutions to these Miscellaneous
196. Planners arrange shops, schools, offices, and homes in specific areas and separate from each Miscellaneous
other. Are advantages more than disadvantages
197. Competitiveness is a positive quality for people in most societies. How does competitiveness Miscellaneous
affect individuals? Is it a positive or negative trend?

198. Some say that economic development is the solution to poverty; others say it is the cause of Miscellaneous
poverty. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
199. In some parts of the world, it is becoming increasingly popular to try to find out about the history Miscellaneous
of your family. Why? Is this negative or positive development?
200. Nowadays private companies carry out more scientific research than the government. Do the Miscellaneous
advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
201. Many people are optimistic of the 21st century and see it as an opportunity to make positive Miscellaneous
changes to the world. To what extent do you share their optimism? What changes would you
like to see in the new century?
202. Some people say that some urgent problems in modern society can only be solved with Miscellaneous
international cooperation. Agree or disagree?
203. A hundred years ago, people think that human race is steadily improving in every area of life. Miscellaneous
Now it seems this is not certain in that situation. In which areas do you think we have made
important progress nowadays? In which areas do you think we still need to make progress?
204. The only way to improve the safety on our own road is to have stricter punishment for driving Miscellaneous
offenders. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
205. Some people think that personal happiness is directly related to economic success. Others Miscellaneous
argue that happiness depends on different factors. Discuss both views and give your own
206. Nowadays, people live in the society where consumer goods are cheaper to buy. Do you think Miscellaneous
its advantages outweigh disadvantages?
207. Housing shortage in big cities can cause severe social consequences. Some people think only Miscellaneous
government action can solve this problem. Do you agree or disagree?
208. When families have a meal together it is considered social activity. Do you think eating together Family, children
is important to people in your country? and elderly
209. Some people say that parents have the most important role in a child’s development. However, Family, children
others argue that other things like television or friends have the most significant influence. and elderly
Discuss both views and opine. people
210. Some people think that children should learn how to compete, but others think that children Family, children
should be taught to cooperate to become more useful adults. Express some reasons for both and elderly
views and give your own opinions. people
211. Mothers generally stay home to take care of their children after pregnancy. Should these Family, children
mothers be compensated by the government? and elderly
212. Some scientists believe that studying the behaviour of 3-year-old children can tell which Family, children
children would grow up to be criminals. Is crime a product of human nature or is it possible to and elderly
stop children from growing up to be criminals? people
213. Children who grow up in families which are short of money are better prepared with the Family, children
problems of adult life than children who are brought up by wealthy parents. To what extent do and elderly
you agree or disagree? people
214. In many countries, the proportion of older people is steadily increasing. Does this trend have Family, children
more positive or negative effects on the society? and elderly
215. In many countries today there is insufficient respect to old people. What are the reasons? What Family, children
problems might it bring to the society? and elderly
216. It is suggested that all mothers and fathers should be required to take childcare training Family, children
courses. To what extent do you agree or disagree? and elderly
217. Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our Family, children
personality than any life experiences. Which it the major influence? and elderly
218. Old generations often hold some traditional ideas on the correct way of life, thinking and Family, children
behavior. However, some people think that it is not helpful for the young generations for modern and elderly
life in the future. What’s your opinion? people
219. Advantages and disadvantages of maternity leave. Family, children
and elderly
220. Today’s children are living under more pressure from the society than children in the past. To Family, children
what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? and elderly
221. Should children should obey rules or allowed freedom. Discuss both views and opine. Family, children
and elderly
222. Some people think children’s spending time on TV, video and PC games is good, while others Family, children
think it is bad. Discuss both views and opine. and elderly

223. The best way to prepare for the future is to invest in young people. How true do you think is Family, children
this? How to spend resources on these young people? and elderly
224. Some children can learn efficiently by watching TV. Therefore, they should be encouraged to Family, children
watch TV both at home and at school. Agree or disagree? and elderly
225. A report indicated that many children between 7 and 11 spend too much time watching Family, children
television and/or play video games. Problem to children, their families and society and suggest and elderly
solutions. people
226. Advantages and disadvantages of peer pressure. Family, children
and elderly
227. Some people think parents should read or tell stories to children, while others think parents Family, children
need not do that, as children can read books, watch TV or movies by themselves. Discuss both and elderly
views and give your opinion. people
228. Nowadays young people increasingly admire media persons and sports-stars even though they Family, children
don't set a good example. Is it a positive or negative development? and elderly
229. Many people think young people should follow traditions, others argue that young people Family, children
should be free to be individuals. Discuss both views and elderly
230. In most of the societies, the role of mother and father differs. What are the causes of this Family, children
difference? What will be the parental roles in future? and elderly
231. Studies suggest that children spend more time watching TV than they did in the past and spend Family, children
less on doing active or creative things. Why? How to tackle it? and elderly
232. We must return to the older and more traditional values of respect for the family and the local Family, children
community in order to create a better world to live in. To what extent do you agree or disagree? and elderly
233. The spread of multinational companies and the increase in globalization produce positive Globalisation
effects for everyone. Do you agree or disagree?
234. Air transport is used to export fruits and vegetables to other countries. Some people say it is a Globalisation
good thing, but others oppose. Discuss both views and opine.
235. The speeding up of life in many areas such as travel and communication has negative effects Globalisation
on society at all levels—individual, national and global. To what extent do you agree or
236. Some people think the increasing business and cultural contact between countries is positive. Globalisation
Others say it causes the loss of national identities. Discuss on both sides and give your opinion.
237. As global trade increases between different countries, many daily necessities are produced in Globalisation
other countries. Such goods are usually transported a long distance. Do the benefits of this
trend outweigh its drawbacks?
238. Some people think imported food exerts positive impacts on our lives. To what extent do you Globalisation
agree or disagree?
239. Some developing countries invite large foreign companies to open offices and factories in order Globalisation
to help their economy. Others feel that local companies should contribute to economic growth.
With whom do you agree or disagree?
240. The food travels thousands of miles from farm to consumer. Some people think it would be Globalisation
better to our environment and economy if people only ate local produced food. Do the
advantages outweigh disadvantages?
241. Food can be produced much more cheaply today because of improved fertilisers and better Food and GM
machinery. However, some of the methods used to do this may be dangerous to human health food essay
and may have negative effects on local communities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
242. Some people support development of agriculture, like factory farming and scientific creation of Food and GM
fruits and vegetables, while others oppose. Discuss both views and give your opinion. food essay
243. It is known to all that the technological and scientific advances have made great changes to the Food and GM
range and quality of our food. Some regard it as good while others believe this change is food essay
harmful. Discuss both views and opine.
244. In many countries traditional foods are being replaced by international fast foods. This is having Food and GM
a negative effect on both families and societies. To what extent do you agree or disagree? food essay
245. Scientists say that junk food is harmful to people's health. Some say the way to ask people to Food and GM
eat less fast food is to educate them, while others say education does not work. Discuss both food essay
sides and give your own opinion.
246. Some people believe new buildings should be built in traditional styles. To what extent do you Buildings /
agree or disagree with this opinion? Architecture
247. It is more important for a building to serve a purpose than to look beautiful. Architects shouldn’t Buildings /
worry about producing building as a work of art. Do you agree or disagree? Architecture

248. We should knock down old buildings and build modern ones instead. To what extent do you Buildings /
agree or disagree? Architecture
249. Some people think the government should pay for health care and education, but other people Health / Sports
claim that it is the individual’s responsibility. Opine. Essays
250. Some people think that national sports teams and individual men and women who represent Health / Sports
their country should be financially supported by the government. Others argue they should be Essays
funded by non-government sources. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
251. Some people think that good health is a basic human need, so the medical service should not Health / Sports
be run by profit-making companies. Do you think the disadvantages of the private health care Essays
outweigh the advantages?
252. People should look after their health as a duty to the society they live in rather than personal Health / Sports
benefits. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Essays
253. Some people think it is more important to spend public money on promoting healthy lifestyle in Health / Sports
order to prevent illness than to spend it on the treatment for people who are already ill. To what Essays
extent do you agree or disagree?
254. Some people think government should ensure the healthy lifestyle. of people, but others argue Health / Sports
that it should be decided by individuals. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Essays
255. Some people believe that improve public health should increase the number of sports facilities; Health / Sports
others believe that it has little effects and need other measures to improve it. Discuss both Essays
views and give your opinion.
256. Today, the advanced science and technology have made great changes to people's life, but Art / Music /
artists such as musicians, painters and writers are still highly valued. What can arts tell us about Museums
life that science and technology cannot? Essays
257. Some people still value artists (musicians, painters, writers) even in today’s world of science Art / Music /
and despite improvements in science and technology. Why is this so? Should arts be given the Museums
same importance as science and technology? Essays
258. Some people think that the government should provide assistance to all kinds of artists Art / Music /
including painters, musicians and poets, etc. However, other people think that is a waste of Museums
money. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Essays
259. Many countries spend a lot of money in art. Some people think investment in art is necessary, Art / Music /
but others say money is better spent on improving health and education. Discuss both these Museums
views and give your own opinion. Essays
260. Some people think museums should be enjoyable places to attract and entertain young people, Art / Music /
while others think the purpose of museums should be to educate, not entertain. Discuss both Museums
sides and give your own opinion. Essays
261. Some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people Art / Music /
can see historical objects and works of art by using a computer. Do you agree or disagree with Museums
this opinion? Essays
262. Some people think music plays an important role in society. Others think it is it is simply a form Art / Music /
of entertainment. Discuss both sides of this argument and give your own opinion. Museums
263. Some people claim that there are more disadvantages of the car than its advantages. Do you Cars and
agree or disagree? related
264. The unlimited use of cars may cause many problems. What are those problems? In order to Cars and
reduce the problems, should we discourage people to use cars? related
265. The number of cars keeps increasing, so road systems should be expanded. Some people Cars and
think the government should pay for it, while others think the car owners should pay for it. related
What’s your opinion?
266. In some countries, small town-centre shops are going out of business because people tend to Cars and
drive to large out-of-town stores. Do the disadvantages of this change outweigh its related
267. Violence on TV (cartoons) and children Past GT essay
268. Too many toys – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
269. Change career at least once Past GT essay
270. Road transport vs Rail transport – Discuss Past GT essay
271. children’s upbringing by grandparents – advantages Past GT essay
272. Internet replacing book – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
273. Uniform at work – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
274. Dangerous sports – why people attempt and solutions Past GT essay
275. Shopping as entertainment – positive or negative - positive or negative Past GT essay
276. Small shops closing – big shops replacing them Past GT essay
277. Students who fail at school succeed in life – reasons and factors for success Past GT essay
278. 24-hour shops – advantages to customers staff and companies Past GT essay
279. People honest in some professions – Why – Situation in your country Past GT essay
280. Women police officers – are they fit for the job Past GT essay
281. children’s upbringing – whole families vs parents alone ( in favour of joint families ) Past GT essay
282. children’s upbringing – whole families vs parents alone ( in favour of nuclear families ) Past GT essay

283. Radio is out-of-date – agree or disagree Past GT essay

284. Handwriting not important today – agree or disagree Past GT essay
285. Teacher friendly or strict Past GT essay
286. Teacher – experience vs training Past GT essay
287. Foreign language – children vs adults Past GT essay
288. Expensive birthdays and weddings – for against Past GT essay
289. Doctors, lawyers engineers paid more – opine Past GT essay
290. Celebs paid more. Agree/disagree Past GT essay
291. Advantages and disadvantages of too much money Past GT essay
292. Enough money is good but too much money does not bring happiness – agree/disagree Past GT essay
293. Old should live separate from their children – agree/disagree Past GT essay
294. Newspapers, radio, TV, Internet – which is best for news Past GT essay
295. Newspapers, radio, TV, Internet – which has greatest effect on social activity Past GT essay
296. Women in work when children are young – Advantages and disadvantages. Past GT essay
297. Cars used more – reasons and solutions Past GT essay
298. Increasing number of cars – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
299. Cars – disadvantages and solutions Past GT essay
300. Cars banned from city centres – agree/disagree Past GT essay
301. More old people than young – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
302. Cheap air flight – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
303. Going abroad with family – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
304. Learn foreign language – problem solution Past GT essay
305. Control children’s behaviour from a very young age Past GT essay
306. Noise pollution causes and solutions Past GT essay
307. Public speaking – advantages Past GT essay
308. Building roads can solve traffic problem – agree/disagree Past GT essay
309. Competitive sports – advantages/disadvantages Past GT essay
310. Why people are not eating healthy and doing enough exercise – and solutions Past GT essay
311. Young people watch too much TV – Why – what activities should they do Past GT essay
312. TV helps children’s development – agree/disagree Past GT essay
313. Teenagers and part time jobs – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
314. Foreign language – advantages of having it compulsory and advantages of no compulsion Past GT essay
315. Women doing men’s jobs Past GT essay
316. People don’t wear traditional costumes – positive or negative Past GT essay
317. People don’t wear traditional costumes – positive or negative ( another version) Past GT essay
318. Advantages and disadvantages of rebuilding or redesigning buildings to modern forms Past GT essay
319. Advantages and disadvantages of cities undergoing modernization Past GT essay
320. Historic buildings destroyed – discuss Past GT essay
321. School going age 4 or 7 Past GT essay
322. Friends vs family Past GT essay
323. Who should look after the elderly – children or old age homes Past GT essay
324. Why are elderly living longer and solutions Past GT essay
325. Stress in the workplace – what can employees and employers do Past GT essay
326. Travel for the youth – useful or wastage of time and money Past GT essay
327. Telecommuting – advantage or stress for family Past GT essay
328. Telecommuting – advantages more than disadvantages Past GT essay
329. Art, music creative writing – in schools Past GT essay
330. Doctors should not focus on profit Past GT essay
331. Why media focuses on celebs and is it a good thing Past GT essay
332. Generation gap – what is it and problems it causes Past GT essay
333. Hot climate vs cold climate Past GT essay
334. Childhood and schooldays best years of life – agree or disagree Past GT essay
335. Schools don’t teach about health – agree/disagree Past GT essay
336. Tuitions – for against Past GT essay
337. Bringing up children in cities or countryside Past GT essay
338. Children getting fatter and less fit – reasons and solutions Past GT essay
339. Modernism – effect on our health and solutions Past GT essay
340. Fast food – negative effect on lifestyles Past GT essay
341. Promotions to employees within company Past GT essay
342. Mobile phone – advantages in personal and professional lives Past GT essay
343. Nursery school – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
344. Self employed or working for others Past GT essay
345. Advantages / disadvantages of living in a house and apartment Past GT essay
346. Why people don’t exercise Past GT essay
347. Why people litter scenic spots – and solutions Past GT essay
348. Online shopping – advantages / disadvantages Past GT essay

349. Zoos should not be there – agree/disagree Past GT essay

350. Purposes of zoos Past GT essay
351. TV – quality of life of ordinary man Past GT essay
352. Families communicate less – agree disagree Past GT essay
353. Change work or stick to one job – discuss both Past GT essay
354. Overspending on weddings – positive or negative Past GT essay
355. Work – family life balance Past GT essay
356. Teenagers problems at home and school – solutions Past GT essay
357. Should children be taught cooking in schools - disagree Past GT essay
358. Should children be taught cooking in schools - agree Past GT essay
359. Schools open till late – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
360. primary schools should teach science and technology and not history and geography Past GT essay
361. Academic subjects such as history and physics or practical subjects such as car machinery and Past GT essay
362. Car maintenance and bank account in addition to academic subjects in school Past GT essay
363. High rise apartments – advantageous or makes people lonely Past GT essay
364. Child’s success depends upon nurture – agree/disagree Past GT essay
365. Advantages and disadvantages of computers Past GT essay
366. Behaviour of professional sportsmen on and off field not important Past GT essay
367. Why people are changing their way of look – is it positive or negative Past GT essay
368. History vs communication and business in secondary schools Past GT essay
369. Cell phones have destroyed social interaction – agree/disagree Past GT essay
370. Should dangerous sports be banned Past GT essay
371. Some watch national news and others watch international news – discuss both and opine Past GT essay
372. Ads influence people to buy clothes and shoes – problems caused by that and solutions Past GT essay
373. Some say ads are useful, others say they make false claims – what is your opinion Past GT essay
374. Hosting international sporting events – advantages and disadvantages Past GT essay
375. Is the attitude to wearing fashionable clothes a positive or a negative development Past GT essay
376. Workers over 60 still in the workplace. Is it a positive or negative development Past GT essay
377. Weekly pocket money to children is beneficial – agree/disagree Past GT essay
378. In some countries age of 18 means adult – responsibilities of an adult Past GT essay
379. Children watch same TV programs and play same games - Past GT essay
380. To what extent do you think governments should be held responsible when problems of Past GT essay
homelessness and unemployment arise?
381. Some people believe that the fittest and strongest individuals and teams always succeed in Health / Sports
sports. Others think that success in sports depends on mental attitudes. Discuss both views and Essays
give your opinions.
382. In many countries, sport and exercise classes are replaced with academic subjects. What is Education
your opinion? What are the affects to the children in their lives? (23/2/2013 – Australia) essay
383. Many students have to study subjects which they do not like. Some people think this is a Past GT essay
complete waste of time. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
384. In many countries, there are an increasing number of private cars. What are the advantages Past GT essay
and disadvantages of this trend?
385. Too many old historic buildings are in danger and destroyed in many countries. What are the Past GT essay
main reasons? How to protect them?
386. There is too much stress in the workplace. What can employees and employers do about it? Past GT essay
387. Some people think that there will be decrease in international travel in future. Do you think the Past GT essay
less amount of international travel is a positive or a negative development?(14/2/2013 GT India)
388. Advertisements for things like toys and food have effects on children and their families. Many Past GT essay
people think this is negative. Do you agree or disagree?
389. Nowadays, sport is becoming a business and more and more professionals and big companies 23/3/2013 AC
are getting involved in sporting events. Do you think that it is a Nowadays, sport is becoming a essay India
business and more and more professionals and big companies are getting involved in sporting
events. Do you think that it is a positive or negative development?
390. Some people believe that if a police force carries guns, it can encourage a higher level of Crime and
violence. To what extent do you agree or disagree? media essay
391. Some people believe that hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable. To what extent do you 2012 GT essay
agree or disagree? India
392. Some people feel that manufacturers and supermarkets have the responsibility to reduce the Environment
amount of packaging of goods. While others argue that customers should avoid buying goods essays
with a lot of packaging. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer
and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
393. Some animal species, such as the dinosaurs and dodos, became extinct as a result of natural Animal essays
causes. Thus, extinction is a normal part the world’s evolution and actions should not be taken
to prevent the disappearance of today’s endangered animals. Do you agree or disagree?
394. All over the world, people watch foreign film much more than locally produced films. Why? Family, children
Should the government provide financial support to local film industries? and elderly

395. In some countries around the world men and women are having children late in life. What are
the reasons for this development? What are the effects on society and family life?
396. Nowadays people think that the most important thing in life is job satisfaction.
Without excellent career life is meaningless. To what extent do you agree or